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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDERS

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Astrology, 35:energy Fire - Air Logoic Plane 7 7 II Divine Builders Conferring soul (C.F. 605) Burning sons ofAstrology, 35:ideal Ether Monadic Plane 6 8 III Lesser Builders Conferring form (C.F. 605) The triple flowers 3.Astrology, 37:as the number of the Christ. The Greater Builders and the Lesser Builders, working on the secondAstrology, 37:the Christ. The Greater Builders and the Lesser Builders, working on the second and third planes ofAstrology, 38:of Beings, found within the Twelve, Who are the Builders or the Attractive Agents are (in theirAstrology, 39:the Law of Attraction; it is the law of the Builders. This first (sixth) Hierarchy has for its typeAstrology, 243:which is one of the three major groups of Builders, forming part of the third aspect of divinity;Astrology, 263:second Creative Hierarchy, that of the Divine Builders of our planetary manifestation. (See theAstrology, 646:Who preside over the seven planets are the Builders of the Universe. They are the natural GuardiansAstrology, 646:system." (S.D. Vol. III, 115) 29. "The seven Builders graft the divine and the beneficent forces onAstrology, 652:solar Deities. The primordial Seven. The seven Builders. The seven intellectual Breaths. The sevenAutobiography, 18:steam engine fame) and one of the first railroad builders in the Victorian era. Through [19] myDiscipleship1, 145:a closer fellowship and relationship with the builders of the New Age is the earnest wish andDiscipleship1, 162:deterioration. The difficulty of the spiritual builders and the architects of the Plan only reallyDiscipleship1, 163:you are building in collaboration with the inner Builders and the two structures must beDiscipleship1, 585:like you. They do not. But the work of the builders is being called for on every side today andDiscipleship1, 585:this work and to strengthen the hands of the Builders. Ponder on this. What is it that, up to date,Discipleship1, 677:Thus is acquiescence in the work of the greater Builders achieved. Pain is that upward struggleExternalisation, 565:accomplished and over, and the work of the Builders is beginning. 5. The new group of world serversExternalisation, 572:These disciples and initiates will be the real Builders of the new world, of the new civilization;Externalisation, 693:and is the work of the second ray, of the Builders; and the bringing of spiritual energy intoFire, 12:for the sacred flood to enter and to fill. The Builders responded to the sacred sound. In musicalFire, 12:Mighty One. "Let now the work proceed. Let the Builders of the air continue with the plan. " TheFire, 12:air continue with the plan. " The Deva-Lord and Builders upon the plane of air worked with theFire, 13:stood, waiting a point in time. [13] The builders of a lesser grade, devas who work with matter,Fire, 13:One, "let the waters too bring forth." The builders of the watery sphere, the denizens of moisture,Fire, 13:seen. *** "AUM," said the Mighty One, "let the Builders deal with matter." The molten solidified.Fire, 13:The crust cooled. The rocks congealed. The builders wrought in tumult to produce the forms of maya.Fire, 13:were completed the work stood in completion. The builders of the lowest grade announced the workFire, 13:the rocky strata emerged the covering next. The builders of the second agreed the work was done.Fire, 13:peopling third impelled to further growth. The builders of the lowest forms, manipulating densestFire, 13:third in time. Ascension thus progressed. The builders worked in union. They called the guardiansFire, 41:The manifested Quaternary and the seven Builders proceed from the Mother (S.D., I, 402) The sevenFire, 41:proceed from the Mother (S.D., I, 402) The seven Builders are the Manasaputras, the Mind-born sonsFire, 80:matter being built by the action of the lesser Builders into the form or mould upon which later theFire, 132:here is interesting to note, for the greater Builders and Devas who are the [133] active agentsFire, 207:The primordial seven - S. D., I, 116. The seven Builders - S. D., I, 152, 153. Seven intellectualFire, 237:The seven Archangels. The seven Logoi. The seven Builders. - S. D., I, 115, 130, 152, 535. They areFire, 302:devas (differentiating the devas from the lesser Builders) form the SOUL of a Heavenly Man. OtherFire, 314:it is not so obvious. On the buddhic plane, the Builders on the evolutionary arc, or a large partFire, 321:primarily concerned with the work of the great builders, bearing in mind that they build the realFire, 329:the work done in the three worlds by the lesser builders who work with the etheric body of man. SoFire, 336:and two remain, making the seven Kumaras or Builders of the universe; these five have been calledFire, 398:is built. Therefore, the whole subject of the Builders has to be studied - those entities who areFire, 398:disintegrate when the Spirit withdraws, and the Builders cease their work. Three hierarchies inFire, 404:(S. D., I, 107) refers to. The Messengers, the Builders, the devas, are flaming fire, radiantFire, 438:nature. They are the product of the work of the Builders (deva forces) and of active intelligenceFire, 438:Men. They energize and are active life. Deva Builders. They work in matter and hold the life. AFire, 438:2. Planetary Logos Human group units. Deva Builders. A scheme. 3. A Man Seven etheric centers.Fire, 438:3. A Man Seven etheric centers. Elemental builders. Bodies. Each of these divisions can be studiedFire, 442:Entities all is accomplished - the Lord of the Builders constructing [443] the forms which the LordFire, 447:grades, and in forty-nine subgrades. Third. The Builders who are the vehicle for the divineFire, 447:who mould matter upon a particular plan. These Builders evolve the forms out of their own natureFire, 447:work is carried out and which is imparted to the Builders, being latent in their consciousness.Fire, 463:specially of the devas of the ethers, the lesser builders will be stimulated to build, with greaterFire, 468:qualities and attributes of matter, the active builders, who work consciously or unconsciously uponFire, 472:Army of the Voice," on each plane, the lesser builders and elementals in their myriads, workFire, 472:up in the essence of the planes by the conscious Builders. There is not much to be added at thisFire, 472:in their totality, the mother aspect, the great builders of form, and the nourishers of that whichFire, 486:development to that of the mineral elements, and builders whom they would control, is the same asFire, 487:deva essence through the control of the lesser Builders in cooperation with the greater Devas. InFire, 489:the first. Postulate IV. All deva essences and builders on the physical plane are peculiarlyFire, 489:intelligence. Orders issued by the greater Builders. Ritual, or compulsion induced through colorFire, 497:and more peculiar relation to it than have the builders or devas in any other kingdom. TheFire, 563:and Fire Elementals The Factor of the Lesser Builders. Here a most interesting factor comes in uponFire, 563:a solar Logos works only through the greater Builders, the Manasaputras in Their [564] variousFire, 564:The planetary Logoi work primarily through the Builders of the next three planesFire, 564:of the planetary schemes. Men work through the builders of the lower mental planes, and the astralFire, 564:are kama-manasic; the physical plane builders are swept automatically into action by the force ofFire, 564:energies set up in subtler matter, by the great Builders. The [following] tabulation may make thisFire, 589:Ceremonial Order comes the control of the lesser builders, the elemental forces, the point ofFire, 593:Egos. The devas are the mother aspect, the builders of the body, and the reincarnating Jivas areFire, 605:- fire devas. The 5th Hierarchy - The greater Builders. Vibrations of fifth order - Manasic. ItFire, 612:Fire Elementals 2. The Fire Devas - The Greater Builders I have divided the groups of devas andFire, 612:elementals into evolutionary and involutionary Builders - those who are in themselves positiveFire, 612:Remarks The Mystery of Electricity. The greater Builders are the positive aspect of substance or ofFire, 612:or of electrical phenomena whilst the lesser Builders are the negative aspect. Two types of forceFire, 613:through too close a juxtaposition. The greater Builders are the solar Pitris, whilst the lesserFire, 613:Builders are the solar Pitris, whilst the lesser Builders are the lunar ancestors. I would hereFire, 613:Elementals and Fire Elementals The lesser Builders 95 are the negative aspect and are swept intoFire, 614:with negative substance, or with the lesser Builders to bring about ends [615] of his own, incitedFire, 616:They are essentially motion. The lesser builders are more particularly the material form which isFire, 617:From the Christian standpoint, the greater Builders are the Holy Spirit, or force over-shadowingFire, 617:matter, whilst the negative or lesser Builders correspond to the Virgin Mary. The lunar Pitris, andFire, 617:to the Virgin Mary. The lunar Pitris, and lesser builders from the systemic point of view findFire, 618:occultly die out. The lunar Pitris, 98,99 the builders of man's lunar body and their correspondenceFire, 621:those devas who are the automatic, subconscious builders, carrying on the work of the denseFire, 621:vehicle of the Logos in the same sense as the builders in man's body work automatically andFire, 627:must remember that we are not considering those builders of involutionary development which areFire, 627:the agents of cosmic force, whilst the lesser builders are the agents specifically of solar and ofFire, 632:these are vitalized and manipulated by the Builders, the Dhyan Chohans, the Heavenly Men throughFire, 633:body of our planetary Logos they are the builders of the Earth, His densest form, and throughoutFire, 634:cosmic physical vehicle. The Agnisuryans are the builders on the sixth subplane of the cosmicFire, 635:centers of man exist. The Agnishvattas are the builders on the fifth or gaseous subplane of theFire, 635:the most profoundly important, for they are the builders of the body of consciousness per se. FromFire, 635:in their work as systemic and planetary builders, leaving the student to trace out for himself theFire, 641:the lower, the facts concerning these Lives and Builders, their methods of work, and the laws ofFire, 643:Brahma, the manifested God. First, they are the builders of the etheric bodies of all sentientFire, 670:Logos. Wherever man is in incarnation, the Builders of his bodies are to be found but they willFire, 681:Agnishvattas (the self-conscious principles, the Builders or constructors of the egoic body on the
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