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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHERS

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Astrology, 38:the Christ was the "Eldest in a vast family of brothers," and the "first flower on the humanAstrology, 55:as they are sometimes called or "the quarreling brothers") [56] and beat upon our planetary life,Astrology, 120:and increasingly under the influence of "the Brothers who live in the Light," as the Twins areAstrology, 126:is also a definite relationship between the two brothers but there is no connecting band, and inAstrology, 343:for the purposes of saving and lifting their brothers, and if you cannot do this, you will have toAstrology, 349:constellations are sometimes called the Seven Brothers and the Seven Sisters. A.A.B.). Thus forAstrology, 352:are produced by the "interplay between the two brothers," as it is called. In that far-off timeAstrology, 352:between soul and body. These are the two allied brothers. In the average person, the ethericAstrology, 356:Commentary: "When the dual forces of the cosmic brothers (Gemini) become the energy of the one whoAstrology, 361:relationship: that of Gemini itself, the two brothers, and that of the Earth and Venus. The EarthAstrology, 366:the hands, indicating the service which the two brothers must render to each other in producing theAstrology, 367:should and eventually will exist between the two brothers, between the two poles - soul and form -Astrology, 368:sign, Sagittarius, the interplay between the two brothers or between the lower and the higherAstrology, 626:is the great symbolic constellation of the Two Brothers, expressing the interplay between theAstrology, 626:spirit and of will) which flows through the Two Brothers, through the polar opposites, making themAstrology, 644:II, 500) 17. "The seven planets are the Sun's brothers and not his sons." (S.D. Vol. I, 483) 18.Astrology, 683:out, each Heavenly Man is linked with one of His Brothers under the Law of Mutual Attraction, whichAtom, 28:whom we can cooperate and work, some brother or brothers whom we can succor and assist. It reallyAtom, 28:- it means finding the particular set of brothers whom we can love and help by means of the law ofAtom, 106:will surely lead us all to be patient with our brothers and sisters who may so often irritate us.Autobiography, 107:the recognition of the fact that all men are brothers and that if the Negro is a problem it is ourAutobiography, 140:Son of God, the First Born in a great family of brothers, as St. Paul has told us, and a guaranteeAutobiography, 142:on me that I was one of a great company of brothers. It was becoming clear to me that I couldAutobiography, 251:to be dropped - but only temporarily, my brothers, for goodwill is the "saving force" and anBethlehem, 19:one of unity, communion and our relationship as brothers, because we are all the children of theBethlehem, 25:in the West, Christ and His Church, the Elder Brothers of Humanity. Initiation is therefore aBethlehem, 104:of Christ as the "Eldest in a vast family of brothers." (Romans, VIII, 29, Weymouth's Translation.)Bethlehem, 114:and is encouraging for all of us, His younger brothers, equally sons of God. Therefore, as a wholeBethlehem, 124:the Higher Self must mean. The contests of the brothers is now concentrated within a single nature,Bethlehem, 175:a new age wherein men inevitably will live as brothers because Christ died, and the true nature ofBethlehem, 212:enabled Christ to join the company of all His brothers. Men had failed Him, just as men fail us. InBethlehem, 273:to work in the consciousness that all men are brothers - these are the initial qualities which aDiscipleship1, XV:IN THE NEW AGE - TALKS TO DISCIPLES PART I My Brothers: It is of importance that you realize thatDiscipleship1, XV:in the past. Think on this with clarity, my brothers, and grasp, if you can, the full significanceDiscipleship1, 11:condition. I count on one thing only, my brothers, and that is your deep sincerity. It is not aDiscipleship1, 13:of circumstance. Ponder on this distinction, my brothers. Later, when the group is reallyDiscipleship1, 17:to state that it is necessary for all working brothers and disciples to have three things in mindDiscipleship1, 18:those who act as links between the Elder Brothers of the race, the Masters of the Wisdom who embodyDiscipleship1, 20:love which lies back of all world happenings. My brothers, when will the time come when the worldDiscipleship1, 21:The suggestions which I make to you, my brothers, are only suggestions but it is surely the part ofDiscipleship1, 31:life time. Have you realized, however, my brothers, what occult progress in the world you have beenDiscipleship1, 38:Manu and the race of men. It is a noble task, my brothers, to be channels for the will of God. 6.Discipleship1, 41:groups as a whole. You ask why is this so, my brothers? Because the force flowing in might proveDiscipleship1, 41:eventually becomes: At-one-ment with his group brothers. Alignment with his soul and with the innerDiscipleship1, 42:I - Talks to Disciples - Part IV I wonder, my brothers, if the following sequence of statementsDiscipleship1, 45:White Lodge. Note the word "suggestion," my brothers. If these groups were subjected to theDiscipleship1, 48:upon as no better than all the rest of his brothers. Life, therefore, proves dissatisfying. TheseDiscipleship1, 49:a problem to themselves and to their group brothers. Perhaps you yourself are such an one and knowDiscipleship1, 49:with your own soul discipline and leave your brothers to continue theirs. The question of psychicDiscipleship1, 50:- a most difficult psychic power to master, my brothers, but one which can be mastered through theDiscipleship1, 59:meditation. Rapport or contact with your group brothers; this lays the foundation for constructive,Discipleship1, 60:mind his own business and permit his group brothers to mind theirs; it will come if you keep yourDiscipleship1, 60:work to be done and a deeply sensed love of your brothers. Understanding. I use this word inDiscipleship1, 60:to your attitude to yourself or to your group brothers. It means that each group works wisely andDiscipleship1, 65:That of working on mental levels with your group brothers so that your thought-form is a part ofDiscipleship1, 70:and the world illusion. Practice wisdom, my brothers, and thus aid humanity and shorten its astralDiscipleship1, 73:to practical purpose in world service. And, my brothers, it is world service that today is needed.Discipleship1, 74:. . . In this time of stress and strain, my brothers, I would remind you that there is no need forDiscipleship1, 77:overcomes a disciple. In this connection, my brothers, I will admit you into a piece of personalDiscipleship1, 79:revealed to me, to yourself, and to your group brothers. We shall all profit thereby. You will haveDiscipleship1, 79:finally subdued. Let us go forward together, my brothers and chelas, along the path of service; letDiscipleship1, 79:my work. What can I do in such a situation, my brothers? I can trust your devotion to humanity,Discipleship1, 80:towards each other in love. Just simply that, my brothers - simply and humbly that and no more thanDiscipleship1, 87:the Path of Discipleship.... You might ask, my brothers, of what use are these analogies and theseDiscipleship1, 89:of all true disciples is to stand by their group brothers in love and understanding. Upon this factDiscipleship1, 98:(do you realize what that would mean, my brothers?) and a forgetfulness of self which would ruleDiscipleship1, 100:action upon the physical plane. How, you ask, my brothers? By increasing the radiance of your lightDiscipleship1, 108:You are awakening to the consciousness of your brothers' reactions and can more readily identifyDiscipleship1, 108:you understand this work and in order that your brothers in my group may profit from yourDiscipleship1, 110:consciously with the consciousness of your group brothers. Your diary will interest others and beDiscipleship1, 115:my group.... Secondly, I have told you and your brothers that I am in process of preparing you forDiscipleship1, 123:possess a capacity for identification with your brothers and for sharing their pain which wouldDiscipleship1, 124:adherence to the chosen way and to your group brothers. You are still, however, under the influenceDiscipleship1, 125:the keynote is the conviction that all men are brothers - a thing most easy to say and to holdDiscipleship1, 140:group and your power in relation to your group brothers, consists in your compassionateDiscipleship1, 166:your soul and in the blended light of your group brothers. Discipleship1, 183:field of work or between you and your group brothers. A disciple and later the initiate of someDiscipleship1, 184:on your part. Your group attitude to your group brothers is somewhat negative, is it not? A moreDiscipleship1, 185:months to endeavor to reach two of your group brothers through directed thought, joy and outgoingDiscipleship1, 186:group of disciples and these, a chosen band of brothers, are standing by you; I, too, seekDiscipleship1, 188:whom to talk and being far from your spiritual brothers, you are much alone; and being in aDiscipleship1, 197:but also for the enlightenment of your group brothers. In connection with your personality rays, IDiscipleship1, 198:my brother. If you and all your group brothers will work on these ray ideas and deal withDiscipleship1, 204:here referring) can only emerge after the group brothers have worked together for some little time.Discipleship1, 215:you are asked to serve. Give to your group brothers of that great gift of love which is soDiscipleship1, 228:5. Seek then to get in touch with your group brothers, holding them too, as a group, in the light.Discipleship1, 231:in love for ever. Then mentally carry your group brothers into the light and see the whole groupDiscipleship1, 249:discovery of your fellow disciples and of your brothers, as pilgrims on the Path; discovery of theDiscipleship1, 274:on the mountain top and walk there with your brothers. Thus keep the vision clear above the fogs ofDiscipleship1, 277:on the mountain top and walk there with your brothers. Keep the vision clear above the fogs ofDiscipleship1, 281:the growth of any mental control over your group brothers. Fifteen minutes given to this serviceDiscipleship1, 283:ago. The integration of certain of your group brothers into your consciousness was the mainDiscipleship1, 289:You can pass out of this group of brothers, as far as the outer plane linking is concerned, but youDiscipleship1, 289:space and temporarily, where your band of group brothers are concerned. So feel free, my brother,Discipleship1, 290:and group progress, and from that of your group brothers, and not solely from the angle of whatDiscipleship1, 293:fuller idea of the group work and of your group brothers if you will take the time to study withDiscipleship1, 294:at establishing a close rapport with your group brothers. You are new in the work but areDiscipleship1, 297:emphasis be set. For you, as for all your group brothers, must come concentration upon the work ofDiscipleship1, 298:your individual offering to your group brothers. Should you not have the strength and time for bothDiscipleship1, 298:but little to the united group life of your brothers. This may perhaps be somewhat due to a
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