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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDING

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Astrology, 38:in the cosmic sense, because involved in the building process, or the occupiers of forms of someAstrology, 49:(on the plane adi) attracts to itself in the building of the divine form. For purposes ofAstrology, 101:process the energy of the second ray, the major building ray which enables the man to build anewAstrology, 273:of peculiar importance for it relates the form building aspect with the consciousness aspect which,Astrology, 341:for the soul who has chosen to incarnate. The building of adequate forms and the use and control ofAstrology, 343:following your chosen way. Is the house you are building yet lit? Is it a lighted house? or is it aAstrology, 399:both the feminine and masculine aspects of form-building, the dual functions of Father-Mother. ThisAstrology, 461:the two triangles - the Real and the unreal. The building of the antahkarana is an aspect of thisAstrology, 461:of this completion. This concerns the final building of the later stages of the antahkarana by theAstrology, 493:of relation. The work of the Fellow Craft - The building and service of the temple of humanity.Astrology, 522:is that of the first Ray of Will or Power in its building aspect and not in its destroying aspect.Astrology, 603:the energy of the Will, in its planmaking, form-building nature. Esoteric books and esotericAstrology, 606:VI - That which is the cause of the thought-form building faculty, related to the creative urge.Astrology, 615:life aspect as the integrating factor in form building and - which is equally an act of theAstrology, 665:and cannot support life because humanity and the building devas have been removed from its sphereAtom, 25:that of group coherency. This involves the building up of forms and species until you haveAtom, 48:upon this, when I take up the question of form building. I only seek tonight, in bringing thisAtom, 53:built into forms; and continues on through the building of those forms into greater forms, untilAtom, 58:all atomic matter, and also governs the building up of forms, or the aggregation of atoms. We haveAtom, 58:atom per se, but have in no way considered its building into form, or into that totality of formsAtom, 67:the purpose back of this endless process of form building, and this combining of the lesser forms?Atom, 68:Take, for instance, the atom that goes to the building of a form in the mineral kingdom; it showsAtom, 71:If, for instance, we realize that we have the building up and care of our physical bodies, that weAtom, 81:discriminative power, and we found that in the building up of forms in the mineral, vegetable, andAtom, 97:the substance, or atomic matter prior to its building up into a form, or the tiny atom before itAtom, 97:in a vehicle of some kind. Then we studied the building of forms by means of the great law ofAtom, 146:have the period analogous to that of the form-building stage, in which these atoms of substance areAutobiography, 20:my father was one of the engineers engaged in building the Victoria Bridge over the St. LawrenceAutobiography, 148:of the home (ex-soldiers) to sleep in the building with me because I thought it might occasion talkAutobiography, 216:We were among the first to move into this new building and to occupy the top floor, the 32nd. TodayAutobiography, 235:procedure for us to follow. He advocated the building up of mailing lists of the men and women ofAutobiography, 241:school of healing. He gives the technique for building the path of Light between soul and spirit,Autobiography, 262:information, emphasizes the need for character-building and purity, indicates to them the necessityAutobiography, 269:of the disciple receives attention. Character-building and unselfish aspiration are regarded asAutobiography, 278:with their emphasis upon planes, the material building processes and the constitution of the forms.Autobiography, 294:for money. One of the major needs today is the building up of large funds for the work of theAutobiography, 303:to Hierarchical work ceased altogether. The building of the Network of Light and Goodwill byAutobiography, 303:be not only intact but entirely adequate for the building of the structure thereon which isBethlehem, 68:he was a builder, a carpenter, a worker in the building trade, one who adds stone to stone, or beamBethlehem, 68:stone, or beam to beam. He is the symbol of the building-creative aspect of God the Father. InBethlehem, 264:right and proper, but the plans for the coming building must be somewhere understood, and some ideaBethlehem, 266:of human perfection is not the simple matter of building a good character and being nice and kind.Bethlehem, 279:which is the prerogative of the sons of God. The building of that inner structure which is theDestiny, 18:spirit of construction, setting in motion the building and rehabilitating forces of the second rayDestiny, 97:is that of the first Ray of Will or Power in its building aspect and not in its destroying aspect.Discipleship1, 37:of education. Their emphasis will be upon the building of the antahkarana and upon the use of theDiscipleship1, 38:and the lower mind. They are concerned with the building of the antahkarana and their task is thatDiscipleship1, 39:become evident for a long time - not until the building forces of the universe are betterDiscipleship1, 90:into play. 2. The power to visualize is the form-building aspect of the creative imagination. ThisDiscipleship1, 91:to comprehend. Visualization is literally the building of a bridge between the emotional or astralDiscipleship1, 91:therefore, a personality correspondence to the building of the antahkarana. The astral plane, theDiscipleship1, 91:personality, is the correspondence to the form-building aspect of the Trinity, the second aspect.Discipleship1, 91:first two steps in the activity of thought-form building. It is with these self-created forms -Discipleship1, 144:wielder of men and a guide of aspirants in the building work of the New Age upon which the GreatDiscipleship1, 145:ready and would constitute poor stones in the building and weak links in your work. You must buildDiscipleship1, 145:to you thus at length because your work as a building cooperator can now begin. Symbolically, I sayDiscipleship1, 145:of consolidation, preparatory to the work of building to which I referred in my last instruction. IDiscipleship1, 145:in my last instruction. I am dealing with "building groups" - those groups which are coming forthDiscipleship1, 156:no barrier to relationships as does the building of a separative wall. The method is as follows:Discipleship1, 163:plan and not according to emergency, for you are building in collaboration with the inner BuildersDiscipleship1, 171:you to note the word "prolonged" because you are building for the future and, in the future, theDiscipleship1, 172:Be not sidetracked when doing this. Use the building energy of your second ray personality and theDiscipleship1, 197:personality, which is itself a mental ray. The building of the antahkarana should constitute forDiscipleship1, 279:same time use. The mind emphasizes form and the building of forms. The intuition is formless, andDiscipleship1, 279:lesson of the equal divinity of form and of form building, with the creative work of organizedDiscipleship1, 318:before, but when you have finished the work of building the symbols, and have sounded the O. M.Discipleship1, 323:be turned increasingly to the work of illumined building with the aid of other souls. There is muchDiscipleship1, 332:R. S. U. have your problem clearly defined. The building of the antahkarana - more surely and moreDiscipleship1, 358:level. It is like this, my brother: In the building of the antahkarana (at this stage) there is aDiscipleship1, 360:in - may damage the beautiful thing you are building. Such thoughts are not constructive in theirDiscipleship1, 369:who guided those who laid the ground for later building, he slept and ate and played upon the outerDiscipleship1, 381:each other in an increasingly close union. The building of the group antahkarana as a part of aDiscipleship1, 403:for they express two different ways of building. This I will take up in greater detail later. IDiscipleship1, 443:the seed thoughts in your meditation work, thus building in the idea as profitably as you can and -Discipleship1, 473:that you still continue as you have been doing, building in the attitude of constant and continuousDiscipleship1, 633:on mental levels, seeking to aid you all in the building of the bridging link between yourDiscipleship1, 650:that you do not already know, where character building is concerned. There is so little that is newDiscipleship1, 661:for what is wrong. The thing that can wreck the building work, which your group is intended to do,Discipleship1, 669:work is that all your rays are along the line of building and of religion. You can, therefore,Discipleship1, 677:They learn through application to the work of building and through incorporation into the form ofDiscipleship1, 677:builder to carry to utter perfection the building of the Temple. The uses of pain are many, andDiscipleship1, 683:The contest with the lower nature and the building in of the needed qualities which are essentialDiscipleship1, 747:life processes? Is your main objective the building of character and the development of purity? IfDiscipleship2, 22:into relation with the soul, with character building, integration and alignment processes, as wellDiscipleship2, 38:must perforce work in both fields, creating and building both types of network. This you can doDiscipleship2, 39:after the teaching which I shall give you on the building of the antahkarana. (Education in the NewDiscipleship2, 46:you have all been working at the task of building the antahkarana, the channel of communicationDiscipleship2, 59:of the spiritual life, forces the building of the antahkarana, and leads in a graded series ofDiscipleship2, 70:the general result is purification and character building. The aspirant is then still upon theDiscipleship2, 72:group relation and its persistence) will be the building of an aspect of the mechanism of contactDiscipleship2, 78:trained aspirant who is privileged to be used in building up the needed thought-forms anent theDiscipleship2, 113:of Meditation, I would remind you that we are building upon the same fundamental truths which haveDiscipleship2, 180:man, or rather, his etheric centers) of the building of the antahkarana. Bear in mind here, asDiscipleship2, 193:of) the man who has built (or is in process of building) the antahkarana. Where that bridge is notDiscipleship2, 194:to reality. The task - and it is a real one - of building the antahkarana and creating that whichDiscipleship2, 254:initiations: Upon alignment. Upon the scientific building of the antahkarana. The revelation, givenDiscipleship2, 269:emphasis which I have lately been giving to the building of this bridge. A great change in theDiscipleship2, 276:earlier gave were concerned largely with the building or changing of character and with theDiscipleship2, 363:of being reduced to definite forms. They are building patterns. They express significance andDiscipleship2, 376:to ascertain the will of God; they are therefore building thought-forms and are developing the
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