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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROTHERS

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Magic, 631:work with sealed lips; they deal not with their brothers affairs, nor reveal that which concernsMeditation, 92:growth, - the black magicians, the dark brothers, and other forces that appear destructive. ThisMeditation, 116:giving of his all through perfect love of his brothers. A life then comes when the utmost sacrificeMeditation, 121:of the attention of those who strive against the Brothers of Light. The first two conditions areMeditation, 125:of obsession is definitely the work of the dark Brothers. It takes the form of snapping theMeditation, 126:and take possession of cases one and two. Dark Brothers as aforesaid, who avail themselvesMeditation, 130:to be avoided in Meditation Danger from the Dark Brothers August 4, 1920 I think I gave you earlierMeditation, 131:all that I can as [131] yet impart anent the Brothers of Darkness, as they are sometimes termed. IMeditation, 134:and guard yourselves from attack. The Dark Brothers are - remember this always - brothers, erringMeditation, 134:The Dark Brothers are - remember this always - brothers, erring and misguided yet still sons of theMeditation, 135:se but more apparent power, because the White Brothers choose not to exert Their power on those twoMeditation, 135:Their power on those two planes, as do the Dark Brothers. They could exert Their authority but TheyMeditation, 135:The White Adepts cooperate in this. The Dark Brothers who occasionally employ these elementalMeditation, 136:on the mental, which is the plane on which the Brothers of the Light work. Mighty dark magiciansMeditation, 136:and on the elemental kingdoms of involution. The Brothers of Light plead as pleaded the Man ofMeditation, 167:or intelligence, and, in collaboration with His Brothers, controls the evolution of mind wherebyMeditation, 192:based. By means of invocation and forms the Dark Brothers (or those who tamper with what youMeditation, 257:radiant Souls Who call Themselves our Elder Brothers. Only by trampling on the external sheathsMeditation, 258:consciousness of the Great Ones and of all our brothers of whatsoever degree, becomes a fact inMeditation, 346:or self-pity, but - realizing that all men are brothers and that all that is exists for all - hePatanjali, 20:which people judge they have seen one of the Brothers (or Masters of the Wisdom), whereas all theyPatanjali, 204:love of humanity and a longing to stay with his brothers till the last of the sons of God hasPatanjali, 403:also realize the point in evolution at which his brothers stand, and cease to criticise them forProblems, 84:and yet spiritual - that [84] all men are brothers. Here lies the solution of the problem withProblems, 84:capital nor labor; it recognizes only men and brothers. The solution is, therefore, education andProblems, 94:men and women and essentially, if unconsciously, brothers. They see the world whole and are workingProblems, 128:the children of the one Father and, therefore, brothers; that man's spirit is eternal and thatProblems, 147:Brotherhood is a great natural fact; all men are brothers; under the divergences of color, creed,Problems, 148:all men are sons of the Father and, therefore, brothers; that all men are divine, that some men areProblems, 164:His people and "the Eldest in a great family of brothers". This will, therefore, be a festival ofPsychology1, 64:Lord of the first ray is to stand behind His six Brothers, and when They have achieved TheirPsychology1, 64:aphorisms which, an ancient legend says, His six Brothers gave to Him, as They begged Him to holdPsychology1, 66:Cosmic Christ The legend tells us that the six Brothers summarize His qualities in the followingPsychology1, 69:stated in the other six qualities. His six Brothers, Sons of the one Father, chanted thesePsychology1, 77:These six aphorisms were chanted by His six Brothers at that momentous crisis wherein the humanPsychology1, 86:divine manifestation. His usefulness to His six Brothers is therefore apparent. He makes Their workPsychology1, 284:in man of the spirit of cooperation with his brothers, necessitating unselfishness, understandingPsychology1, 349:"the intrusion of one or another of the seven Brothers Who block the door from whence the forcePsychology1, 351:sentences from the Old Commentary: "The seven brothers are all the children of the same Father, butPsychology1, 394:"was war in Heaven"; "the sun and his seven brothers" did not function with true unanimity; hencePsychology2, 37:the thrill of finding those he fought were but brothers and himself, the anguish of defeat, thePsychology2, 107:to you, of the same value or importance to your brothers. Your important principle may be realizedPsychology2, 181:of his soul ray to the group, stimulating his brothers to greater courage, clearer vision, finerPsychology2, 281:"duly anchored" upon the planet by His two great Brothers, but He has also within Himself much of aPsychology2, 374:visions, if they serve to lift and comfort his brothers; he welcomes all truths, if they are thePsychology2, 641:of another principle of importance to their brothers. Attack of personalities, defamation ofPsychology2, 642:who hate war because they regard all men as brothers, but who see no way to end it, as all thePsychology2, 655:man in any country to identify himself with his brothers in other parts of the world. This groupPsychology2, 747:and will make us quick also to recognize our brothers who are pledged to the same life of good willRaysRemarks It might be here of value, my brothers, if I again laid emphasis upon the fact that theRays, 10:of matter. This is the true magical work, my brothers, the understanding of the sounds of allRays, 19:them opens out the Way. Together let the band of brothers onward move - out of the fire, into theRays, 22:Army of the Voice be no more heard and let the brothers onward move within the Sound. Then let themRays, 23:When the point of tension is reached by the brothers at the fourth great cycle of attainment, thenRays, 27:them opens out the Way. Together let the band of brothers onward move - out of the fire, into theRays, 28:and to unite its members into a band of brothers - moving forward into the light? Is the spiritualRays, 44:For Group Initiation Together let the band of brothers onward move - out of the fire, into theRays, 58:Ashram; there he, in concert with his group brothers in that Ashram, is fused and blended with theRays, 91:Man, Christ, the "eldest in a great family of brothers," a Son of God, the Word made flesh. TheRays, 93:grasped the rod of initiation on behalf of His brothers, and faced the Lord of Life Himself,Rays, 181:Army of the Voice be no more heard, and let the brothers onward move within the Sound. Then letRays, 200:may all of you be protected. Step by step, the Brothers of the Light and others who treadRays, 200:Army of the Voice be no more heard, and let the brothers onward move within the Sound. Putting theRays, 209:and cleavages then occur. Is it not true, my brothers, that your relation to each other isRays, 214:silence of thought is to be cultivated and, my brothers, I do not mean silent thinking. I mean thatRays, 215:When the point of tension is reached by the brothers at the fourth great cycle of attainment, thenRays, 219:endurances and pain, or with criticism of their brothers or of themselves! The goal and the mainRays, 254:This will not be at all an easy task, my brothers, if you look only for those who think and workRays, 266:and he has consequently attained unity. But, my brothers, it is the unity of his ray, of his AshramRays, 283:of the cosmic astral desire. Therefore, my brothers, the transformation with which this rule dealsRays, 287:are being steadily poured out. I write, my brothers, for the future. [288] Rays, 288:with soul and spirit. If I say to you, my brothers, that the knowledge of the initiate is concernedRays, 296:activity in the outer world. Therefore, my brothers, there lies ahead of all true aspirants anRays, 301:initiates regard all as essentially one and as brothers, which repudiates all man-made theologiesRays, 319:with the Will of Shamballa, and therefore, my brothers, are only dim hints to you. [323] Rays, 328:complete standstill would be utter death and, my brothers, there is no death. There is onlyRays, 334:which humanity is also destined to make. But, my brothers, here is the point of interest. Under theRays, 345:like the door which now confronts this band of brothers as we stand together on the Path. The doorRays, 351:remains [351] closed the third time to the dark brothers. Evil, as we understand it, has absolutelyRays, 351:not consider further the approach of the black brothers to that door, but shall confine ourselvesRays, 369:I offer for your consideration. Never forget, my brothers, that as it is humanity which hasRays, 388:constitutes a reasonable fact, does it not, my brothers? Rays, 440:the Eternal Ashram of Sanat Kumara, but His two Brothers have Each of Them an equally importantRays, 495:and the one energy of Shamballa. Such, my brothers, is the goal of the disciple as he begins toRays, 644:withdraws into the world of light and joins his brothers. He gathers all his forces and seeks newRays, 738:Treatise on the Seven Rays are now completed, my brothers. It has been for me a labor of love andReappearance, 156:His people and "the Eldest in a great family of brothers" (Romans VIII, 29.) Each year at that timeTelepathy, 27:By sending out love (not sentiment) to your brothers at the time of transmission or reception. [28]Telepathy, 40:of the person concerned. A difficult task, my brothers, but one to which you are equal, given dueTelepathy, 127:things to express and to enlarge upon, my brothers, and only the penetrating intuition can makeTelepathy, 164:can check and confirm what I say; but then, my brothers, you have no way as yet of ascertaining the
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