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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHER

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Discipleship1, 286:How can this be done? By three things, my brother, which I give to you for your consideration inDiscipleship1, 286:on this. I change not your meditation just now, brother of mine. Carry it forward for another sixDiscipleship1, 286:to Disciples - D.A.O. February 1936 MY BROTHER: There has been for you a great stimulation of theDiscipleship1, 288:to Disciples - D.A.O. November 1936 MY BROTHER: I have not much to say to you at this time. You areDiscipleship1, 288:say to you today is as follows: You are free my brother. No one is seeking to hold you in thisDiscipleship1, 289:group brothers are concerned. So feel free, my brother, but be quite sure that it is not a freedomDiscipleship1, 290:through a first ray personality. Hence, my brother, your problem. A mystic of wide consciousnessDiscipleship1, 291:and understanding go out to you at this time, my brother, but not my words or my instruction. SeekDiscipleship1, 292:and for him you can do much. As for yourself, my brother of old, I enjoin on you two things, whichDiscipleship1, 292:the needed impetus... In the coming years, my brother, work with ease and eliminate theDiscipleship1, 293:the breaking of the world illusion. Your rays, brother of mine, are: Soul ray - the second Ray ofDiscipleship1, 293:Instructions to Disciples - W.D.B. January 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: It is not my intention today toDiscipleship1, 294:to Disciples - W.D.B. August 1935 MY BROTHER: We will today somewhat change your meditation work,Discipleship1, 295:[295] Third, you are conscious (are you not, my brother?) of a fresh source of illumination andDiscipleship1, 295:This alert awareness must be fostered by you, my brother. A condition of increased sensitivity inDiscipleship1, 296:is not an easy task which I have set you, my brother. May I ask you to write three short papers onDiscipleship1, 296:Disciples - W.D.B. February 1936 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: The discipline which always accompanies theDiscipleship1, 296:emotional stress (of two kinds, is it not so, my brother?) and mental difficulty and strain. ThisDiscipleship1, 297:and non-essentials. So the task is hard, my brother, and the problems have - as you well know - toDiscipleship1, 297:at this time by the Hierarchy. Yes, needed, my brother. [298] During the next few weeks, I wouldDiscipleship1, 298:during the coming months. You have knowledge, my brother, and your spiritual experience is rich.Discipleship1, 298:see fit to change it later... Will you also, my brother, write down what may come to you concerningDiscipleship1, 298:to Disciples - W.D.B. August 1936 MY BROTHER: It is difficult for me to know just what to say toDiscipleship1, 299:critical mind, the problem is doubly hard. But, brother of old, your intense inner loyalty toDiscipleship1, 300:I change not your work. I have little, my brother, to say to you today. You have not done the workDiscipleship1, 300:yourself into a cul-de-sac. Is it not so, my brother? There is no way out of that cul-de-sac forDiscipleship1, 300:to Disciples - W.D.B. February 1937 MY BROTHER: You have been so personal, my brother. You haveDiscipleship1, 300:1937 MY BROTHER: You have been so personal, my brother. You have insulated yourself behind a wallDiscipleship1, 301:your brothers should know your weaknesses. My brother, this should not be. It is all a part of theDiscipleship1, 301:matters it if each knows the weaknesses of his brother on the Path, and if all are aware of anDiscipleship1, 301:to Disciples - D.L.R. To D. L. R. July 1934 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: I am asking you to work in thisDiscipleship1, 302:subjective realization. This will take time, my brother. But there is no hurry in the realm of theDiscipleship1, 303:Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. January 1935 BROTHER OF ANCIENT DAYS: I can indicate to you theDiscipleship1, 305:upset in any way your equilibrium, my brother. Preserve as heretofore that inner silence thatDiscipleship1, 305:Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. August 1935 BROTHER OF MINE: I seek to give you some personalDiscipleship1, 305:group. Would you care to work with me, my brother, along this line for a while? I have placed inDiscipleship1, 307:to Disciples - D.L.R. February 1936 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIMES: I seek today to emphasize to you theDiscipleship1, 309:which I have given above for contemplation. My brother, I ask you to persevere withoutDiscipleship1, 310:real progress towards your goal. One thing, my brother, I feel you need to realize more definitely;Discipleship1, 311:value to the troubled aspirant of finding in a brother that power to aid which is based on aDiscipleship1, 311:to Disciples - D.L.R. February 1937 MY BROTHER: You are learning the lesson of detachment withDiscipleship1, 313:in action, waits." "A voice sounds forth: My brother, close the door, for each must turn the keyDiscipleship1, 313:day. Each knows his hour. Your hour is now. So, brother, close the door. Remember, those behindDiscipleship1, 313:They see it not. Rest on that thought, my brother, and passing through the door, close it withDiscipleship1, 313:Enter into a closer relationship with me, my brother. There are things which I can say to you inDiscipleship1, 313:to Disciples - D.L.R. September 1937 BROTHER OF OLD: There are, in my group of disciples, certainDiscipleship1, 315:the only balancing factor. And yet, my brother, you are in many respects well balanced. One hint IDiscipleship1, 316:Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. February 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: This group is nearing the timeDiscipleship1, 316:I may use such a term. It is dangerous work, my brother, and I am mentioning it to you in thisDiscipleship1, 318:time. I wonder if you will recognize it, my brother, and have the spiritual independence to seizeDiscipleship1, 319:to Disciples - D.L.R. September 1938 MY BROTHER OF OLD: You have now come back to your own groupDiscipleship1, 320:isolation (not separateness with you, my brother, for that is not one of your faults), the abilityDiscipleship1, 321:steadfast understanding and my love is yours, my brother. NOTE: This disciple is still activelyDiscipleship1, 321:Disciples - S.C.P. To S. C. P. November 1931 MY BROTHER: I would say to you in cryptic form: StudyDiscipleship1, 322:that can be sacrificed? Is this not so, my brother? I answer: Over-analysis of the reactions ofDiscipleship1, 322:- S.C.P. June 1933 I would say to you, my brother, that the instructions which I last gave to youDiscipleship1, 323:my work is to be reached. Follow instructions, brother of mine. You can be used and when the lesserDiscipleship1, 323:Instructions to Disciples - S.C.P. June 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: For you, there come now some monthsDiscipleship1, 324:recognitions would fade out. Ponder on this, my brother, and be grateful for the days of comingDiscipleship1, 324:the will to serve. Can I make clear to you, my brother, that these energies must be now usedDiscipleship1, 324:to Disciples - S.C.P. January 1935 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: To you, I would say at this time thatDiscipleship1, 325:is your task - to teach and vivify. And what, my brother, shall be for you the keynote of theDiscipleship1, 325:you can be much used. Ponder on this, my brother of old. I change not your meditation and will askDiscipleship1, 326:impress upon you too strongly two matters, my brother: First that your closest work in the futureDiscipleship1, 326:Instructions to Disciples - S.C.P. July 1935 BROTHER OF MINE: The note of my instruction to youDiscipleship1, 327:further from the truth. During the coming year, brother of old, assume the task of watching withDiscipleship1, 328:But that is not a lesson that you need, brother of mine. Your weak point has been your inability toDiscipleship1, 328:to Disciples - S.C.P. January 1936 MY BROTHER OF OLD: I have not much to say to you at this time.Discipleship1, 329:of your true self to which I appeal. This, my brother, is a year of crisis and, therefore, a yearDiscipleship1, 329:Instructions to Disciples - S.C.P. June 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: A new cycle is being entered upon byDiscipleship1, 330:that my help is warranted. Forget not, my brother, that every disciple has some majorDiscipleship1, 331:making real progress. This, I, your friend and brother, tell you gladly. The emphasis upon theDiscipleship1, 331:and did more mental work. Did you do this, my brother? As I said above, R. S. U. has the sameDiscipleship1, 332:and to be more. Power can flow through you, my brother. As a channel, you can be potent once thatDiscipleship1, 333:the light of the Eternal shine upon your way, my brother and the power of your soul pour throughDiscipleship1, 333:to Disciples - S.C.P. January 1937 MY BROTHER: You have asked me a definite question and you haveDiscipleship1, 334:How can you know that you have done so? Only, my brother, by the after effects and not by anyDiscipleship1, 334:attempted to formulate it with clarity. Now, my brother, use it as the keynote of your spiritualDiscipleship1, 335:my words emphasizing the spiritual reality in my brother or do they bring to light that which isDiscipleship1, 336:You have an interesting and definite problem, brother of mine, which entails the organization andDiscipleship1, 336:and unrealized by you) to me, your Tibetan brother and teacher. Hence also your devotion to theDiscipleship1, 337:of commendation to give you at this time, my brother. Your sense of truth is growing fast. See thatDiscipleship1, 337:to Disciples - S.C.P. January 1938 MY BROTHER AS ALWAYS: I would ask you to study the instructionsDiscipleship1, 338:to these ideas. Keep the vision clear, my brother, and live upon the mountain top. It is thisDiscipleship1, 339:to Disciples - S.C.P. January 1939 MY BROTHER: May I start my instruction to you at this time byDiscipleship1, 340:to Disciples - S.C.P. November 1939 MY BROTHER: The entire glamorous life today, presenting itselfDiscipleship1, 341:have made a very great step forward. And, my brother, you are making it. Your values are truer thanDiscipleship1, 341:your background. Does this surprise you, my brother? The glamor of caste still holds many nationsDiscipleship1, 341:the hope of world regeneration. So think and, my brother, lose not time worrying over what may lookDiscipleship1, 342:Disciples - P.G.C. To P. G. C. January 1936 MY BROTHER: As I begin my work with you, I seek firstDiscipleship1, 342:perfected. There is a chance, is there not, my brother, that your constant reaction againstDiscipleship1, 343:I am [343] seeking to do? Give me two years, my brother, and by that time you may value that whichDiscipleship1, 343:and with which you must identify yourself. Now, brother of old, let me give to you the meditationDiscipleship1, 344:Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C. June 1936 MY BROTHER: You are a second ray soul and have aDiscipleship1, 344:line of least resistance therefore. First, my brother, I would like to thank you for the way inDiscipleship1, 345:to Disciples - P.G.C. January 1937 MY BROTHER: You have worked hard the past six months and, thoughDiscipleship1, 346:three minutes (for this is quite a long time, my brother) of complete silence, preserving, if youDiscipleship1, 347:- P.G.C. October 1937 Your enquiring mind, my brother, is a real group asset, but when couched inDiscipleship1, 347:come eventually enlightenment. Therefore, my brother, can I do anything else except tell you toDiscipleship1, 348:Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C. March 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: I would ask you to cast your eye, the
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