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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILD

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Psychology2, 589:upon which to work. The effort must be made to build a healthy body. Higher goals must bePsychology2, 668:which foster the spirit of cleavage and which build up barriers to impede the free spirit of man,Psychology2, 704:visioned some illuminating idea, he begins to build the outer physical form which will house andPsychology2, 749:angle of the spiritual values and who seek to build for the future. The authorities of any andRays, 66:human being. Think this out and endeavor to build up the right spiritual habits. In this way theRays, 119:the antahkarana, and as a group of disciples build the group antahkarana, they make possible theRays, 137:effort, and hence the constant need for him to build the antahkarana. In this Rule we are thereforeRays, 233:both of these, under the inspiration of love, to build the new world of tomorrow. To toil inRays, 266:all that I can upon the theme. Only as disciples build the antahkarana and function as theRays, 442:the disciple until he has begun consciously to build the antahkarana, thus bringing the SpiritualRays, 457:aspirant stands when he starts consciously to build the antahkarana. Behind him lie a long seriesRays, 467:objectives upon the Path of Probation. But to build the antahkarana is to relate the three divineRays, 467:and to visualize, plus a dramatic attempt to build the Lighted Way in mental substance. This mentalRays, 477:trained human enquirer can soundly and safely build the bridge between the highest and the lowest.Rays, 480:and their area of influence, in order to build, construct and utilize the bridge which links theRays, 498:and body, through the medium of alignment. To build the antahkarana, using the six modes or meansRays, 554:and emerge eventually into the new era, ready to build the new world and to reorganize all humanRays, 705:own type of substance. The Master, however, can build a body through which He can approach HisRays, 705:taken the higher initiations; He will normally build this body in semblance of the human form,Rays, 705:They took the fifth initiation or else They build the "mayavirupa" or body of maya, of physicalRays, 710:his foot upon the Path, he has been trying to build the antahkarana. Even that has meant for him anRays, 759:in the work of the Triangles and helping to build the network of light and goodwill, to do all thatReappearance, 90:inflow of life, carrying the capacity to build anew and the energy which could produce a new worldReappearance, 142:pleas go out from Popes and Bishops for money to build cathedrals and erect more churches when theReappearance, 144:of faith will remain, upon which He can build that new world religion for which all men wait. ThatSoul, 36:action of the glands in determining the bodily build is indisputable; and the mental outlook - theSoul, 37:strangely disappointing. We must, therefore, not build at once too high hopes for [38] the future
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