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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BROWNING

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Atom, 82:that in man comes in another aspect of divinity. Browning, in "Paracelsus," covers the subject thatAtom, 91:a human being? May it not be that this is what Browning had in his mind when he said: "Mankind,Atom, 93:Whom the Christian calls God, or the Logos. Browning expresses this idea of the gradual expansionAtom, 103:and a man, between that of a man and a God." As Browning has said: "In man begins anew a tendencyBethlehem, 39:revelation will come through himself perfected. Browning expressed this in the well-known lines:Bethlehem, 40:and joined with them." - Paracelsus, by Robert Browning. Man the human being, a soul inBethlehem, 42:in His Presence and sees Him face to face. Browning expresses this truth in the great poem SaulBethlehem, 146:of the Lord through the medium of our bodies. Browning sensed this and gave us the thought in theBethlehem, 146:Supposed to be without." - Paracelsus, by Robert Browning, Oxford Edition, p. 444. Thus, forFire, 653:formed creatures round. - Paracelsus by Robert Browning. 13 Man is an animal, plus a living God,Healing, 667:the New Age, and of these Lincoln, Roosevelt, Browning, Briand and a host of lesser men could beHercules, 192:the consciousness of humanity as a whole. As Browning says: "Mankind made up of all the single menInitiation, 6:unison, producing a form geometrically accurate. Browning had hold of a part of this truth when heInitiation, 88:the earliest of our humanity to take initiation. Browning brings out this thought most beautifullyIntellect, 58:active, high-grade human being. But, as Browning puts it: "In completed man begins anew a tendencyIntellect, 58:completed man begins anew a tendency to God," - Browning, Robert, Paracelsus. and he is driven by aIntellect, 82:is summed up for us in the familiar words of Browning: "Truth is within ourselves; it takes no riseIntellect, 83:entry for a light Supposed to be without." - Browning, Robert, Paracelsus. The whole object of theMagic, 619:that "synthesis of all the single men", which Browning so truly remarks is the goal of thePsychology1souls, one man. - Death in the Desert by Robert Browning [xvii] The question arises, each time aSoul, 91:Then perhaps we shall appreciate the truth of Browning's conception of this integrated human being:Soul, 92:Knows, what Is; three souls, one man." [92] - Browning, Robert, A Death in the Desert. Soul, 152:in a wealth of imagery, of color and of form. Browning's vision of this truth and his expression ofSoul, 154:amid the half-formed creatures round." [154] - Browning, Robert, Paracelsus.
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