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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHERHOOD

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Problems, 148:of the divine in every man. It is the fact of brotherhood which the churches must begin to teach -Problems, 148:and races. The true expression of this realized brotherhood must inevitably come through theProblems, 152:to the hearts of men everywhere. The dream of brotherhood, of fellowship, of world cooperation andProblems, 165:men of all faiths be attained, not only would brotherhood be recognized as a fact and not onlyProblems, 179:humanity and for practical, but not theoretical, brotherhood. The propagation of these ideas by allPsychology1, 55:inherent and potential, and is the basis of brotherhood, of absolute unity, of universal synthesisPsychology1, 95:fruition in the Aquarian Age, and we shall see brotherhood established on earth. The rule of ChristPsychology1, 96:as a scientific pronouncement. Our universal brotherhood and our essential immortality will bePsychology1, 173:real expansion. Thus plans were laid whereby the Brotherhood of Nations, based on mutual need,Psychology1, 173:that easily spoken, but little understood word, Brotherhood. This work is perhaps one of thePsychology1, 175:concepts, and no understanding of the inner Brotherhood which is guiding humanity towards an outerPsychology1, 175:which is guiding humanity towards an outer Brotherhood, these great principles are being widelyPsychology1, 176:number of those who fundamentally believe in the brotherhood of religions. Though the unintelligentPsychology1, 181:which will result in a realization of Brotherhood. Thus thoughts play their part, and the problemPsychology1, 185:try to express the deepest objective of the Brotherhood, so that you can understand and cooperate.Psychology1, 187:and their partisanships, and in the spirit of brotherhood to work in their particular nation,Psychology1, 187:the general good and develop the realization of Brotherhood. I ask you to drop your antagonisms andPsychology1, 187:a united effort to inculcate anew the ideas of brotherhood and of unity. I ask you to recognizePsychology1, 188:hatred and of criticism, and to talk in terms of brotherhood and of group relationships. I beg ofPsychology1, 188:on love, which builds under the impulse of brotherhood, and which possesses a realization of aPsychology1, 188:and which possesses a realization of a brotherhood which is based on the knowledge that we are eachPsychology1, 192:as we well know, underlie the principle of Brotherhood, which the race is just beginning to graspPsychology1, 267:work is to raise the dead to life, to bring brotherhood into expression on the physical plane, andPsychology1, 281:and so usher in the new religion of love and brotherhood, and that period wherein the group and thePsychology1, 284:imperfection, conformity to a divine standard of brotherhood or a failure to achieve that standard.Psychology1, 291:itself felt competitively. Until the idea of brotherhood dominates the race, we shall see thesePsychology1, 293:the third decanate we shall see the rule of Brotherhood inaugurated, and Venus controlling byPsychology1, 302:of humanity itself, and so bring the Law of Brotherhood into expression. Brotherhood is a groupPsychology1, 302:so bring the Law of Brotherhood into expression. Brotherhood is a group quality. The young peoplePsychology1, 345:the beauty of the love of God, the wonder of the brotherhood of man. This is their paean."Psychology1, 361:in the New Age, whilst for the rest of humanity, brotherhood will be the keynote of their endeavor.Psychology1, 362:which will express itself as practical brotherhood and as peace and good will between the peoples.Psychology1, 363:is no sign of a liberated soul. The Great White Brotherhood has its rituals, but they are ritualsPsychology1, 374:will be the increase of the understanding of brotherhood and its really scientific basis. IPsychology1, 380:law which will eventually emphasize the eternal brotherhood of man and the identity of all soulsPsychology1, 386:Russia which need most careful handling by the Brotherhood of Light; they are not exactly on thePsychology2, 511:study the technical foundation for a belief in brotherhood, or to consider our distant origin andPsychology2, 643:breaches between people, to evoke the sense of brotherhood, to foster the sense of mutualPsychology2, 644:utilizing every opportunity to emphasize the brotherhood of nations, the unity of faith, and ourPsychology2, 646:the lines of International understanding and the brotherhood of nations. The betterment of humanPsychology2, 655:knit together all men in the cause of true brotherhood. This group will not be occupied withPsychology2, 657:good will, upon a right understanding of brotherhood and upon a determination to bring about thePsychology2, 661:success. The true values, based on good will and brotherhood and founded in man's innate divinity,Psychology2, 662:of good will and the growth and spread of brotherhood on an international scale. Theoretically, thePsychology2, 662:international scale. Theoretically, the ideal of brotherhood has been presented by manyPsychology2, 662:but those who have promulgated the idea of brotherhood in these various organizations arePsychology2, 662:as the doctrine of reincarnation as the basis of brotherhood, or the fact of the Masters as thePsychology2, 673:they must be taught the principles of brotherhood, of an internationalism which is based on goodPsychology2, 674:men who stand for good will, understanding and brotherhood. The world of men today can be dividedPsychology2, 675:for the basic oneness of humanity, for practical brotherhood, for positive harmlessness in speechPsychology2, 678:human intellect. The growing tendency towards brotherhood (of which our modern philanthropicPsychology2, 681:difficult setting - to interject the theme of brotherhood by living in a brotherly spirit, and byPsychology2, 682:same service and activity. The same language of brotherhood and kindness will be taught, and thusPsychology2, 689:if released, stimulate the spirit of love, of brotherhood and of good will on the earth. ThesePsychology2, 694:and the renewed organization of man's efforts to brotherhood can be stimulated into fresh andPsychology2, 717:of humanity as a prelude to the establishment of brotherhood. The unity of the human family isPsychology2, 742:which the power of God, focused in the Planetary Brotherhood, can flow and that power is notPsychology2, 744:individualistic way of life and the way of brotherhood, of love and of group consciousness. To healRays, 121:international relationships, global planning, brotherhood, economic fusion, the free flow ofRays, 134:in nature, and to the establishment of that brotherhood which will constitute the germ or the seedRays, 202:his part in bringing the Black Lodge and its Brotherhood to an unholy finish. The roots of theRays, 202:plane, as the roots of the White Lodge and its Brotherhood are on the cosmic mental plane; this is,Rays, 203:Their real work as Members of the White Brotherhood is on the point of beginning, and the trueRays, 276:Those Who are associated with Sanat Kumara. Brotherhood, as it essentially is, constitutes a majorRays, 276:and the monadic. I am aware that you understand brotherhood in terms of the One Father and HisRays, 277:relationship might be said to be as follows: Brotherhood is an expression of the relation which theRays, 277:is, therefore, inadequately covered by the word "brotherhood". "Fellowship," so frequently used toRays, 277:is in reality the mode whereby a dimly sensed brotherhood seeks to make its presence felt. TheRays, 277:because it is this elevated understanding of brotherhood which conditions divine purpose and whichRays, 500:of God, or the humanitarian emphasizes the brotherhood of man, or the leaders against evil head theRays, 680:The true communistic platform is sound; it is brotherhood in action and it does not - in itsReappearance, 21:that Christ will raise the superstructure of the brotherhood of man, for right human relations areReappearance, 41:of right expression; recognition of the true brotherhood of man, based on the one divine life,Reappearance, 52:upon this recognized [52] Sonship, is the brotherhood of all men based - one life, one glory whichReappearance, 124:a proved scientific pronouncement. Our universal brotherhood and our essential immortality will beReappearance, 149:to the hearts of men everywhere. The dream of brotherhood, of fellowship, of world cooperation andReappearance, 184:of humanity is a prelude to the establishment of brotherhood. The unity of the human family isTelepathy, 196:grasp of the Plan of the Hierarchy - call it brotherhood, sharing, internationalism, unity or what
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