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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHER

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Rays, 93:will come. Ask me not for the date or the hour, brother of mine, for I know it not. It is dependentRays, 200:by the OM and at the center of that OM the brother stands. The many voices of the world, the fleshRays, 243:undreamt of today. And when I say this, my brother, I mean just exactly that. This same ability toRays, 246:no longer be working in the dark. You see, my brother, that all that I can do in these abstruseRays, 258:if they "walk humbly with their God." This, my brother, is one of the most advanced injunctions inRays, 342:work upon the physical plane. I said group, my brother, and not organization, for they are two veryRays, 345:see the door, now that I grasp the hand of the brother on the right and the brother on the left. IRays, 345:the hand of the brother on the right and the brother on the left. I seem surrounded by the pilgrimsRays, 345:full of wrong allure. Only the man who holds his brother's hand can see the Door in truth; only theRays, 348:aspect of the soul is active in him as in his brother seeking affiliation with the Great WhiteRays, 350:God (to use a trite Christian phrase) the black brother cannot respond; his aims are different. YouRays, 365:of all faiths. The discoveries of science, my brother, or the production of some great work inRays, 411:more difficult and more rigid. Forget not, brother of mine, that this is not this first time thatRays, 556:point of view. I wonder if you realize, my brother, that this has never before been done? TheRays, 764:the need of tears of crystal to wash away a brother's sins; the need of fiery courage that can holdRays, 764:sins; the need of fiery courage that can hold a brother's hand, and lift and elevate him though allRays, 766:- in action - waits. A Voice sounds forth: My brother, close that door, for [767] each must turnRays, 767:day. Each knows his hour. Your hour is Now. So, brother, close that door. Remember, those behindRays, 767:They see it not. Rest on that thought, my brother, and passing through the door close it with care,Reappearance, 97:this possible and thus release His spiritual Brother from the arduous task of relating humanity toReappearance, 100:no more, He looked ahead to the time when His Brother, the Christ, would be active in the GreatTelepathy, 4:group of adepts (telepathically, of course, my brother) and, when it has been discussed by them, HeTelepathy, 8:currents. This has to be cultivated. How, my brother, shall this be done? Let us consider theTelepathy, 28:impression, etc., on a stream of love which your brother - alert, receptive and waiting - willTelepathy, 37 To:that you develop impersonality so that when a brother tunes in on a weakness or a strength, upon aTelepathy, 37 To:The discovery of a weakness in a group brother should only produce the evocation of a deeper love;Telepathy, 37 To:made a mistake (if you have) in interpreting a brother should only prompt you to a renewed vitalTelepathy, 37 To:closely to his soul; the revelation to you of a brother's strength will indicate where you can lookTelepathy, 67:1. Telepathic relationship is set up. This, my brother, has ever existed between members of theTelepathy, 77:to telepathic receptivity than is his Western brother; this has a definite bearing on all the aboveTelepathy, 100:to it that they are related. Forget this not, brother of mine. The capacity to interpret recorded
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