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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDERS

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Fire, 688:about through the agency of the solar Angels or builders and vitalizers of the egoic body; they areFire, 689:Principle The solar Angels are the Pitris, the builders of the body of the Ego, and the producersFire, 703:are the producers of self-consciousness, and the builders of man's body of realization. In time andFire, 748:Hierarchy, blending with the softer note of the Builders of the fifth and sixth, meet His approach.Fire, 782:The third group are literally the lesser Builders, and are blind incoherent forces, subject to theFire, 785:and the work synchronized. The lesser builders work systematically and the law of Karma isFire, 836:if we say that as the form breaks up the lesser builders and devas return to their group soul.Fire, 845:kingdom. 11. The four higher grades of lesser Builders on all planes. They will form the manifestedFire, 845:Logos. 12. The tree lower grades of the lesser Builders The physical body in its densest form ofFire, 845:of all the elemental lives of the lesser Builders functioning as, or forming, the substance of anyFire, 845:control and bend them to the will of the greater Builders. Much of the earlier energy-substance inFire, 851:with those in another. The Ahhi, the greater Builders, 71 Who are the Lords working out the will ofFire, 873:electricity is largely connected with the lesser Builders, with the elemental essence in oneFire, 886:a weakening of their hold upon the lesser builders, bringing them more under the force streams fromFire, 887:Elementals 4. The Fire Elementals, the Lesser Builders a. Introductory It will be apparent now thatFire, 887:now that in our consideration of the deva Builders, great and small, of the solar system, we haveFire, 887:human endeavor. We have dealt briefly with the Builders on the evolutionary arc, the greaterFire, 887:We come now to the consideration of the lesser builders in the three worlds, those who representFire, 887:energy, and through the activity of the greater Builders are forced into different directions inFire, 887:of all students the fact that these lesser builders are literally a "sea of fire" upon which theFire, 889:is useless for man to study the groups of lesser builders, their functions and their names, unlessFire, 889:connection, being himself one of the great builders, and a creator within the planetary scheme. MenFire, 890:in deva substance. These are the greater builders in their various groups. The manipulators of theFire, 890:turn to the elemental essence. They are the builders of lesser degree, but are on the evolutionaryFire, 890:These lives are passive in the hands of the builders of greater degree. The three groups to beFire, 890:of Densest Matter These are the workers and builders which are concerned with the tangible andFire, 896:most [896] insignificant of the lesser devas, or builders, must at some time or another passFire, 901:(arteries and veins) and its two types of builders (the red and the white corpuscles), is studiedFire, 911:and the work of the greater and the lesser builders. The deva Ruler of the fourth, or lowest ether,Fire, 919:we did not touch upon that great group of Builders who are called esoterically "Those who transmitFire, 919:are only dealing with that army, or with those builders, great and small, who are swept intoFire, 920:the logoic plane. Group 2 comprises those great builders who transmit the Word on the three nextFire, 928:concretion rapidly proceeds. The three groups of builders coordinate their efforts afresh and a newFire, 928:the logoic head center - pours in. The lesser builders respond to the logoic mantram chanted anewFire, 930:an intelligent cooperation with the greater builders. Owing to the purity and holiness of his life,Fire, 930:but not through cooperation with the directing builders. He cannot contact them, as his characterFire, 930:two groups. They are those who are the lesser builders, and who, under direction from the greaterFire, 930:and who, under direction from the greater builders, form the etheric doubles of all that can beFire, 931:between sight and knowledge. The "listening builders" gather the material; the "seeing elementals"Fire, 931:of them might be tabulated as follows: 1. The builders of the human vehicle. This is the highestFire, 931:vehicle. This is the highest group of lesser builders, who are highly specialized. These will beFire, 931:be dealt with somewhat in detail later. 2. The builders of the forms in the three kingdoms ofFire, 931:of nature in their two divisions. First. The builders of the mineral kingdom. These are the workersFire, 931:of the transmutation of metals. Second. The builders of the vegetable kingdom. They exist in manyFire, 932:the sixth race is living upon earth. Third. The builders of all animal etheric forms. These are aFire, 932:substance out of which it may be built. 3. The builders of the planetary etheric web. Their work isFire, 933:- Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals 4. The builders of the etheric body of the planetaryFire, 934:He has his solar correspondence. [934] 5. The builders of the planetary body. This proceeds underFire, 934:creates. These are a special group of etheric builders who, under karma, are forced to act inFire, 934:above are studied, if the various secrets of the builders are pondered upon, and if the esotericFire, 935:own substance must also be considered. These builders are the sumtotal of all physical planeFire, 936:word, and it is built into forms by the lesser builders. It will, therefore, be apparent that itFire, 936:devas and the microcosm and then with the lesser builders of the etheric levels. Fire, 936:of reincarnation, works with four types of builders and three major grades of building essence orFire, 938:in etheric matter on the physical plane, and the builders of the etheric double commence theirFire, 941:periphery. We can now consider the group of builders who, responding to the note of theFire, 941:to the initial vibration of the second group of builders concerned with the triple lower self,Fire, 942:we are only concerned in this section with the builders of the form. Fire, 942:Elementals and Fire Elementals These groups of builders are four in number: The builders of theFire, 942:These groups of builders are four in number: The builders of the mental body. The builders of theFire, 942:in number: The builders of the mental body. The builders of the astral body. The builders of theFire, 942:body. The builders of the astral body. The builders of the etheric body. The builders of the denseFire, 942:body. The builders of the etheric body. The builders of the dense physical. Each of these groupsFire, 942:and his place on the ladder of evolution. The "builders" of the human body work under the directionFire, 942:third group has the work of superintending the builders of the human being on the three planes.Fire, 943:sounded his note) the machinery of the Law. The builders of the human personality again are dividedFire, 943:be the type of deva substance influenced. These builders work with certain elementals, but it isFire, 943:who, adhering to the plan as embodied by the builders, blindly construct the fabric of the body,Fire, 944:plane who are swept into activity by the builders, are three in number: The gaseous elementals. TheFire, 945:considered when the subject of the work of these builders of man's body is under discussion. NotFire, 945:will sweep in another group of agencies and builders, and thus affect a man's bodies, Racial karma,Fire, 946:himself, seeking to control the forces and builders of his lower nature, and to construct theFire, 952:of the devas, their constitution and place as builders, and of the words and sounds whereby theyFire, 963:Fire Elementals IV. Man and the Fire Spirits or Builders This section we will consider in somewhatFire, 981:and phrases which will give them power over the Builders, have to unlearn their previous use ofFire, 985:said, works entirely through the greater Deva Builders, and through sound and numbers he blendsFire, 985:their work, and thus influences the lesser Builders who form the substance of their bodies, andFire, 986:with substance itself, and with the lesser builders; He does not cooperate with the forces whichFire, 997:of solar energy, and his ability to sweep the Builders into cooperation with his purposes. TheFire, 999:thought form, and to sweep into activity those builders who can respond to the vibration sentFire, 1001:and attracts the attention of the lesser builders through Its radiation or warmth, Its activeFire, 1003:of the formula which releases the elemental builders from their surroundings, and forces them toFire, 1005:to the substance used and the nature of the Builders who respond to the note of the form in mentalFire, 1008:directed and controlled and the lesser builders or forces are swept into any particular line ofFire, 1011:Therefore, its possessor can control the builders of low degree. 3 S. D., I, 77; II, 297, 309, 316.Fire, 1011:energy directed from it, control and direct the builders, and hold any thought form He may haveFire, 1016:add a third, and thus call into activity the builders of the astral plane, the Agnisuryans, in someFire, 1016:between it and the sound of the note of the builders and lives of the tiny thought form alreadyFire, 1016:guards himself from the approach of the water builders. Third, those which, when sounded, produceFire, 1017:continue until the work suffices. Let the outer builders cease their labors then, and let the innerFire, 1021:of the magician, working through the greater builders. He must, through knowledge of certainFire, 1021:the forms and mantrams by which the new group of builders can be reached, and the gap between theFire, 1025:a "fiery" or gaseous body, and it is these fire builders who menace the life of the magician, andFire, 1030:and to the stabilization of the work of the builders. If they but realized it, the key to much thatFire, 1141:This includes all the intermediate stages. The Builders of the cosmos work under cyclic lawFire, 1169:forms of the animal kingdom, for they are the builders of the body of man in the final three stagesFire, 1195:in His form-building aspect. They are the Builders and equally exist in three groups with theirFire, 1196:of these seven hierarchies of Beings Who are the Builders or the Attractive Agents are (in theirFire, 1197:the Law of Attraction; it is the law of the Builders. This first (sixth) Hierarchy has for its typeFire, 1234:and all the subhuman entities and all those builders who must in some distant future pass through
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