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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHER

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Discipleship1, 348:a fresh cycle of testing. You might ask me, my brother, of what such a preparation should consist.Discipleship1, 351:Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C. November 1938 BROTHER OF MINE: I would start my instructions toDiscipleship1, 351:One great problem I would commend to you, my brother, and that can be stated to you in the form ofDiscipleship1, 352:near and dear to you. Does this surprise you, my brother? The seventh ray in your personality andDiscipleship1, 353:ask you to do it with care... Go in peace, my brother. Discipleship1, 353:Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C. May 1939 BROTHER OF OLD: One of the things which will, in two orDiscipleship1, 354:time is fully and constructively occupied, my brother. Discipleship1, 354:to Disciples - P.G.C. January 1940 MY BROTHER: At the center of your astral life lies a hinderingDiscipleship1, 354:glamor, and, as in the case of your group brother... I find it difficult to give this glamor aDiscipleship1, 355:Disciples - R.S.U. To R. S. U. November 1931 MY BROTHER: I have a word for you as you enter on aDiscipleship1, 356:Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U. June 1933 MY BROTHER: You have trodden the upward Way withDiscipleship1, 356:The work to be done is steadily increasing, brother of old, and you are needed in that work andDiscipleship1, 357:C. D. have in great degree. Give of your wisdom, brother of old, wisely and strongly and withoutDiscipleship1, 357:deeply into the technique of understanding your brother's heart by a study of the duality of rayDiscipleship1, 357:Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U. June 1934 BROTHER OF OLD: The past six months have seen youDiscipleship1, 358:on its own particular level. It is like this, my brother: In the building of the antahkarana (atDiscipleship1, 360:Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U. January 1935 BROTHER OF MINE: There is entering into your life aDiscipleship1, 360:later to change. What causes this condition, my brother? Three things which I, with frankness, willDiscipleship1, 361:has been called to your meditation reports. My brother, you touch and tap constantly the fount ofDiscipleship1, 361:and is wasted. This must be rectified, my brother. One of the first things we must do is to employDiscipleship1, 362:Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U. July 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: ...Last time I communicated with you IDiscipleship1, 362:That is good and for that I thank you, my brother. I know that you do not ask for recognition butDiscipleship1, 363:I have earlier indicated to you. For a time, my brother, lose sight of the time process as a wholeDiscipleship1, 363:joyousness. Is not that the clue for you, my brother, the work of joyous service? May I ask you toDiscipleship1, 364:which I seek to do for you at this time, my brother, is to give you a meditation which I will askDiscipleship1, 366:Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U. June 1936 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: Much that I have written toDiscipleship1, 366:and see too much for them. Is this not so, my brother? [367] In this case however, your vision willDiscipleship1, 367:assist me in this problem? I know you will, my brother. And will you take this as an evidence of myDiscipleship1, 367:Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U. January 1937 BROTHER: I seek to start with a word ofDiscipleship1, 368:which has been gained. No light achievement, my brother, given the equipment with which you startedDiscipleship1, 368:way. This is not always the case. Therefore, my brother, let the plan itself mould your life andDiscipleship1, 369:Instructions to Disciples - R.S.U. July 1937 MY BROTHER: You have, as you have oft been told by me,Discipleship1, 370:it. Am I commending you or stimulating you, my brother? Perhaps both. Dwell much in thought uponDiscipleship1, 370:to Disciples - R.S.U. January 1938 MY BROTHER OF OLD: What am I to say to you? If I remind you notDiscipleship1, 371:present but unused). Such a disciple are you, my brother and my comrade of long standing. YourDiscipleship1, 372:to Disciples - R.S.U. January 1939 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: What can I say that I have not alreadyDiscipleship1, 373:reached via the soul. If that were truly so, my brother, why be in a physical body at all, why beDiscipleship1, 373:desired. I am speaking to you thus frankly, my brother, because I have confidence in you and I knowDiscipleship1, 374:also set you the task of writing out for me, my brother, a paper in which you will emphasize theDiscipleship1, 374:by soul love. Can you see the picture, my brother, as I see it? Perfect love casteth out fear. YourDiscipleship1, 375:D. S. November 1937 What shall I say to you, my brother and my friend, that will do for you twoDiscipleship1, 375:points, or is it reassurance? Go forward, my brother, looking not behind but with your eyes fixedDiscipleship1, 377:Instructions to Disciples - W.D.S. April 1938 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: You are entering - if youDiscipleship1, 378:held. I am not here referring to any pride, brother of mine, but to the absorbing, assimilating,Discipleship1, 378:You do not mind my frank speaking, do you, my brother? I deal thus with all my trusted disciples,Discipleship1, 378:of clear cut decision in you. Theoretically, my brother, this condition leads you - againDiscipleship1, 379:or inferior to you in development. You, my brother, are afraid of your equals. You want to be theDiscipleship1, 381:Instructions to Disciples - W.D.S. December 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: I gave you a long instruction theDiscipleship1, 382:to Disciples - W.D.S. January 1940 MY BROTHER: A kind heart is of potent use in our service,Discipleship1, 382:assessment (or do I mean appraisement, brother of mine?) of those you seek to aid will render youDiscipleship1, 382:to Disciples - D.P.R. TO D. P. R. January 1933 BROTHER OF MINE: For years you have been workingDiscipleship1, 383:Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R. July 1933 BROTHER OF MINE: Forget not to love with detachment.Discipleship1, 383:with detachment. That is your main lesson, my brother, and you have only grasped its trueDiscipleship1, 384:intensity of your mental application. Let us, my brother, go forward on the Way. Let us togetherDiscipleship1, 384:Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R. January 1934 BROTHER OF OLD: Like other disciples and like allDiscipleship1, 384:of moment. Skill in action is always needed, my brother, and for you in this life it must ever beDiscipleship1, 384:a problem to you. There is no hurry or rush, my brother. Progress is being made and you will knowDiscipleship1, 385:you when you call upon them, nor will I, your brother and friend, nor will your group brothers.Discipleship1, 385:wide open in the sun. Then imagine yourself, my brother, putting a foot upon the field and finding,Discipleship1, 385:type of meditation to me? Two main uses, my brother. First, it trains you in the use of theDiscipleship1, 386:Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R. June 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: The buffeting of life has tried youDiscipleship1, 386:You think ever in terms of service, my brother, which was one of the reasons (apart from karmicDiscipleship1, 386:and ask for understanding. Ponder on this, my brother, for your field of usefulness will grow asDiscipleship1, 387:Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R. August 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: May I at this time indicate to youDiscipleship1, 387:I at this time indicate to you two things, my brother, knowing that, as an old and experiencedDiscipleship1, 387:The decision and effort must come from you, my brother, and it lies entirely in your [388] hands.Discipleship1, 389:you with the simple words: Please be happy, my brother. [390] Discipleship1, 390:to Disciples - D.P.R. February 1935 MY BROTHER: There has been in your mind much thought in theseDiscipleship1, 390:immediate problem. What is the situation, my brother? You, a soul in incarnation, are consciouslyDiscipleship1, 391:knowledge at any given time. Think this out, my brother, and look through the window of the mind toDiscipleship1, 392:these questions in my presence and to me, your brother and your teacher. Deal with them clearly andDiscipleship1, 393:the earth. Live likewise. Give and ask naught!'" Brother of mine, gather around you afresh thoseDiscipleship1, 393:to Disciples - D.P.R. February 1936 MY BROTHER: You have had a year of strain and of much anxiety.Discipleship1, 393:but you have advanced far since those days, my brother, and are beginning to enter into the realmDiscipleship1, 394:to Disciples - D.P.R. August 1936 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND: The past six months have seen youDiscipleship1, 395:dealing with them as one might expect. You, my brother, know to what you have had to rise, as theDiscipleship1, 396:to stabilize into her new rhythm. Still another brother is fighting deep discouragement, and theDiscipleship1, 398:major hindrances to my own joyfulness? Thus, my brother, you can train yourself to build in thatDiscipleship1, 398:I have only the briefest of words for you, my brother of old and trusted friend. It is not theDiscipleship1, 398:to you. That is all I have to say, my brother. My blessing rests upon you. ON JOY What constitutesDiscipleship1, 400:to Disciples - D.P.R. September 1937 MY BROTHER: The difficulties and the trials which the discipleDiscipleship1, 400:the Way of Compensation. Do you think, my brother, that you could write a paper on this theme,Discipleship1, 402:Instructions to Disciples - D.P.R. February 1938 BROTHER OF OLD: You have lately been given workDiscipleship1, 404:your full spiritual employment, will it not, my brother? I would have you, however, ponder on theDiscipleship1, 404:to Disciples - D.P.R. February 1939 MY BROTHER AND FELLOW WORKER: I am not analyzing yourDiscipleship1, 404:and in strength to love lies your release, my brother, and this I know you realize. This year hasDiscipleship1, 404:and hence most valuable. Lift not too much, my brother. It is the right of their souls to learn theDiscipleship1, 405:lessons - a thing hard indeed for you to do, brother of mine. All I would ask you to do along theDiscipleship1, 405:for service. You think with clarity, my brother, when the emotions of others do not overwhelm youDiscipleship1, 406:to Disciples - G.S.S. To G. S. S. March 1931 BROTHER OF MINE: I take up definite work with you in aDiscipleship1, 406:I would say to you in all earnestness, my brother, that for you will come an increased expansion ofDiscipleship1, 407:of those you meet - of everyone you meet, my brother. All need love and understanding, and thisDiscipleship1, 407:be pure channels. This is a great objective, my brother, therefore, be not discouraged, but work,Discipleship1, 407:Instructions to Disciples - G.S.S. December 1935 BROTHER OF MINE: You have been so short a time inDiscipleship1, 408:more fully use. You are on the "lighted Way," my brother, and your soul will carry you through to aDiscipleship1, 408:you and by several of the group members. And, my brother, may I add one parting word? Aim atDiscipleship1, 409:Instructions to Disciples - G.S.S. March 1936 MY BROTHER: The task of blending with any group isDiscipleship1, 409:real problem for me (does this surprise you, my brother?) how to make clear to you your need forDiscipleship1, 410:disappear when you use time rightly. My brother of olden time, you use so much time on that whichDiscipleship1, 410:work correctly. Why should this be, my brother? You may not be able to do it the first thing each
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