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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILD

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Astrology, 50:themselves and out of their own substance they build the form desired. They draw life and theAstrology, 101:the major building ray which enables the man to build anew and provide himself with a spiritualAstrology, 109:to give you a clear framework upon which to build the new astrology by means of which you can graspAstrology, 277:word means) the activity of the lunar lords who build the body of man out of their own substance.Astrology, 342:comes through conflict and constant struggle build up steadily that reserve of strength and powerAstrology, 343:purpose for which incarnation has been taken: "I build a lighted house and therein dwell." TheAstrology, 403:potentially he possesses the creative ability to build and gradually to develop a better mechanismAstrology, 456:the goal. The energy of Magnetism. Power to build. Two centers functioning; heart and sacralAstrology, 520:will evoke the will-to-good and the will-to-build and to this humanity will respond on a largeAstrology, 654:waning of that self I grow and glow. Cancer - I build a lighted house and therein dwell. Leo - I amAtom, 17:the sole purpose of thought is to enable us to build constructively for ourselves, and to work inAtom, 39:or voice of the life entities. The life entities build according to a plan. [40] If a part of theAtom, 65:the life which gave them being may escape, and build for itself that which will be moreAtom, 66:only in order that the life within may escape, build for itself a better and more satisfactoryAtom, 72:set in, it is only in order that the life may build for itself new forms and thereby evolve. TheAtom, 99:stone upon the structure I am endeavoring to build. The word consciousness comes from two LatinAtom, 116:in the world, no steps that we take to build better bodies, no effort that we make to gainAtom, 129:definitely altruistic lines, the more we shall build up something of very great value, and developAutobiography, 11:and that ours is now the opportunity to build a new and better world. This is true because God isAutobiography, 227:in many countries in Europe on which we could build the future work. The work in Spain underAutobiography, 271:to serve are those of the business world; he may build a helpful organization but he does not foundBethlehem, 43:quaver from the semi-quaver, which enable us to build up a symphony or song." Between these highBethlehem, 227:We live in a world of chaos, endeavoring to build a kingdom of God divorced from current daily lifeDestiny, 126:has brought about. He wields force in order to build the forms which will meet his requirements andDestiny, 130:sound, the disciple of the future will work and build the new world with its culture andDiscipleship1, 66:thought-form which you are attempting to build. It can render the work of weeks abortive. ADiscipleship1, 67:in our work. I do not want you to endeavor to build thought-forms. I want you to think clearlyDiscipleship1, 145:welding them into any structure which you may build for the Great Ones. They are not yet ready andDiscipleship1, 145:building and weak links in your work. You must build for the future. I have spoken to you thus atDiscipleship1, 172:of visualization, as I have above suggested. Build your picture stage by stage. [173] Go forwardDiscipleship1, 173:can contribute much to our endeavor, for you can build on mental levels. I am pointing this out,Discipleship1, 203:the etheric prana... [203] This exercise will build up a closer group rapport and is in the natureDiscipleship1, 214:week for a month; for the space of six months build them into your very nature, thus aiding theDiscipleship1, 214:not further unfold that aspect of your nature. Build up your physical body through relaxation, muchDiscipleship1, 245:picture. You have to learn to be magnetic and to build and not destroy. Ponder on these suggestionsDiscipleship1, 311:them as the thoughts around which you will build your mental and emotional life during the next sixDiscipleship1, 316:a useful group purpose. You are in a position to build a protecting wall (but not a separatingDiscipleship1, 326:the capacity to bring through into form and to build the concrete shell which can precisely expressDiscipleship1, 336:in the case of disciples, who are liable to build vehicles of any type of force to meet theDiscipleship1, 337:me with an eye to your future progress), you can build that "wider world of thou and thine, of oursDiscipleship1, 337:of ours and that." Forget not, that what you build can be either a temple of the Lord from whichDiscipleship1, 359:meditation visualize a deep rose-colored lotus. Build it with care and from its opening heart see aDiscipleship1, 369:the Middle Chamber waited those who had to build the Temple according to the plan laid down." "ButDiscipleship1, 374:astral body. You will then endeavor each day to build in these second ray qualities. They are builtDiscipleship1, 398:Thus, my brother, you can train yourself to build in that quality of joy which is theDiscipleship1, 432:but not to meet all the need at once. You must build for the immediate future and should engineerDiscipleship1, 434:five climaxing days of esoteric work each month. Build towards the full moon moment, when, inDiscipleship1, 510:of your victory) make another suggestion to you? Build in your garden an ivory tower and from theDiscipleship1, 510:summit of that tower survey your life each day. Build it until the time of the Full Moon of May andDiscipleship1, 510:air. There I can meet with you, if you rightly build and learn the method of ascent. (A descriptionDiscipleship1, 510:more strict in the keeping of your quiet hour. Build then your tower of ivory and may the light ofDiscipleship1, 543:Two forms are brought within each other's reach. Build thou a form, a bridge. Sixth month... I sawDiscipleship1, 642:to achieve easy contact with the soul, and to build with care the antahkarana, from the heart, viaDiscipleship1, 676:with lives self-conscious, the deva lives which build the forms indwelt by all the sons of God,Discipleship1, 677:forms built and the work accomplished. The devas build and humanity breaks and through theDiscipleship2, 11:the amanuensis, the thought-form as I see it and build it. Putting it otherwise, I become creativeDiscipleship2, 128:that line between two points, and that as you build the antahkarana in your own lives so will beDiscipleship2, 153:Consideration, Determination. Disciples need to build into their brain consciousness recognitionsDiscipleship2, 185:a key to my comments: "Disciples need to build into their brain consciousness a stable recognitionDiscipleship2, 189:karma, both good and bad, and is now ready to build his own cross upon which he takes his stand -Discipleship2, 191:with care, they will eliminate selfishness and build in ashramic quality. Discipleship2, 202:When you, as an individual, are endeavoring to "build the new man in Christ" which will be anDiscipleship2, 204:each disciple is endeavoring consciously to build. It is composed of those who have penetrated inDiscipleship2, 210:Then they, on their own level of atmic activity, build - through contemplative meditation - a vastDiscipleship2, 244:thus evoke that new spirit which can and will build the new world. I would like to deal somewhatDiscipleship2, 280:impulses which will supersede the old and build the "new house" in which humanity will live; cycleDiscipleship2, 304:but little of their significance, I can at least build in your minds the concept of these formulas.Discipleship2, 465:with your present psychic equipment, or must you build new bodies for integration, use and service?Discipleship2, 476:convey to you? I mention them because I want to build your meditation for the next few monthsDiscipleship2, 481:simply indicates the effort of his soul to build in a quality which, when adequately strong, willDiscipleship2, 559:e'en when you know much of what is said; build a thought-form of the book and see it going forth toDiscipleship2, 595:the substance with which the second ray workers build and the other ray workers qualify and modify.Discipleship2, 667:Arcane School. All of you have already begun to build this bridge; I seek to have you comprehendDiscipleship2, 674:As regards your meditation during future years, build up its structure yourself, laying emphasisDiscipleship2, 703:with undue pain. Others escape in many ways and build a wall. For you, compassion is the way. FaceDiscipleship2, 738:If you will do this [738] regularly, you will build the bridge between the part and the whole. TheDiscipleship2, 745:just received, and let your creative imagination build for you a structure for your service. I haveDiscipleship2, 755:life should make that knowledge possible. Then build. Be a sannyasin - free, alone with God, yourDiscipleship2, 761:Triad, and these aspects, being creative, build the phenomenal apparatus or mechanism by means ofEducation, 6:of the etheric body and the force centers. To build or construct a bridge between theEducation, 6:developing expression of the indwelling soul. To build the bridge between the lower mind, soul,Education, 21:man is enabled to concretize his concepts and so build thought-forms whereby he materializes hisEducation, 22:true sensitivity to the vision, so that he can build true to the purpose of his soul and produceEducation, 31:the mental plane, and are beginning gradually to build the antahkarana, or the bridge between theEducation, 46:their futility emphasized. Is it not possible to build our theory of history upon the great andEducation, 96:Produce sensitivity to the higher impressions. Build the first half of the antahkarana, thatEducation, 115:developing the power to think, to choose, and to build a sure foundation. Through the evolutionaryEducation, 115:newer concepts) which will enable mankind to build true to the great thought patterns whichEducation, 115:use of the race) the pattern ideas upon which to build. In saying this I realize that I may beExternalisation, 31:This applies also to the groups which I began to build in 1931 (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. IExternalisation, 145:that which must be eliminated or ended, and will build in, by attraction and consolidation thatExternalisation, 366:'racial barriers, heal the wounds of war, and build a new world structure adequate to theExternalisation, 375:for a place to call their own and in which to build up a nation. The small nations are full ofExternalisation, 385:their capacities and functions if any, and thus build up a mailing list. You will then be aware ofExternalisation, 424:take those steps which will be needed to [424] build a new and better world, based on the Law ofExternalisation, 483:humanity is being given a fresh opportunity to build again on sounder and more constructive linesExternalisation, 573:prepare for the return itself. They will build for a future which will arise out of the wreckage ofExternalisation, 581:under the senior initiates above mentioned, will build the new structure of material relationshipsFire, 46:with their higher self, or Ego, that they can build the matter of the mental plane into a formFire, 137:who is developing thought power has to do, is to build a temporary channel in etheric matter to
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