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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHER

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Discipleship2, 460:further extended elucidation. You are, my brother, upon the path of the Christ, and in preparationDiscipleship2, 463:explain the present. Ponder on this, my beloved brother. Discipleship2, 463:to Disciples - F.C.D. September 1943 MY BROTHER AND MY CO-WORKER: I am not telling yourDiscipleship2, 464:are therefore peculiarly vulnerable, because, my brother (as I have told you oft during the pastDiscipleship2, 465:of both Ashrams were behind you. This, my brother, you know well, and to this fused efficiency youDiscipleship2, 465:fruition. The work assigned to you, my beloved brother, will be work of profoundest difficulty. YouDiscipleship2, 465:enough for this inadequately outlined task, my brother? Is your stamina, your inner spiritualDiscipleship2, 466:You need naught else but fire." That fire, my brother, is the residue of the pure fire which isDiscipleship2, 466:into the heart of others... I stand by you, my brother, unalterably and at all times, and on thisDiscipleship2, 466:you can count. Such is also the wish of K.H., my Brother and also my Master, and on that you canDiscipleship2, 466:November 1944 It is not my intention, my beloved brother, to give you any personal instructions atDiscipleship2, 467:no one else in this group. In your question, my brother (about the nature and the function of theDiscipleship2, 469:to Disciples - F.C.D. August 1946 MY BELOVED BROTHER: You will have, by now, read and absorbed theDiscipleship2, 470:one humanity and with inclusive love. You, my brother, meet all these requirements... This work isDiscipleship2, 471:to Disciples - F.C.D. November 1948 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: It is two years since I lastDiscipleship2, 471:times carries three kinds of stress; no, my brother, I would say the major stresses are of fourDiscipleship2, Esoter:these factors have been active in your life, my brother and co-disciple. I would like to commendDiscipleship2, 473:and - in time - to cure them. You do not, my brother, belong to your family any more. You belong toDiscipleship2, 473:mine - the Master K.H. Daily I look towards you, brother of mine, and that is no idle statement onDiscipleship2, 473:to Disciples - R.A.J. To R. A. J. August 1940 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: For you, as for allDiscipleship2, 474:to tread. In this connection, forget not, brother of mine, that the teaching ray conditions you andDiscipleship2, 476:to Disciples - R.A.J. September 1943 MY BROTHER: I wonder if you drew out of the six statementsDiscipleship2, 476:The Robe of Rose. The symbolism here, my brother, is obvious. Rose is the color of devotion, and ofDiscipleship2, 478:events. Will you try out this plan, my brother? Stage I. The Diadem. The establishing of relationDiscipleship2, 480:times. May peace and courage abide with you, my brother. Discipleship2, 482:up any major relation with other people. Yet, my brother, little as you may realize it, thoseDiscipleship2, 483:remaining years of your life. Learn, please, my brother, to be individually outgoing towards theDiscipleship2, 485:and knowledges. What I am really doing, my brother, is indicating to you the field of your futureDiscipleship2, 485:to Disciples - R.A.J. August 1946 MY BROTHER: It is in no way your fault that this group on theDiscipleship2, 486:to those who fulfil the requirements. What, my brother, is basically your goal? Taking intoDiscipleship2, 488:understand: Were you twenty years younger, my brother, with perfect safety you could break theDiscipleship2, 491:If you will follow these suggestions, my brother, you will make rapid progress into spiritualDiscipleship2, 492:to Disciples - I.A.P. To I. A. P. August 1940 BROTHER OF OLD: In the present world upheaval andDiscipleship2, 492:and obligated disciple (such as you are, my brother, by your own proving - which is the only sureDiscipleship2, 493:which you can appreciate. Appropriate it, my brother, and transmit the teaching to those you serveDiscipleship2, 496:esoterically "egoic conversation." I have, my brother, in this instruction given you much food forDiscipleship2, 497:to Disciples - I.A.P. September 1943 MY BROTHER: I have seemed to you perhaps to have been silentDiscipleship2, 497:to do. You have had by no means an easy time, my brother. You have tuned in on world distress andDiscipleship2, 499:thus formed is strengthened by its link with my Brother, R. Where Spain is concerned, the pictureDiscipleship2, 500:in the searchlight of the soul, and then, my brother, with my aid and blessing go forward,Discipleship2, 500:with the theme of work, are they not, my brother? But that, to you, is life. It is needless for meDiscipleship2, 501:life. With courage and with determination, my brother and my friend, move forward upon the LightedDiscipleship2, 501:- I.A.P. November 1944 MY COMRADE AND MY BROTHER: These are two appellations which are sincere andDiscipleship2, 502:back upon his laurels (and you have laurels, my brother, as I pointed out in my last instruction toDiscipleship2, 504:deliberate effort. I call you, therefore, my brother, to exactly this effort. The consequences toDiscipleship2, 505:be a point of real interest to you. What, my brother, shall be the type of meditation and interiorDiscipleship2, 505:simultaneously? I think you will admit, my brother, that in these three [506] concepts and in theirDiscipleship2, 507:understanding and courage, go forth again, my brother, in the service of the light. I stand everDiscipleship2, 507:to Disciples - I.A.P. August 1946 MY DEAR BROTHER: This is a new way for me to address you, but youDiscipleship2, 507:you spend time (or should I say, waste time, my brother?) in wishing you had done the work betterDiscipleship2, 507:one of peculiar difficulty. Do you realize, my brother, that you have been drawing the plow overDiscipleship2, 509:to Disciples - I.A.P. November 1948 MY BROTHER OF LONG STANDING: It had not been my intention toDiscipleship2, 510:life then in the next. You are not young, my brother, but you can have the rare joy of looking backDiscipleship2, 510:from no one their just due. Go forward, my brother. These are troubled times, and steady centers ofDiscipleship2, 511:I.S.G-L. To I. S. G-L. August 1940 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: For several lives we have beenDiscipleship2, 511:the teacher. I would have you ponder on this, my brother, for your service is needed, but is todayDiscipleship2, 512:without any sense of being above. I wonder, my brother, if I am making my meaning clear. It is notDiscipleship2, 514:pain yet one of prime importance. There are, my brother, many lives of such a negligible natureDiscipleship2, 515:activity. Let me be ambitious for you, my brother of long standing. That I am. I have watched youDiscipleship2, 516:wall and let the glory in. Be not so troubled, brother. Close to my heart you stand and close toDiscipleship2, 517:ray aptitudes. You have thus no easy time, my brother. This you realize, and I too know it, andDiscipleship2, 518:united effort in any Ashram. As I study you, my brother and my friend, and as I look ahead at yourDiscipleship2, 519:to have you write and to complete. You see, my brother, it is a book which will take much intuitionDiscipleship2, 519:aid you in preparing this book except some group brother or someone working consciously in anDiscipleship2, 521:to Disciples - I.S.G-L. November 1944 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: What I have to say to you todayDiscipleship2, 522:of your own exoteric group (mark those words, my brother) have sounded forth in your ears and youDiscipleship2, 522:in your physical vehicle, and that is hard, my brother, because it is difficult to preserve one'sDiscipleship2, 522:in the emotional nature; surely, my beloved brother, you know by this time that when a definiteDiscipleship2, 523:being waged within your consciousness. Yet, my brother and my comrade, the deep and lasting love ofDiscipleship2, 523:It is, however, right that you should know. So, brother of mine, we come back to the question ofDiscipleship2, 524:what they will state. Take proper medical help, brother of mine. Take time to get the physicalDiscipleship2, 524:to Disciples - I.S.G-L. August 1946 MY BELOVED BROTHER: I would like to start my communication toDiscipleship2, 525:physical plane. Having read this far, will you, brother of mine, continue? There is someDiscipleship2, 525:prevent your listening to me, your friend and brother for many years - nay, lives. I would,Discipleship2, 526:also of an emotional type, for forget not, my brother, we draw to ourselves those who respond toDiscipleship2, 528:the energy emanating from Shamballa. Yet, my brother, had you occupied yourself with my suggestionDiscipleship2, 528:Can you free yourself for two years, my brother, and at the end stand free? You would be wellDiscipleship2, 529:until next life. You have suffered much, my brother, and have few to whom you can go. My love andDiscipleship2, 529:to Disciples - L.F.U. To L. F. U. August 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: I scarce know what to say to you forDiscipleship2, 529:are thus situated and the test is great. You, my brother, and W.O.I. are likewise being tested inDiscipleship2, 530:liberation and true development. Have you, my brother, reached your high water mark for this life?Discipleship2, 532:ideals. You stand at the parting of the ways, my brother. Will you come on to renewed service, toDiscipleship2, 533:my love. You restrict your field of service, brother of old. Expand again. My brother, the need ofDiscipleship2, 533:of service, brother of old. Expand again. My brother, the need of your heart is the need of myDiscipleship2, 533:to Disciples - L.F.U. September 1943 BROTHER OF OLD: There are certain key points in all livesDiscipleship2, 534:and inner adjustment. Is this not so, my brother? I watched with love and understanding, for thatDiscipleship2, 534:and by a conscious effort to love. Love, my brother, when present and of the right kind engenders aDiscipleship2, 535:the separated self. I have no fears for you, my brother. I would recall to you that the disruptingDiscipleship2, 535:given to you last year. The higher the wall, brother of mine, from which you fall, the deeper intoDiscipleship2, 535:will be your salvation - my beloved brother. Look for this development and welcome it. In view ofDiscipleship2, 536:to demonstrate. Guard your physical health, my brother. Be not unduly concerned and cautious, butDiscipleship2, 536:to Disciples - L.F.U. November 1944 MY BROTHER: In my last instruction to you there occurs oneDiscipleship2, 539:for encouragement or regret may lie and thus, my brother, arrive at a clear comprehension ofDiscipleship2, 540:another than he can help living. After all, my brother - returning to the original comments in thisDiscipleship2, 540:and the nature of your desires. For years, my brother, I have sought to help you. You are in myDiscipleship2, 541:be ignored or denied. Will you understand me, my brother, if I say to you: Take this consciousnessDiscipleship2, 541:quality of your daily activities. Love more, my brother. You only deeply love two or three people;Discipleship2, 541:to Disciples - L.F.U. August 1946 MY BROTHER OF THE STEADFAST HEART: I do not find as I approachDiscipleship2, 542:planted on the earth. I would suggest to you, my brother, a less intense consideration [543] of theDiscipleship2, 543:of the work. Make yourself accessible, my brother, and more and more people will seek you out. Your
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