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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHERHOOD

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Fire, 596:can be ensouled, in due time, by the idea of Brotherhood. Fire, 701:can be ensouled, in due time, by the idea of Brotherhood. 34 See all the earlier part of the SecretFire, 755:work aggressively for unity, cooperation and brotherhood in every department of life - economic,Fire, 755:the principle (as far as they can vision it) of Brotherhood. Watch [756] the signs of the times,Fire, 827:between the Lords of the Dark Face and the Brotherhood of Light. Within the life of eachFire, 1004:the seal of secrecy, to men working under the Brotherhood of Light, to initiates, and to pledgedFire, 1120:is conveyed to the Workers of the planet, the Brotherhood of Light, as to the nature of EgoGlamour, 42:the nature of individual responsibility and of brotherhood. The next blow will be struck by the NewGlamour, 134:sensuous perception. Today, under the name of Brotherhood, the same idea is seeking mental form andGlamour, 135:fellowship, as a defined and expressed brotherhood. These will produce, when sufficiently developedHercules, 90:under Saturn, initiated the era of intelligent brotherhood under Venus, and is the perfect exampleHercules, 134:attracted by all programs of action that promote brotherhood and unity. There is a stronglyHercules, 135:of the ages in order that the high ideals of brotherhood and unity may be incorporated into theHercules, 148:that have served as beacons over the centuries, brotherhood, cooperation, idealism, glow dimly asHercules, 148:link that binds all men together in indissoluble brotherhood. Setting himself apart, he stepsInitiation, 18:initiation makes the Adept a Master Mason of the Brotherhood on Sirius. A Master, therefore, is oneInitiation, 23:is already somewhat more than a vision, whilst brotherhood, and the recognition of its obligations,Initiation, 24:- to demonstrate to men the true meaning of brotherhood, and to foster in them response to thatInitiation, 32:the conscious wise guidance of this initial Brotherhood. This Hierarchy of Brothers of Light stillInitiation, 55:the perception of the great fundamental fact of brotherhood. At this particular time the Master M.,Initiation, 102:ever by the same motive, - that of service and brotherhood, not self-aggrandizement and selfishInitiation, 118:which binds him to his fellowmen everywhere. Brotherhood is no longer a theory but a proven [119]Initiation, 127:in [127] the solar system of that greater Brotherhood on Sirius whose Lodges are found functioningInitiation, 182:a man [182] a member of the Greater Lodge, or Brotherhood, on Sirius, being literally the first ofInitiation, 186:of our humanity fit themselves to contact the Brotherhood. Their field of employ, their methods ofIntellect, 203:and are the faint indications of the coming brotherhood of souls. Applied science in all fields hasIntellect, 252:flame of love wherever they go; they will teach brotherhood in its true inclusiveness, and not aIntellect, 252:inclusiveness, and not a system which will teach brotherhood to a few and leave the rest outside.Intellect, 265:chaos? What is going to usher in the New Age of brotherhood and group living? Who, or what, willIntellect, 267:and are only interested in the principles of brotherhood, in the emphasizing of essentials and inMagic, 21:be discovered that therein lies the basis of brotherhood and of unity. As the liver, the heart, theMagic, 24:knowledge, covering all by the generic term of brotherhood. But even that is found to beMagic, 77:for a belief in immortality, for the law of brotherhood or unity and for astrological truth.Magic, 90:unity of the Life, and its manifestation as the Brotherhood existing between all forms of thatMagic, 110:station and there serves in his acceptance of Brotherhood in the Presence of Fatherhood, whatMagic, 126:in accomplishment than the worker in the White Brotherhood, but the results are ephemeral; theyMagic, 131:of the so-called idealists by the Great White Brotherhood. The idea is sounded forth by Them. TheyMagic, 204:perfect) is lost sight of in love for the whole brotherhood of men. Unceasingly, as the soul takesMagic, 229:personality and exercises the magic of the White Brotherhood, working always in the light of theMagic, 303:disaster. Yet if men carried the concept of brotherhood with all its implications into the life andMagic, 313:bodies of men into a new coherency, into a brotherhood of humanity which will ignore all racial andMagic, 314:- will have welded all mankind into a perfect brotherhood. Its emotional effect will be to "purify"Magic, 334:and all distinctions of color; the essential brotherhood of man will be established. We shall seeMagic, 335:between forms, which is another term for brotherhood, and the fact of the soul, the inner light andMagic, 336:changes, and will inaugurate a new era wherein brotherhood will be the keynote, for it will be aMagic, 339:of certain of the basic concepts connected with brotherhood is steadily growing. Brotherhood as aMagic, 339:connected with brotherhood is steadily growing. Brotherhood as a fact in nature is as yet largely aMagic, 339:a fact in nature is as yet largely a theory, but brotherhood as an ideal is now fashioned in theMagic, 347:not simply with your own Master, but with the Brotherhood for which you are working. Then whenMagic, 349:if it suffer? Some good gained for the universal Brotherhood, some law explained and demonstratedMagic, 354:and the devas of the formless levels - a Great Brotherhood, pledged to serve humanity. MovementsMagic, 354:and provide a center of energy through which the Brotherhood can work. The prime problem of theMagic, 377:to consider the period of he coming of the White Brotherhood to earth and the immediate problemMagic, 378:incarnation of certain members of the White Brotherhood, in which way They brought in the new andMagic, 378:covered a vast period of time, and though the Brotherhood made its headquarters at Shamballa andMagic, 400:They own to no creed, save the creed of Brotherhood, based on the one Life. They recognize noMagic, 405:of what I prefer to call "scientific brotherhood" in contradistinction to the sentimentalMagic, 407:duties, and thus form part of a world brotherhood of nations. [408] This concept does not evenMagic, 414:one's fellow man. They know the true meaning of brotherhood, without distinction of race. TheirMagic, 428:is not an accomplished fact? World unity, brotherhood in its true sense, the growth of telepathicMagic, 542:malice and hatred and competition give place to brotherhood, kindness and cooperation, the insectMagic, 628:result in the establishing of universal brotherhood. The instinct of self-assertion, in its turn,Magic, 629:Religion. Mysticism. 3. Herd Group consciousness Brotherhood. 4. Self-Assertion Assertion of theMagic, 631:a synthesis and the production of a recognized brotherhood of souls) only by those who refuse to beMeditation, 65:enables him to put the group en rapport with the Brotherhood, permitting the channel to be clearedMeditation, 66:all three groups - the lower, the higher and the Brotherhood - in a triangle for the transmissionMeditation, 112:seeks to progress and to become a member of the Brotherhood of Light. The matter I now seek to giveMeditation, 120:Devas, either singly or in groups. The dark Brotherhood. [121] Let us take each division and dealMeditation, 131:of his fellows as an instrument of the White Brotherhood that he attracts the attention of thoseMeditation, 133:V - Dangers to be avoided in Meditation The Dark Brotherhood September 25, 1919 Today I seek toMeditation, 133:I seek to speak to you on The powers of the Dark Brotherhood. Certain laws that govern theirMeditation, 135:absolutely no mercy from those opposing the Brotherhood of Light. On the physical plane and on theMeditation, 136:vibration that responds to the keynote of the Brotherhood of Light, who move practically entirelyMeditation, 136:notice that I said that the power of the Dark Brotherhood is dominant apparently on the physicalMeditation, 142:by the recognition of the universal principle of Brotherhood; it involves not just a theoreticalMeditation, 163:and that have remained in the knowledge of the Brotherhood from the early days of the founding ofMeditation, 163:original mantrams are chanted in unison by the Brotherhood on great occasions, or when the unitedMeditation, 177:the great guiding devas and builders. The Dark Brotherhood work with the forces of involution andMeditation, 177:of life. The true procedure - as followed by the Brotherhood of Light - is to control theseMeditation, 209:colors, and are media for the force of the Dark Brotherhood. With them the aspirant to the Path ofMeditation, 262:initiation that links Him up with the greater Brotherhood on Sirius. As afore I have told you, HeMeditation, 302:will here be necessary to emphasize is that the Brotherhood of Light, as represented by theMeditation, 302:opportunity to the fifth subrace) the Himalayan Brotherhood is the main channel of effort, powerMeditation, 307:[307] old talismans have been kept by the Brotherhood with just this aim in view. Branches,Meditation, 330:potential magician, and will be a member of the Brotherhood of Light in embryo. He will be equippedPatanjali, 78:brother as well as an adept and knows [78] that brotherhood is a fact in nature and not a sublimePatanjali, 136:from the object hated; hate is the reverse of brotherhood and therefore is the breaking of one ofPatanjali, 223:With these the aspirant to the mysteries of the Brotherhood of the great White Lodge has nothing toProblems, 10:of all men everywhere become possible, will brotherhood come into being and humanity be a fact inProblems, 22:is therefore premature. The true secret of brotherhood (one hitherto unknown and unrealized) isProblems, 22:unconsciously) motivated by a desire to bring brotherhood into being. Can you accept this diagnosisProblems, 23:of government, and their own mode of expressing brotherhood. Russia inherently stands for a newProblems, 56:that word to mean understanding, helpfulness, brotherhood, right human relations and a belief inProblems, 81:reasons: The purely spiritual reasons of human brotherhood, of peaceful cooperative enterprise andProblems, 103:people of different races but recognizing brotherhood in the human family; it evokes the wholeProblems, 140:they will stand together on the same platform of brotherhood and of human relations; they willProblems, 147:- Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches 4. The Brotherhood of Man Much has been written, preachedProblems, 147:Much has been written, preached and talked about brotherhood. So much has been said and so littleProblems, 147:brotherhood. So much has been said and so little brotherhood practiced that the word has fallenProblems, 147:of the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. Brotherhood is a great natural fact; all men are
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