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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHER

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Discipleship1, 475:to Disciples - L.U.T. September 1934 MY BROTHER: You have made many changes both in your life andDiscipleship1, 476:to Disciples - L.U.T. February 1935 MY BROTHER: How shall we deepen the expression of love in yourDiscipleship1, 476:the love of the soul. You are still separate, my brother and the magnetic quality of your soulDiscipleship1, 477:to be purified. The work is going forward. My brother, when I say that you need to love more, IDiscipleship1, 478:understandingly. My heart goes out to you, my brother of old, for I know the problem which you faceDiscipleship1, 478:that there is still much in it for you . . . My brother, may the strength and the light of yourDiscipleship1, 478:to Disciples - L.U.T. September 1935 MY BROTHER: I sometimes wonder what I can do to help you orDiscipleship1, 479:equally sure. What [479] then can I say, my brother? What can I do in order to destroy this old andDiscipleship1, 481:lighted Way into the hearts of men. I serve my brother and his need. Those whom I, the little self,Discipleship1, 481:to Disciples - L.U.T. September 1936 My BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: Forget not that it is not simplyDiscipleship1, 481:I have pondered upon this on your behalf, my brother. You have been triumphant in your battle andDiscipleship1, 483:to Disciples - L.U.T. February 1937 My BROTHER: You are awakening to reality. You are arriving at aDiscipleship1, 484:will carry for you much release. Otherwise, my brother, go your way for another few months andDiscipleship1, 484:Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T. November 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: I write to you today to call youDiscipleship1, 486:Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T. April 1938 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: I have for some timeDiscipleship1, 487:help you back to happy, significant living, my brother. Almost all that I can say to you at thisDiscipleship1, 489:Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T. January 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: If you will study your lastDiscipleship1, 489:for any strain and difficulty. So now, my brother, in this hour of strenuous world tension and ofDiscipleship1, 490:Instructions to Disciples - L.U.T. July 1939 MY BROTHER: The discipline of life has brought you farDiscipleship1, 490:with increasing intensity. Be not afraid, my brother, to be more outgoing and more consciouslyDiscipleship1, 491:to Disciples - L.U.T. January 1940 MY BROTHER: What I have to say to you grows out of your earlierDiscipleship1, 491:the plane of mental illumination. With you, my brother, the inner light is intense indeed, but itDiscipleship1, 492:the reverberations of your own thoughts and, my brother, getting no true joy or pleasure out of theDiscipleship1, 493:they must triumph. Where is your triumph, my brother? Initiation is a process of graded triumphsDiscipleship1, 494:are potent and exhausting and from them, my brother, come much of your physical discomfort. DealDiscipleship1, 496:kind. [496] I look to you for vital service, my brother; I am confident in your power to triumph. IDiscipleship1, 496:to Disciples - L.U.T. August 1940 MY BROTHER: You have been close to me for many years, even thoughDiscipleship1, 496:were new in his group) asked me to help you - a brother on the same ray. For years you have beenDiscipleship1, 496:on personality levels for the work." This, my brother, is a statement of fact. You block yourselfDiscipleship1, 496:times of stress, instead of the maximum. Yet, my brother, out of all this analysis emerges theDiscipleship1, 497:from this life." Having told you this, my brother, I have no more to say. NOTE: The inertia provedDiscipleship1, 497:to Disciples - D.E.I. To D. E. I. April 1938 MY BROTHER: Your admission into this group and theDiscipleship1, 499:mental body. In quietness and in confidence, my brother, must be your strength. Discipleship1, 499:to Disciples - D.E.I. October 1938 MY BROTHER: The way into the sphere of your richest service is,Discipleship1, 499:rests upon my life. You will understand, my brother, the purpose of these particular phrases. Discipleship1, 499:Instructions to Disciples - D.E.I. April 1939 MY BROTHER: You have been so occupied with serviceDiscipleship1, 500:or tendency to crystallize. Preserve, my brother, a sense of humor and a tendency to play, bearingDiscipleship1, 502:Instructions to Disciples - D.E.I. October 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: I have practically nothing to sayDiscipleship1, 502:Instructions to Disciples - D.E.I. February 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: In these days of saturated livingDiscipleship1, 503:it, I give you no set work. Go on your way, my brother, with joy and service, with freedom fromDiscipleship1, 503:to Disciples - D.E.I. September 1940 MY BROTHER: You are in a position of trust and - if you soDiscipleship1, 504:I have confidence and trust in you, my brother. NOTE: This disciple continues in the same positionDiscipleship1, 504:- C.D.P. To C. D. P. November 1931 To you, my brother, I have but little to say - not because youDiscipleship1, 504:to see eventual achievement. Overcome fear, my brother; kill out suspicion and those vile childrenDiscipleship1, 505:divine energy (which is a creative function, my brother) and that you send it on a mission to theDiscipleship1, 505:Instructions to Disciples - C.D.P. June 1933 MY BROTHER: I have for you today a word of cheer. PartDiscipleship1, 505:now integrated. Reflect on what this means, my brother. It means that no longer will your astralDiscipleship1, 506:souls into increased spiritual activity? But, my brother, as you note these happenings, be notDiscipleship1, 507:Instructions to Disciples - C.D.P. June 1934 BROTHER OF MINE: You are facing up to your crisis andDiscipleship1, 507:would be and how quickly I would do it." But, my brother, there is just such a simple thing andDiscipleship1, 507:must love. Only one request do I make to you, my brother, and that is one that may puzzle you. SitDiscipleship1, 508:to Disciples - C.D.P. January 1935 MY BROTHER OF OLD: My message to you this year is the one withDiscipleship1, 509:himself to be the controlling soul. Will you, my brother, take the various personal instructions IDiscipleship1, 509:Path of Initiation. Yes, that is what I said, my brother - upon the Path of Initiation and not uponDiscipleship1, 510:free you. Do you still work in your garden, my brother? Would you be willing to work in it anotherDiscipleship1, 510:Instructions to Disciples - C.D.P. July 1935 MY BROTHER: If I were to ask you to measure yourDiscipleship1, 511:plane. Perhaps the best way to help you, my brother, and any of your co-disciples who may beDiscipleship1, 512:daily life expression, then glamor will end. My brother, this one factor lets in more glamor into aDiscipleship1, 512:faults in the secret of your heart, loving your brother more because of his frailty and refusing toDiscipleship1, 513:from glamor than any other one thing. The fact, brother of mine, that I can thus write to youDiscipleship1, 513:to carry you through... As to your garden, my brother, I would ask you to enter into it early eachDiscipleship1, 514:to Disciples - C.D.P. January 1936 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: The same instructions, the sameDiscipleship1, 514:amounts almost to hallucination. So you see, my brother, that I am only re-emphasizing my earlierDiscipleship1, 515:the glory of the Self. Be of good courage, my brother, and fear not. Fear itself creates a glamorDiscipleship1, 515:Instructions to Disciples - C.D.P. June 1936 BROTHER OF MINE: There is little that I need to do orDiscipleship1, 516:you cannot achieve. You underrate yourself, my brother. You have a persistence which is undauntedDiscipleship1, 517:of depression and of suspicion. Do you not, my brother? More than you think are their number. TheseDiscipleship1, 517:garden? My love and blessing rest upon you, my brother. This is a thing I say but seldom. You haveDiscipleship1, 517:thing I say but seldom. You have not failed, my brother. I repeat this to you: You have not failed,Discipleship1, 518:garden? My love and blessing rest upon you, my brother. This is a thing I say but seldom. Discipleship1, 518:to Disciples - C.D.P. January 1937 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: For you (as for R. S. U.) I have atDiscipleship1, 519:than the spiritual. You are learning fast, my brother, and can break through to a deepened and moreDiscipleship1, 519:vision in your high moments. Is this not so, my brother? But this is all that I have of the natureDiscipleship1, 519:to it with closeness and attention... And, my brother, follow the occult exercises indicated andDiscipleship1, 520:note of the soul who knows. Break through, my brother, from the trammels of the past and be theDiscipleship1, 520:Instructions to Disciples - C.D.P. July 1937 MY BROTHER AND FAITHFUL FRIEND: How can I put yourDiscipleship1, 521:to Disciples - C.D.P. January 1938 MY BROTHER: The past few months have seen the working out ofDiscipleship1, 521:I prevent this happening? By remembering, my brother, that though the environing conditions mayDiscipleship1, 522:for you a major healing factor. For years, my brother, I have referred frequently to your garden ofDiscipleship1, 524:to Disciples - C.D.P. January 1939 MY BROTHER: You have made real progress. That is the first thingDiscipleship1, 524:the age of sixty (or is it a little more, my brother?) and have not yet broken it. Therefore, yourDiscipleship1, 524:Forgive me for my plain speaking, my brother, but I seek to see you free before the time of passingDiscipleship1, 526:Ancient karmic ties with me, your [526] elder Brother, and the deep love which D. R. S.Discipleship1, 526:to Disciples - C.D.P. January 1940 MY BROTHER: You have no particular glamor, for you live in aDiscipleship1, 526:is undeflectable (is there such a word, my brother?) and your life tendency is firmly andDiscipleship1, 527:1940 I have for you the briefest message, my brother. You are today in a condition of physicalDiscipleship1, 527:and let the love of all who know you, which, my brother, includes mine, flow through you; permitDiscipleship1, 531:and other water-loving herbs. But I think every brother who enters this garden sees his ownDiscipleship1, 531:to Disciples - R.L.U. TO R. L. U. April 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: In this address, you get a clue to theDiscipleship1, 532:which I will indicate to you... Follow this, my brother, for the next six months. For your seedDiscipleship1, 532:Instructions to Disciples - R.L.U. October 1935 BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: It will be apparent to youDiscipleship1, 533:resistance. I mean love, and not sentiment, my brother. The seed thoughts for the meditation workDiscipleship1, 533:of these seed thoughts for meditation, my brother. They are deep and profound and contain theDiscipleship1, 534:- R.L.U. March 1936 It is not my habit, brother of mine, nor is it ever necessary where disciplesDiscipleship1, 534:quiet of a stagnant pool. I have watched you, my brother of old, for nine years, for there is, asDiscipleship1, 537:to Disciples - R.L.U. September 1936 MY BROTHER: The hidden gift of the intuition, released throughDiscipleship1, 537:Instructions to Disciples - R.L.U. March 1937 MY BROTHER: There is no need to ask you to go on andDiscipleship1, 538:Instructions to Disciples - R.L.U. October 1937 BROTHER OF MINE: I have but a simple message forDiscipleship1, 539:can go far along the Path of Discipleship, my brother and my friend, when your heart center opensDiscipleship1, 540:Instructions to Disciples - R.L.U. March 1938 MY BROTHER: You are to be commended in that you have
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