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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDING

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Fire, 968:impress of the solar Lord. As is apparent, this building process is divided into three parts, whichFire, 972:be carefully borne in mind that the process of building in mental matter proceeds simultaneously,Fire, 979:he copies the work of the second Logos in wisely building it into form. He constructs the form, andFire, 982:92 We have considered somewhat at length the building of thought forms, and have seen that theFire, 983:the purpose of the Ego, thereby impressing the building agents on the mental plane with a certainFire, 986:the lower substances, and manipulates the lesser building lives with the vibration of love, and theFire, 986:hand path is the transmitting agency for the building force, and the triangle he uses in this workFire, 1005:are of prime importance in all form-building. According to the substance used and the nature of theFire, 1007:the physical plane. In the work of thought-form building, the man, in contemplation, pursues theFire, 1012:with the second set, which deal with the form-building impulses, and those attractive tendenciesFire, 1016:a physical body, and next, the dispersal of the building forces, now that their work is completed.Fire, 1018:which hides the center. The analogy in all form building holds good for gods, men and atoms. TheFire, 1018:same basic concept which governs thought form building, and which enables a magician of white magicFire, 1018:and the note and formula of the Vishnu, or building aspect. One he ascertains because he hasFire, 1020:on its mission upon the physical plane. The building devas who have been impelled to construct theFire, 1024:different levels, thereby ensuring a balanced building of the "shadow." He "recognizes" them in theFire, 1026:been earlier communicated anent the devas and building forces, will arrive at an understanding ofFire, 1030:and to be transmuted into the energy of the form-building impulse. We will consider what we have toFire, 1031:extraneous to it. 4. Motion, or the form-building impulse latent in: The mental sheath itself, bothFire, 1036:the interlaced serpents, typifying the form-building nature of the Vishnu activity. According toFire, 1038:demonstrates constructively, through the form-building agencies, and destructively through theFire, 1038:the ability of the force to destroy prior to building. Thus the cycles can be viewed from twoFire, 1097:on the Plane of Mind V. Motion and the Form-Building Impulse 1. Motion and the Mental Sheath In theFire, 1106:of the factors also which produces the gradual building in of new atoms of substance (ever of aFire, 1113:themselves." (This latter clause, refers to the building of the antahkarana.) The energyFire, 1140:it concerns primarily the initial stages of form building. It might be said that the appearance ofFire, 1169:These three groups are not concerned with the building of the forms of the animal kingdom, for theyFire, 1186:but on this there is no need to enlarge. 2. Form Building The second effect is form building. UponFire, 1186:2. Form Building The second effect is form building. Upon this we will not enlarge at any length,Fire, 1186:Plane Devas. Centers. Prana. Solar Energy. Form building Fire. 3. Elementals. Elemental Essence.Fire, 1186:much information is given anent the form building aspects of energy and the Law of Attraction as itFire, 1195:the second Person of the Trinity in His form-building aspect. They are the Builders and equallyFire, 1196:in the cosmic sense, because involved in the building process, or the occupiers of forms of someFire, 1207:(on the plane adi) attracts to itself in the building of the divine form. For purposes ofFire, 1210:and all will be expressed in terms of form-building energy, and the three modes of electricalFire, 1210:and demonstrate the facts. The work of building forms will never be understood till the trueGlamour, 57:wrong material consequently attracted for the building of the thought-form. A shifting focus ofGlamour, 178:because illusion is based upon the thought-form-building activity of the lower mind. The masses areGlamour, 187:for which He stands. They are not interested in building great churches of stone and marble and inGlamour, 240:of its activity, expressed in thought-form building, and of that which he succeeds in constructingGlamour, 241:easy to define because it is related to the form-building activity of [242] the planetary LogosGlamour, 256:Triad. Any disciple who is in process of building the antahkarana can begin to use, with care,Healing, 4:to be and to have has first of all built, and is building, the outer physical response apparatus,Healing, 130:disciples. The one because the second ray is the building ray, and is therefore concernedHealing, 153:however, one interesting thing to remember. The building of the antahkarana only becomes genuinelyHealing, 176:expanded the whole story of conception, of form-building, and this whether it is the physical formHealing, 177:concerned with matter, with substance, form-building, creation, vitality and persistence in form.Healing, 191:teaching as regards manifestation is that the building forces exist, and that this statement isHealing, 191:be expressed simply as follows: Law VI When the building energies of the soul are active in theHealing, 192:it full of light, will disease disappear; this building is, however, a scientific process, and inHealing, 193:to him the need for conscious, creative building. It is at this point that the doctrine ofHealing, 299:The imperfection of this great energy with its building, vitalizing and cohering potency, was andHealing, 299:vitality, affecting the blood stream, producing building within the forms already built, andHealing, 315:[315] The stimulating of the healthy tissue. The building in of new tissue to replace the diseasedHealing, 325:is the result, normally achieved, of Character-building. Soul contact through meditation. LifeHealing, 391:point, and the theme is not that of character building, as some might surmise. I touched uponHealing, 391:thinking, which eventuates in right character building. I seek not, however, to enlarge upon theseHealing, 406:initiation; this marks the completion of the building of the antahkarana and the institution ofHealing, 421:(whether human, planetary or logic) these building devas (on the same Ray as the unit desiringHealing, 451:and desirable; it marks the prelude to a better building of a better world, and the construction ofHealing, 452:the matter of the three worlds, and so no form-building and form-attachment is there possible. ThisHealing, 519:of the personality, and hints also at a future building of a vehicle of manifestation. St. PeterHealing, 534:under right direction, heal. Law VI When the building energies of the soul are active in the body,Healing, 587:into conscious expression in mankind through the building and the utilization of the antahkarana.Healing, 607:and Rules Enumerated and Applied Law VI When the building energies of the soul are active in theHealing, 642:why it is that those who have succeeded in building the antahkarana, the rainbow bridge between theHercules, 33:In Aries is found the impulse which leads to the building of the form, which for ages willHercules, 33:the Way of Liberation is first sensed, and the building of the spiritual body is begun. This is theHercules, 45:agricultural peoples, been regarded as the form-building aspect. The moon is the symbol, therefore,Initiation, 2:days of the shattering of the old form and the building of the new, adaptability is needed. We mustInitiation, 3:Love or Wisdom aspect demonstrates through the building of the form, for "God is Love," and in thatInitiation, 11:sciences. It concerns all that deals with the building and developing of the form side of things.Initiation, 21:the moment that activity is directed towards the building of forms, even of the most elementalInitiation, 38:those force currents, and control those form-building agencies which produce all that is seen andInitiation, 41:for the correct manipulation of those forces and building agencies which bring in the right Egos onInitiation, 42:fact. He works in closer cooperation with the building devas than does his Brother, the Christ, forInitiation, 63:of the forces of evolution, and works at the building of his own character. He takes himself inInitiation, 63:to bring his personality under control. He is building the causal body with deliberate intent,Initiation, 63:to the latter period of gestation, to the building in the heart of the babe in Christ. At the firstInitiation, 63:Thackeray has well described this process of building, in the words so often quoted: [64] "Sow aInitiation, 73:if it may be so expressed, at the building of the physical body. He must so strive that he willInitiation, 86:matter, and learns the laws of creative thought building. He functions freely on the four lowerInitiation, 89:so. He learns to direct the activities of the building devas, and at the same time, he worksInitiation, 108:of nature, and the [108] direction of the building agencies, they have a vital connection with theInitiation, 135:taking out of his body undesirable matter, and building in new and better material; he will findInitiation, 140:of vibration as an aspect of the basic law of building, the law of attraction, is brought about,Initiation, 140:the meaning of the Law of Attraction, in form building, and in the synthesis of the three fires.Initiation, 157:spoken word; it involves an apprehension of the building forces of nature and their dueInitiation, 157:second aspect of the Self, the Vishnu, or form-building aspect, which is the prime characteristicInitiation, 159:affects the deva kingdoms, and hence the form-building aspects of manifestation. No sound is everInitiation, 166:of meditation upon the faculty of the careful building of mental pictures. The aim has beenInitiation, 167:and uses the energy of the second aspect in form building, in social relations, and in familyInitiation, 170:facts: The creative process of thought form building. The transmission of energy from the Ego toInitiation, 177:has to work with the material of his own body, building right material into an ordered form, andInitiation, 178:of attractiveness, which is the basis of the building, or Vishnu aspect. He has to equip, also, hisInitiation, 182:Law or Magic. It is the ray that deals with the building forces of nature, that concerns itselfInitiation, 182:the ray of executive work, with the object of building, coordinating and producing cohesion in theIntellect, 23:of character, the culture of the spirit, the building of the soul." - Jones, Rufus M., The Need forIntellect, 143:formulating them into phrases and sentences, building them into thought forms and constructingIntellect, 250:and Revelations have been responsible for the building up of a thought-form of fear and of terror
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