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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUDDHA

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Intellect, 185:powers and virtues, became a self-developed Buddha who towered above all conflicting opinions andIntellect, 186:is an understanding of the way in which the Buddha found the Light. It demonstrates in a mostIntellect, 186:was through "supreme perfect knowledge" that the Buddha arrived at the wisdom which changed himIntellect, 186:which changed him from a Bodhisattva into a Buddha. This knowledge is "...a faculty bothIntellect, 187:of Enlightenment, therefore, is that the Buddha made the most strenuous attempt to solve theIntellect, 187:is an act of intuition born of the will... The Buddha attained this end when a new insight cameIntellect, 187:was not a thing exclusively belonging to the Buddha, but that each one of us could attain it if heIntellect, 188:Enlightenment possible in us as well as in the Buddha. Without Prajna there could be noIntellect, 188:intellect... is relative in its activity... The Buddha before his Enlightenment was an ordinaryMagic, 229:the two. This is the "noble middle Path" of the Buddha and marks the fine line of demarcationMagic, 274:On our planet, only such great lives as the Buddha, the Kumaras and the planetary Logos, areMagic, 295:will persist until the four Noble Truths of the Buddha are understood and realized. Magic, 303:He is ready for a careful consideration of the Buddha's message, and he is ready because he hasMagic, 485:Church, and has much to do. The Christ and the Buddha have still some consummating work to carryMagic, 536:a St. Francis of Assisi, to a Christ and a Buddha. The capacity of man to achieve in any field ofMeditation, 198:power and blessing from the levels on which the Buddha may be found. He acts as a focal point forMeditation, 264:man, an initiate, a Master, a Chohan, or a Buddha) can remain in a condition static, and isMeditation, 351:Masters and the Teacher of angels and of men. Buddha (The) The name given to Gautama. Born in IndiaMeditation, 351:Born in India about B.C. 621, be became a full buddha in B.C. 592. The Buddha is one who is theMeditation, 351:621, be became a full buddha in B.C. 592. The Buddha is one who is the "Enlightened", and hasMeditation, 360:the members of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a brief period, renews his touch andPatanjali, 49:the adept, Master or Mahatma, in the Christ, the Buddha, and in the Lord of the World, Who isPatanjali, 85:upon such great identities as Krishna, the Buddha and the Christ, who have freed Themselves fromPatanjali, 141:have been stated for us in the words of the Buddha in the following terms: "Now the Exalted OnePatanjali, 180:or a "sun of righteousness." Such were the Buddha, the Christ, and all the great Ones who havePatanjali, ix:the Hierarchy of our planet. In the time of the Buddha and [x] through the stimulation He producedPatanjali, x:impulse is (as was that in the time of the Buddha) a second Ray impulse, and has no relation to anyProblems, 7:whether conveyed by the Christ, by Krishna or by Buddha (and passed on to the masses by TheirProblems, 50:universal veneration - Lao Tze, Confucius, the Buddha, Shri Krishna and the Christ. They have setProblems, 120:tread constantly the "noble middle path" of the Buddha which runs between the pairs of opposites,Problems, 127:inculcated by theology but not by Christ, or the Buddha or Shri Krishna. The little minds of men atProblems, 150:energy and is still a theory and a hope. The Buddha came embodying in Himself the divine quality ofProblems, 151:divine yet human attributes, were focused in the Buddha. He challenged the people to tread the PathProblems, 151:time, He embraced within Himself all that the Buddha had of light. Christ was the expression ofProblems, 163:Wesak or Vaisakha. This is the festival of the Buddha, that great spiritual Intermediary betweenProblems, 163:of God is known and the spiritual Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the will of God, theProblems, 164:of Christians today keep the festival of the Buddha. The Festival of Humanity. This will be theProblems, 164:conformity to the divine will to which the Buddha called attention, dedicated to the expression ofProblems, 164:in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of the Christ. It will be held at the timeProblems, 165:people; God, through the instrumentality of the Buddha, would reveal His eternal light and evokePsychology1, 73:human family, except in such rare cases as the Buddha, or Christ, and (in another field ofPsychology1, 76:involved are paralleled only by the life of the Buddha, and this is one of the reasons why, [77] inPsychology1, 156:the Christ Himself, and His great Brother, the Buddha, with the three Buddhas of Activity, are atPsychology1, 230:head, and the diamond. The consciousness of the Buddha has been called the "diamond-eye." We havePsychology2, 30:by such great Existences as the Christ, the Buddha and Those of analogous rank in the Hierarchy ofPsychology2, 33:in the world each full moon of May, when the Buddha flashes forth into manifestation, for thePsychology2, 94:or whether they enact this drama, as did the Buddha, so as to demonstrate to man the sacrifice andPsychology2, 94:the manifested Sons of God, the Christ and the Buddha), the theme remains the same, - the death ofPsychology2, 112:and Forces of Light, such as the Christ and the Buddha. The aggregated aspiration, consecration andPsychology2, 114:group potency. The Planetary Hierarchy. The Buddha. The Christ. The New Group of World Servers.Psychology2, 114:World Servers. Humanity. You will note that the Buddha focuses in Himself the downpouring forces,Psychology2, 155:that lies behind the teaching given by the Buddha, and which is embodied in the Four Noble TruthsPsychology2, 160:"isolate" the "noble middle path" of which the Buddha spoke. Through comprehension of the words ofPsychology2, 161:emphasize the teaching of the Christ and of the Buddha. Through a right understanding of these,Psychology2, 210:earth humanity to achieve the goal, whereas the Buddha was the last of the moon chain humanity toPsychology2, 210:upon the Path of Probation as did also the Buddha. He, coming into incarnation from the moon chainPsychology2, 231:for us by the great Teacher of the East, the Buddha, we have the concept of the transcendent Deity,Psychology2, 277:Initiation. It has been portrayed for us by the Buddha when He took illumination and became thePsychology2, 277:path. On the Way of Descending Approaches, the Buddha from the mental plane and also upon it,Psychology2, 277:In a curious and esoteric manner, therefore, the Buddha embodied in Himself the force and [278]Psychology2, 278:Christ, Who, enfolding in Himself all that the Buddha had of light and wisdom (being fullyPsychology2, 278:engineered by the cosmic Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. It is because the Christ hasPsychology2, 279:emerge Who will embody in Himself all that the Buddha had of enlightenment and all that Christ hadPsychology2, 280:Over the Temple upon the mental plane, the Buddha presides and there will consummate His unfinishedPsychology2, 281:achieve neither the full enlightenment of the Buddha nor the full expression of the divine love ofPsychology2, 282:one. This process requires also the aid of the Buddha and the inspiration of the Christ, and it isPsychology2, 336:modern man from those of the Christ and the Buddha, with Their immensely wide range of subjectivePsychology2, 398:Wisdom began to emerge in the time of the Buddha, and was the specified forerunner of love.Psychology2, 399:of emerging divine attributes as are Plato, the Buddha or Christ differ radically from otherPsychology2, 501:aspirant to see the Master, the Christ or the Buddha. Thought forms, created by the similar wishesPsychology2, 571:if a Buddhist, he may see the Lord of Light, the Buddha, in all His radiance. If he is an occultPsychology2, 601:and loved Individuality, such as the Christ, the Buddha, or Shri Krishna, walking with God in thePsychology2, 664:(such as the Christ and His great brother, the Buddha, and those lesser workers, such as Plato,Psychology2, 684:for it for six months. May I add also that the Buddha Himself in His high place and the blessedPsychology2, 685:intuition of the individual student. [685] The Buddha has a special function at this time as anPsychology2, 685:and of cooperation is going on between the Lord Buddha and the Lord Maitreya, and They arePsychology2, 690:direct intermediary between the earth and the Buddha, Who is, in His turn, the consecratedPsychology2, 691:you stand practically by that belief, that the Buddha on that day, in cooperation with the Christ,Psychology2, 694:now offered by the united effort of the Buddha and the Christ. Let all who seek to help considerPsychology2, 697:and Forces of Light, such as the Christ and the Buddha. The aggregated aspiration, consecration andPsychology2, 698:group potency. The Planetary Hierarchy. The Buddha. [699] The Christ. The New Group of WorldPsychology2, 699:World Servers. Humanity. You will note that the Buddha focuses in Himself the downpouring forces,Psychology2, 751:effort He made 2000 years ago in Palestine. The Buddha hovers over the planet, ready to play HisRays, 13:at Shamballa and the planetary Hierarchy. The Buddha and His Arhats as They unitedly cooperate withRays, 70:the Purpose. The annual appearance of the Lord Buddha is the outer demonstration or symbol of theRays, 83:by power and will), will be consummated, and the Buddha and the Christ will together pass beforeRays, 90:about of a complete alignment, the help of the Buddha must be invoked and accepted. The work of theRays, 90:upon the Earth, as is the case today of both the Buddha and the Christ. This is the first cycle inRays, 90:energy evoked. Hence we have the activity of the Buddha at the May Full Moon and that of the ChristRays, 90:the Hierarchy, via His four Representatives: the Buddha, the Christ, the Manu, and the Mahachohan -Rays, 92:to relate more closely, with the aid of the Buddha, the Hierarchy to Shamballa, love to will,Rays, 93:the exact moment has arrived, the work of the Buddha, representing Shamballa, and of the Christ,Rays, 130:only once a year (through Their emissary, the Buddha) is it safe for Them to contact the Hierarchy.Rays, 166:Eternal Pilgrim, the Lord of the World, then the Buddha, and then the Christ. They remainRays, 203:planetary life sets the initiate (such as the Buddha or the Christ) free for still higher and moreRays, 204:the two qualities) is Wisdom. Of that Wisdom the Buddha was the expression in time and space; thatRays, 240:Paul as substituting for Judas Iscariot. The Buddha tried the same system, but the relation of HisRays, 240:with no less of devotion to the Christ. What the Buddha had instituted symbolically and in embryoRays, 254:between the work of the Christ and of the Buddha in the minds of spiritually inclined peopleRays, 257:will make its presence felt, and the work of the Buddha and of the Christ, and the work of the
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