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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILD

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Magic, 79:he will contact his higher mind, and thus build with greater facility the bridge between the higherMagic, 131:main outline of the idea - crystallize it and build it into more definite shape, into one moreMagic, 158:down to his morning meditation he is learning to build and vitalize thought-forms, his work mightMagic, 164:ceases to reason, to think, to formulate, and to build in mental matter. He simply pours his lifeMagic, 203:my aspiration and my endeavor? Why do I seek to build upon a true foundation? Why do I soMagic, 207:the vital body. As surely as eating and drinking build or destroy the physical body, and aid orMagic, 252:mind, a capacity to visualize, an ability to build thought-forms, and an accurate grasp of egoicMagic, 262:frequently he begins with mistakes. He starts to build anew his physical body by diet andMagic, 268:agents. Learn to work on the plane of mind. Build there your form, remembering that if you submergeMagic, 278:the builders to his purpose and plan. Let him build with judgment and with skill, preserving alwaysMagic, 279:of space respond to the word. The builders build. The cycle of creation ends and the form isMagic, 280:and the soul which will result in ability to build organized forms and groups on the physical planeMagic, 280:who cannot begin to work intelligently and to build thought-forms under law and with understanding.Magic, 290:lives, and so control their appetites that they build a clean body and provide clear channels forMagic, 342:is obvious, is it not? Rest and relaxation build anew, and give time for nature to adjust theMagic, 366:is this to be done? How bring through and how build afterwards? [367] No matter how small orMagic, 367:A period of gestation, a period wherein you build your thought-form of as much of the vision as youMagic, 368:is desired. Hurried work leads nowhere. As you build there will gradually be sensed a longing, aMagic, 405:to train the minds of men more rapidly and to build towards a more synthetic unity brought them toMagic, 411:success. The mark of these workers is that they build for posterity. That those who have followedMagic, 440:waning of that self I grow and glow. Cancer - I build a lighted house and therein dwell. Leo - I amMagic, 471:The creator in mental matter has: To learn to build intelligently. To give the impulse, throughMagic, 472:or to help increases, and unless he learns to build rightly and correctly to motivate that which heMagic, 472:escape the dangers of black magic, and learn to build in line with the plan. He will, if he followsMagic, 474:selfish words, sent forth with strong intent, build up a wall of separation. Long time it takes toMagic, 487:you call a cul-de-sac. What do you then? You build a counter stream of thoughts which (on a wave ofMagic, 489:and a resulting self-forgetfulness if one is to build truly and correctly. Such is the law. 2. AMagic, 490:himself from these dangers? How shall he rightly build? How shall he preserve that balance whichMagic, 507:to work. Under this ray it will be possible to build a new structure for the rapidly decayingMagic, 532:with lives self-conscious, the deva lives which build the forms indwelt by all the Sons of God,Magic, 533:forms built and the work accomplished. The devas build and humanity breaks and through theMagic, 556:the purpose for which he has deemed it wise to build a thought-form and he must hold that purposeMagic, 582:noted, right type, quality, strength and speed. Build those subsidiary forms of expression in theMagic, 617:forth the words that will create the forms, build worlds and universes and give his life to thatMagic, 624:the outstanding fault of the mental types) and build up a structure around their service, andMeditation, 3:percentage is attained, it is then necessary to build in matter of the two higher subplanes on theMeditation, 31:vision may be ours, - is first to beautify, build and expand the causal body; secondly to withdrawMeditation, 61:always seek the same spot, for he will there build up a shell around it that will serve as aMeditation, 84:of electric light, more blue than golden. Build there the picture of the Master, in etheric,Meditation, 88:paths that will hinder development, and that may build up vibrations that will ultimately have toMeditation, 102:requirements, and then deliberately set in and build a new body that may prove more adequate to theMeditation, 105:the divine heat in equable arrangement, to build in tissue [106] and to heal. The time for this isMeditation, 119:own thinking, reason out their own problems, and build their own characters. Such is the Path...Meditation, 127:mantrams will call the real owner back, will build a protective wall after his re-entry and willMeditation, 146:steps will have to be taken and each type will build the form somewhat differently. The first typeMeditation, 150:his whole nature under rule, and to learn to build the forms, and hence to learn their value.Meditation, 154:absolute necessity there is for the worker to build a strong body before he can accomplish much,Meditation, 155:to the earnest pupil instructions whereby he can build in mental matter and under definite rules,Meditation, 156:will seek through the manipulation of matter to build that which is needed to fill the gap, andMeditation, 156:The aim of the pupil who treads the Path is to build an emotional body that is composed of matterMeditation, 157:matter, and stabilizing his vibration. They will build in emotional matter a body or form that heMeditation, 206:the capacity of man to do as does the Logos and build. Colors have certain effects on the differentMeditation, 206:secret of microcosmic development, and can build his body of manifestation by means of the sameMeditation, 227:the inner significance of the exoteric color. Build in the qualities that those colors veil. [228]Meditation, 260:and can sound the note for each plane and build thereon. This power - first to discover the notesMeditation, 289:of his meditation the heart etheric, and therein build minute forms of the Master to Whom he isMeditation, 325:with the laying of the foundations upon which to build the later work, and with the formulation,Meditation, 346:at the opposite of elimination; he seeks to build in information, to supply knowledge and facts, toPatanjali, 65:mental body. The majority of men have as yet to build that vesture which occult students call thePatanjali, 245:to awaken desire for these virtues and thus to build them into the content of the personal life,Patanjali, 393:of his desires; if they are white they tend to build that body which is the final one to bePatanjali, 395:us to comprehend. All that a man can do is to build the mechanism which will make thisPatanjali, 403:modifications of our own thinking principle we build our own world, and create our own environment.Patanjali, 408:to modify and influence sentient substance, and build it into forms. Patanjali, 420:from the lower reactions and tendencies, and build in the habit of a constant realization of one'sProblems, 22:house of humanity which Russia is attempting to build. Russia is inwardly (but as yetProblems, 34:old blueprints, even though necessarily we must build upon the old foundations. It is the task ofProblems, 34:the Protestant churches. It would train bigots, build barriers between man and man and eventuallyProblems, 39:our civilized citizens embrace the chance to build afresh - not a material civilization this timeProblems, 42:and backgrounds. They are being forced to build anew but what they build must be their own; it mustProblems, 42:are being forced to build anew but what they build must be their own; it must be distinctive ofProblems, 42:the wealthier and free nations to help them to build so that the new world can come into being.Problems, 44:their futility emphasized. Is it not possible to build our theory of history upon the great andProblems, 115:and are struggling to find a solution, to build a new world structure of law, order and peace,Problems, 130:institutions, convents, monasteries. In order to build them, the policy down the centuries has beenPsychology1, 71:will produce a simplification of His efforts and build up a body of constructive thought which willPsychology1, 74:the West is called "the Christ Principle" is to build the forms for the expression of quality andPsychology1, 85:work and power, it will show his capacity to build thought-forms and to vitalize them. This I dealtPsychology1, 86:the world to enter into that which thou shalt build. Blend all together in the will of God. QualityPsychology1, 87:to think. See all parts enter into the purpose. Build towards beauty, brother Lord. Make all colorsPsychology1, 87:colors bright and clear. See to the inner glory. Build the shrine well. Use care. Quality -Psychology1, 87:thee to use it on the dead. Revive the dead. Build forms anew. Guard well that Word. Make all menPsychology1, 92:soul. They prove only man's power to imagine, to build images and pictures, and to lose himself andPsychology1, 180:developing the power to think, to choose, and to build a sure foundation. Through the evolutionaryPsychology1, 180:newer concepts) which will enable mankind to build true to the great thought patterns whichPsychology1, 181:use of the race) the pattern ideas upon which to build. In saying this I realize that I may bePsychology1, 378:was ended, unless the conscious sons of God can build those bridges and develop that understandingPsychology1, 379:to do in their [379] own private development: build the antahkarana, which will bridge the gapPsychology2, 16:the lower sheaths of bodies, and proceeding to Build sheath after sheath, life after life, thatPsychology2, 36:the door? What shall I do?' The answer came: 'Build now an ark translucent, which can reveal thePsychology2, 36:you shall reveal the lighted way. The power to build anew, the right use of the Word, and the usingPsychology2, 40:The cessation of isolation. Ray Two The power to build for selfish ends, Capacity to sense thePsychology2, 58:is, and the worker, the soul, will then begin to build consciously the Temple of the Lord, out ofPsychology2, 82:it their needed quota of substance from which to build the forms for manifestation. As regards thePsychology2, 169:forth these words: 'Create again, my child, and build and paint and blend the tones of beauty, butPsychology2, 169:words: 'Destroy that which thou has built and build anew. But only build when thou has climbed thePsychology2, 169:which thou has built and build anew. But only build when thou has climbed the upward way, traversedPsychology2, 170:[170] into light within the chamber of the king. Build from the heights, and thus shew forth thePsychology2, 207:will serve as a skeleton structure upon which to build. [208] 7. In the development of the race, atPsychology2, 555:sensitive to its environment and thus build an ever improving mechanism. But the twofold idea
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