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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHER

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Discipleship2, 543:The fact of the Ashram. You like facts, brother of mine, so apply this factual consciousness ofDiscipleship2, 544:to Disciples - I.B.S. To I. B. S. August 1940 My BROTHER: There is a question concerning the futureDiscipleship2, 545:You do wrestle with your problem, my brother, for your sincere desire is to follow the path ofDiscipleship2, 547:solution of your problems. Look not, my brother, for results. Remember ever that as you continueDiscipleship2, 548:part. You are passing on the Lighted Way, my brother. You have placed your hand in mine. I hold itDiscipleship2, 548:to Disciples - I.B.S. September 1943 MY BROTHER: You may have noted that there is a slightDiscipleship2, 550:what is meant by occult obedience. You, my brother, are now at a point where you need to fade moreDiscipleship2, 552:within the secret quiet place. You will note, my brother, how I emphasize for you the need toDiscipleship2, 553:to Disciples - I.B.S. November 1944 MY BROTHER: If you will reread the instructions which I gaveDiscipleship2, 553:next few years will not be easy ones for you, my brother. Be not over-anxious over anything thatDiscipleship2, 554:there are for you no more glamorous, and see, my brother, what will eventuate. Endeavor always toDiscipleship2, 558:a point in consciousness as possible. Then, my brother, go your way in peace, knowing the fermentDiscipleship2, 558:- R.V.B. To R. V. B. September 1943 It is, my brother, a source of satisfaction to me to have youDiscipleship2, 559:if you so desire. Will you join with me, my brother, in this launching of this book upon its careerDiscipleship2, 561:to those likewise from whence it came. Thus, my brother and my friend, travel life's way; work inDiscipleship2, 561:to Disciples - R.V.B. November 1944 MY BROTHER AND FELLOW-WORKER: Your spiritual life has deepenedDiscipleship2, 562:Such is now your opportunity. But, my brother, to make this duly effective and to get true and realDiscipleship2, 562:service and form. You will remember however, my brother, that there are times when the Master,Discipleship2, 563:of Shamballa are to the Master. That is why, my brother, I gave you that special meditation lastDiscipleship2, 563:physical condition, but only one of them, my brother. A transfer and centralization of the lowerDiscipleship2, 565:to Disciples - R.V.B. August 1946 MY BROTHER: You have profited much from the attention you paid toDiscipleship2, 567:words a valuable exercise. I infer not here, my brother, that your will is weak. It is constantlyDiscipleship2, 568:Disciples - R.V.B. November 1948 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: There is relatively little that I have toDiscipleship2, 569:in the place where you are. So you see, my brother, your life is rich and full and free andDiscipleship2, 569:in a distant century. Count heavily on this, my brother, and go forward with my love and blessing.Discipleship2, 570:to Disciples - S.C.P. To S. C. P. August 1940 MY BROTHER: It is often difficult to know just how toDiscipleship2, 570:and to make the desired progress. Can you, my brother, think of a single instance which did not (inDiscipleship2, 572:easy to be a "fool for Christ's sake," and, my brother, the social set is one of the cruelest inDiscipleship2, 574:levels as a disciple. You have learnt much, my brother, and I do not regret adding you to my groupDiscipleship2, 574:to Disciples - P.G.C. To P. G. C. August 1940 BROTHER OF OLD: I wonder whether you haveDiscipleship2, 576:in my instruction to you personally. Simply, my brother, in order that you may aid in theDiscipleship2, 576:appropriate the new knowledge. For yourself, my brother, I have but a word. Deepen yourDiscipleship2, 577:the line established is the next step. But, my brother, permit not crystallization. The secret ofDiscipleship2, 578:to Disciples - P.G.C. September 1943 BROTHER OF MINE: It seems to me that so oft I have to say thisDiscipleship2, 578:our planet. Energy follows thought and that, my brother, is all that karma is - the impact ofDiscipleship2, 579:environment. What I am referring to, my brother, is deepening, and this deepening must beDiscipleship2, 580:this line. I find little more to say to you, my brother. The reason for this is that we work in aDiscipleship2, 581:a consideration of the work to you yourself, my brother and my disciple, what can I bring to yourDiscipleship2, 582:vehicle. When your work is not effective, brother of mine, what is the reason? Note that thisDiscipleship2, 583:Conformity to the idea (not the ideal, my brother, for that is incidental). Perception of reality.Discipleship2, 584:by. You have every cause for encouragement, my brother, and my blessing rests upon you. ThisDiscipleship2, 584:Instructions to Disciples - P.G.C. August 1946 BROTHER OF MINE: The past twelve months have beenDiscipleship2, 585:Does this seem what you call a "tall order," my brother? Forgive my use of slang, but it is oftDiscipleship2, 586:spiritual reality. I have no fears for you, my brother. You are a sound and self-directingDiscipleship2, 586:Disciples - P.G.C. November 1948 MY FRIEND AND BROTHER: I have registered and then recorded on yourDiscipleship2, 588:but non-fanatic (or do I mean frantic, brother of mine?) and selfless effort. Make this attemptDiscipleship2, 588:This must suffice for today, my loyal friend and brother. There is much to do. Proceed with theDiscipleship2, 588:- J.W.K-P. To J. W. K-P. August 1940 MY BROTHER: I have not much to say to you at this time and theDiscipleship2, 591:you have. The gift of play must come to you, my brother. Play upon the earth and play in the hiddenDiscipleship2, 591:to Disciples - J.W.K-P. September 1943 MY BROTHER, FRIEND AND CO-WORKER: Have you lately read theDiscipleship2, 591:good. You have had a most difficult year, my brother, and those of us who are working with all ofDiscipleship2, 592:at a standstill. But what did you expect, my brother? There is one point which you have perhapsDiscipleship2, 592:type of person is a terrific potency. Use it, my brother, free from isolation. It is ever easierDiscipleship2, 593:to Disciples - J.W.K-P. August 1946 MY BROTHER: (And I mean this in its fullest sense.) I startDiscipleship2, 594:and there trained for discipleship. You need, my brother, to be more appreciative of effort andDiscipleship2, 595:and for which they seek workers. Write more, my brother; you have the vision and your meditation isDiscipleship2, 596:the work which you have done. I - your friend, brother and teacher - ask and need your stillDiscipleship2, 596:to Disciples - J.W.K-P. November 1948 BROTHER OF MINE: Today in the ordinary course of events andDiscipleship2, 597:idea to which you are well accustomed. You, my brother, have ahead of you the consolidating of allDiscipleship2, 598:There is little else that I can say to you, brother of mine, save to tell you that you are trustedDiscipleship2, 598:catch from you the radiance of Love. That, my brother, will release the financial supply so sorelyDiscipleship2, 599:agent. Proceed as usual, my tried and trusted brother. This instruction may perhaps disappoint you.Discipleship2, 599:right. I have no distrust in you at all. So, my brother, I can advise naught, for you need not myDiscipleship2, 599:- R.S.U. To R. S. U. January 1940 You and I, my brother, have worked together for long years -Discipleship2, 600:freedom of humanity itself. Ponder on this, my brother, and be not separate in your sensitivity andDiscipleship2, 600:Is this too hard a lesson and a task, my brother? If so, determine within yourself if it is so orDiscipleship2, 601:issue lies in your own hands. Do you realize, my brother, that a week's perfected discipline wouldDiscipleship2, 601:of failure? Go forward therefore, my beloved brother, and rest not content until liberation isDiscipleship2, 601:to Disciples - R.S.U. August 1940 MY BROTHER: Since my last instruction to you, you have attainedDiscipleship2, 601:my reference to racial limitations and yet, my brother and I can say my friend, why resent them?Discipleship2, 602:time and hence the problem. I am explaining, my brother, as you can shift the emphasis if you soDiscipleship2, 603:though not simple of achievement. Be, my brother, on the outer plane, what you are interiorly. YouDiscipleship2, 605:ahead. I would ask you not to backward look, my brother, but [606] tread with confidence theDiscipleship2, 607:where you are - and I still need your aid, my brother. Second: This particular group of disciplesDiscipleship2, 610:There is much more that could be said, my brother, but reflection and prolonged thought upon whatDiscipleship2, 611:to Disciples - R.S.U. November 1944 MY BROTHER: The past year has seen much change in your life,Discipleship2, 611:later into recognition. You have, my beloved brother, lived a full and rich life; you have beenDiscipleship2, 613:particular and peculiar relation to you. Why, my brother? Because, as a member of my Ashram and asDiscipleship2, 614:both to understand and use; you must learn also, brother of mine. I will be in touch with youDiscipleship2, 614:to Disciples - R.S.U. August 1946 MY BROTHER: I would ask you at this time to reread theDiscipleship2, 614:entirely the fault of D.R.S., and therefore, my brother, you stand clear of all blame andDiscipleship2, 614:think clearly. Right down the years, my beloved brother, I have taught you that your majorDiscipleship2, 615:physical body. You are an earnest disciple, my brother; you are oriented to and serve theDiscipleship2, 616:with no better thought at this time, my beloved brother. I am steadily standing by - as is A.A.B. Discipleship2, 616:to Disciples - R.S.U. November 1948 MY BROTHER: You are no longer in my Ashram. I wonder if youDiscipleship2, 616:must perforce learn. But you, my beloved brother, belong to no nation; disciples of your standingDiscipleship2, 617:now into those which your soul desires, for your brother travels with you and you are doing theDiscipleship2, 617:hard saying for you? Think not about it unduly, brother of mine; your next incarnation isDiscipleship2, 618:that they will then like you. Put it from you, brother of old, and move forward with confidenceDiscipleship2, 618:of the Ashram awaiting another life. This, my brother, is all that I have to say to you at thisDiscipleship2, 619:to Disciples - W.D.S. To W. D. S. August 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: A strenuous winter's work lies aheadDiscipleship2, 619:handled. In spite of this, for some reason, my brother, you stand peculiarly alone. As I realizeDiscipleship2, 621:He says to himself instead: "What is my brother feeling and thinking?" and he does this because heDiscipleship2, 621:he is more interested in the happiness of his brother than in his own feelings or thought and soDiscipleship2, 621:aid, stimulate and love with wisdom. These, my brother, are the platitudes of the spiritualDiscipleship2, 623:My reply to him is: In the above enquiry, my brother, you have asked nine questions, all bearing onDiscipleship2, 625:with the sixth part of your question, my brother, you have forgotten your technical occultism andDiscipleship2, 626:"see" it and enter the stage of duality. Yes, my brother, we do indeed raise our bodies intoDiscipleship2, 627:yourself. My blessing rests upon you, my brother. Discipleship2, 627:- such as you think you know - is but a glamor, brother of mine. You are not alone. But loneliness
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