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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHER

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Discipleship2, 721:as fluidic as your mind has been., and you know, brother of old, that that restless, grasping,Discipleship2, 722:must do, but she earnestly sought to help. My brother, no matter where you are, a settled place ofDiscipleship2, 722:choice of a place in which to settle and, my brother, I emphasize and re-emphasize to you the wordDiscipleship2, 723:you. For whatever time lies ahead of you, my brother, let this constant movement end. Endeavor toDiscipleship2, 724:places who seek the Master of my life, my brother, the Tibetan." That is all the meditation I wouldDiscipleship2, 724:- L.T.S-K. To L. T. S-K. September 1943 BROTHER OF MINE: Our together has existed forDiscipleship2, 725:- for that you unchangeably are. You have, my brother, a good illustration of what I mean in theDiscipleship2, 726:Glamor still holds you. You might well ask, my brother: Why then keep me in your group? Why notDiscipleship2, 726:room for the acceptance of facts. What facts, brother of mine? Let me (with my usual frankness)Discipleship2, 727:glamor has upon you? Here are my suggestions, brother of mine, given in all [728] love andDiscipleship2, 729:tread the way of liberation. Can you do this, my brother? Can you bring spirituality into businessDiscipleship2, 729:ahead? You can do and be all these things, my brother. Your task is to demonstrate discipleship inDiscipleship2, 729:to Disciples - L.T.S-K. November 1944 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND OF OLDEN TIME: There is absolutely noDiscipleship2, 730:brought you into the Ashram. So be it again, my brother. All within the Ashram, except those ofDiscipleship2, 732:Instructions to Disciples - L.T.S-K. August 1946 BROTHER OF OLD: This is but a parting word to youDiscipleship2, 732:on your group relations. You did fail, my brother. But why stay overwhelmed by failure for yearDiscipleship2, 733:obey instructions. Go forward in confidence, my brother; the group has never left you or desertedDiscipleship2, 734:(for you passed through college, did you not, my brother?) you have a somewhat different problem.Discipleship2, 735:Instructions to Disciples - R.S.W. August 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: I would ask you whether theDiscipleship2, 736:effects later. I call this to your attention, my brother, because you are reaching the point inDiscipleship2, 736:you are meditating steps (are you not, my brother?) which will produce effective change. I seek toDiscipleship2, 737:of humanity. Such a life is upon you now, my brother, and I am therefore seeking to make the issuesDiscipleship2, 737:you can find concerning this theme. And, my brother, having done so, you will then arrange thatDiscipleship2, 738:The blessing of the soul rests upon you, my brother - your soul, my soul and the soul of all. Discipleship2, 739:to Disciples - R.S.W. September 1943 MY BELOVED BROTHER: I have been concerned about you. TheDiscipleship2, 740:for this reason I write no more today. Also, my brother, I give you at this time much attention inDiscipleship2, 740:to Disciples - R.S.W. November 1944 MY BROTHER: Last year my instructions to you were very brief,Discipleship2, 741:free, a disciple least of all. [741] You, my brother and disciple, love the activity of the mind,Discipleship2, 743:your own thinking should suffice. You have, my brother, three things to do: First of all, you mustDiscipleship2, 743:where lies your field of service - one field, my brother, not many. A disciple of your standingDiscipleship2, 745:I have spoken to you with directness, my brother. I am, as I have told several of your groupDiscipleship2, 748:to Disciples - R.S.W. November 1948 MY BROTHER: I start today with a word of real commendation toDiscipleship2, 748:will arouse in you no fear. Remember always, brother of [749] mine, that it is fear that permitsDiscipleship2, 749:be used by working disciples; therefore work, my brother, and let that penetrating energy find aDiscipleship2, 750:to Disciples - D.L.R. To D. L. R. January 1940 BROTHER OF MINE: I find it most difficult to give aDiscipleship2, 751:hold you to the tried and the familiar. Seek, my brother, at any cost, to be alive and eager forDiscipleship2, 751:attitude has prepared the way. Sometimes, my brother, I wonder if you will recognize them, knowingDiscipleship2, 751:1940 There are within you at this time, my brother, stirrings of revolution and rebellion whichDiscipleship2, 752:to effective radiation. What causes this, my brother? I would say: Outer circumstances, and twoDiscipleship2, 752:of duty at times. Know you not, my brother, that those who are at the stage of acceptedDiscipleship2, 753:Come out from behind that obstructing wall, my brother, and - for the sake of those whom you canDiscipleship2, 755:to Disciples - D.L.R. September 1943 MY BROTHER: As a Master studies his chelas year by year, heDiscipleship2, 756:and the major need which emerges. [756] What, my brother, lies at the very depth of yourDiscipleship2, 757:for much profound thinking. What, therefore, brother of mine, should be the unique realizationDiscipleship2, 757:for whom you are responsible. I said "holding," brother of mine. A.A.B. has called my attention toDiscipleship2, 758:Your response is not always to need, is it, my brother? Ponder on this. In the six seed thoughtsDiscipleship2, 759:anxious for you to make the grade this life, my brother, and here I am speaking technically. I amDiscipleship2, 759:fourth initiation. Remember this. Yet never, my brother, will you be alone, and this too you mustDiscipleship2, 759:Let me assure you: I recognize you and, my brother and close friend on the inner side, I know youDiscipleship2, 759:Instructions to Disciples - D.L.R. November 1944 BROTHER OF MINE: In what sense do I call you this?Discipleship2, 759:disciple was only an aspirant, then the words "Brother of mine" take on a deeper meaning. TheyDiscipleship2, 760:forward, side by side, of a younger and an older brother, resulting in a consequent closeDiscipleship2, 760:what has always interiorly existed. How, brother of mine, can you do this? One definite means ofDiscipleship2, 763:correspondence, with J.S.P.; she is a group brother who sorely needs your strength and knowledge.Discipleship2, 763:as you for her. As for your meditation work, my brother, I would have you adhere to the Full MoonEducation, 125:group free - he will learn also to include his brother's truth along with his own. When thisExternalisation, 11:there is a thought-form of myself, your Tibetan brother. All who have received the disciples'Externalisation, 46:into outer activity. Thus you will note, my brother, that the work of the first three groups justExternalisation, 58:though I could invoke the assistance of such a brother, it does not seem to me a profitableExternalisation, 101:me be specific and illustrate. I, your Tibetan brother, friend and teacher, have a vision of theExternalisation, 119:Prodigal Son and his relationship to his elder brother, who had not left the Father's home. It isExternalisation, 234:class, poor against rich, and man against his brother; it is certainly not in the political field,Externalisation, 246:in battle if that is the only way in which his brother can be served and freed. Externalisation, 251:of humanity is the prayer and the appeal of your brother, the Tibetan. Externalisation, 294:evil and of the lower nature of mankind. And, my brother, They do appear from age to age. SomeExternalisation, 306:June; He is giving all possible aid, as is His Brother, the Buddha. It is this which makes theExternalisation, 310:which have prevented effective service. But, my brother, all things have to become new and thatExternalisation, 320:of human living. I mean exactly that, my brother. The war is not yet decided. There is a widespreadExternalisation, 327:the new world order must be built. And, my brother, it will be built, and you can help prepare forExternalisation, 390:past world religions have prepared him. Such, brother of mine, are two of the objectives lyingExternalisation, 406:relationship between God and man or man and his brother. A new definition of God was given us whenExternalisation, 437:true situation. In collaboration with His great Brother, the Buddha, He is preparing for the nextExternalisation, 593:the Buddha, I am writing to you anent His great Brother, the Christ. I am doing it withExternalisation, 621:IV - Stages in the Externalization There are, brother of mine, other alibis, but the three aboveExternalisation, 627:victory of the other allied nations. Thus, my brother, the story goes - each nation fighting forExternalisation, 679:a uniformly disciplined life. I said uniform, brother of mine, for the discipline is that ofFire, 53:in their nature reflect the Sun, their elder brother. Human, or the Microcosmic Man: Human latentFire, 63:The Lord of Cosmic Love now seeks union with His Brother, and, in point of time, embodies all theFire, 172:the glory of the twofold One and of His sixfold brother. Fohat rusheth through space. He searchethFire, 190:revealing of the mystery of: His own sound. His brother's sound. His group sound. The sound of thatFire, 190:of emotion he comes to the recognition of his brother's identity. [191] On the mental plane heFire, 358:have a different purpose and method, from His Brother Who stands for the heart center in the bodyFire, 434:will begin to pass out, and the influence of His Brother, the fourth Logos of Harmony, will reachFire, 452:a need for correction and for adjustment in a brother's vehicle, and can awaken in his brother aFire, 452:in a brother's vehicle, and can awaken in his brother a desire to adjust that which is amiss, wiseFire, 465:definite and specialized progress without his brother benefiting, - this benefiting taking the formFire, 488:concern the matter in hand: First. The white Brother deals with positive electrical energy. TheFire, 488:deals with positive electrical energy. The dark Brother deals with the negative electrical energy.Fire, 488:negative electrical energy. Second. The white Brother occupies himself with the soul of things. TheFire, 504:to do good work in aiding the evolution of one's brother. 1. Egoic manifestation is producedFire, 614:in the interests of the plan of evolution. The Brother of Darkness, knowing himself to be positiveFire, 668:on the physical and that is why the White Brother, if He works with the devas at all, works only onFire, 756:thus setting loose force, and enabling His great Brother to fulfil his mission. Hence the gradualFire, 851:between the planetary Logos of a scheme, and a brother planetary Logos whereby an exchange isFire, 857:whereby man comes into physical touch with his brother man. Physical magnetism is largely, even ifFire, 863:becomes a stimulator of the heart center in his brother, and one who arouses men into activity forFire, 865:the pairs of opposites, but the secret of his brother's heart becomes revealed to him. He becomesFire, 913:Lord of the astral plane, Varuna [913] and his brother Kshiti, have been called to the councilFire, 922:says: "Brahma is One, yet includes His brother. Vishnu is One, yet existeth not apart from HisFire, 922:Vishnu is One, yet existeth not apart from His brother, younger in point of time yet older far.
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