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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDING

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Intellect, 253:to do. They will, in short, occupy themselves by building up the characters of men, and not wasteMagic, 35:through them. Therefore the soul is the form-building aspect, and is that attractive factor inMagic, 96:to divine purpose and proceed with their building activities "in the light". The point of egoic andMagic, 96:or Soul - sets in motion mental matter for the building of his thought form. It is the man on theMagic, 116:have to do with a man's active life, with the building up of character. b. Principles governing theMagic, 126:given of the use of mental [126] matter, and the building of that matter into thought forms. TheseMagic, 140:Word is of practical value, and results in the building of good bodies for the use of the soul. TheMagic, 157:generated in meditation, thus producing the building of the form, and its utilization throughMagic, 159:the profoundly engrossing work of thought-form building. A secondary and less important thought isMagic, 164:involving the use of thought and the mental building of the form so that it can be completed andMagic, 191:will. The first effect is produced by character building, and by the purification of the bodies, asMagic, 191:by the will upon the daily life. Character building, clean living, controlled emotional reactions,Magic, 200:activities which are the result of character building. So oft the aspirant is anxious to be toldMagic, 200:briefly with each point afterwards. Character building, the first and essential requisite. RightMagic, 200:Five - The Awakening of the Centers 1. Character building. These nine points are to be studied fromMagic, 203:the bodies. This process is that of character building. Let me illustrate! A man is the victim ofMagic, 203:the higher vibration on the lower is character building, the first prerequisite upon the Path ofMagic, 222:produces that constant "outpicturing" and form building which leads to the most concrete effects ofMagic, 222:of the substance of the plane; there is a building of the temporary forms, some of rare beauty,Magic, 247:and hence a builder in [247] union with the building energies of the Cosmos. He carries the energyMagic, 252:work of accurate reception [252] and correct building is learnt and hence the emphasis laid in allMagic, 252:can be modified and respond to the force of the building magical work. A thought-form exists thenMagic, 262:lies hid the secret of form-shattering and form-building. Forms are of four kinds in this era ofMagic, 264:changes and differentiations, and continuous building and breaking, planning and seeing those plansMagic, 268:with the Plan. The work of thought-form building and the confining of the attention of the creatorMagic, 273:on White Magic - Rule Ten - Thought-Form Building RULE TEN As the waters bathe the form created,Magic, 273:inner workers enter on their cycle. Thought-Form Building In Rule Ten two facts about the form areMagic, 273:three injunctions are: Let the magician go on building his form until its adequate potency isMagic, 273:We have seen how, in the process of thought-form building, the time came when the form had to beMagic, 273:and after the process of orientation the work of building proceeds, for the thought-form is not yetMagic, 275:on White Magic - Rule Ten - Thought-Form Building We have generated a term we call the ether.Magic, 277:on White Magic - Rule Ten - Thought-Form Building The "waters of space", in which thisMagic, 278:built in silent subjectivity, in order that the building may be strong and sure and the innerMagic, 278:created by a human thinker. In all form-building the technique of construction remains basicallyMagic, 278:know himself to be the builder, and not the building. Let him desist from dealing with the rawMagic, 278:one concerns the life, the second concerns the building, and the third produces manifestedMagic, 279:on White Magic - Rule Ten - Thought-Form Building Students would do well to study these cycles ofMagic, 279:would do well to study these cycles of creative building, of performance and of subsequentMagic, 279:aspirant the goal of his endeavor is the correct building of forms in mental matter rememberingMagic, 280:a fragment. He works, however, faithfully at the building of his aspect of the great plan and findsMagic, 280:of the great plan and finds one day when the building is completed and he sees the whole, that heMagic, 281:standpoint of organization work and of that form-building which the disciple does in relation toMagic, 318:be basically prevented by the methods of either "building a shell", or by "insulation" through theMagic, 318:to learn seek to protect themselves. The building of a shell leads to separateness, as you wellMagic, 318:the eventual overcoming of the habit of shell-building, and a shattering and consuming of theMagic, 318:the overcoming of the habit. Automatically the building process goes on until finally the aspirantMagic, 331:the guidance of the planetary Hierarchy are building the new form. 3. That emanating from theMagic, 331:knowledge will come the steady growth of the Building Mystics, for when a man has found his soulMagic, 332:be demonstrated, such as: The soul is the form-building principle, producing attraction andMagic, 332:is this type of energy, the energy of the form-building aspect of manifestation which is the sourceMagic, 349:some day may be able to help definitely in the building up of strong bodies for world service. NowMagic, 365:or pure reason. The concrete mind is the form building faculty. Thoughts are things. The abstractMagic, 365:are things. The abstract mind is the pattern building faculty, or the mind which works with theMagic, 365:to get back of his thought processes and form building propensities and discover the ideas whichMagic, 365:the plan and subordinate his own thought-form building to these ideas. He has to learn to penetrateMagic, 366:Then follows the work of conscious thought-form building, based upon these divine ideas, emanatingMagic, 366:the higher. Temporarily the normal thought-form building tendencies are inhibited. ThroughMagic, 371:Watch and see if this be not so. Always the building of the form, always its utilization for asMagic, 420:down the old order of living. He must be set to building for the future, and to thinking along theMagic, 425:to work in the old exoteric ambitious manner, building and vitalizing an organization, and soMagic, 426:its branches shelter all the sons of men. The building of the Temple and the carrying of the stonesMagic, 426:world as examples of pure living, constructive building, creative activity subordinated to theMagic, 447:men work and the power a man can wield through building thought-forms. We have seen also how a manMagic, 447:conscious or unconscious. In the unconscious building of thought-forms such as is the case with theMagic, 457:structure, so will be the finally furnished building and the consequent form, which will confineMagic, 461:to respond, there will be delay or incorrect building; if they make mistakes, there will be lostMagic, 470:of life in form and growing through the building process which marks the creative work. It is onlyMagic, 472:sincere beginner could apply to this science of building and which are so clear and concise thatMagic, 473:on the way of life, the way of conscious building is not yet the goal. The work of cleaning out theMagic, 473:desire, must first precede the conscious work of building. See to thy aura, oh traveler on the way.Magic, 475:soul; enlarge upon the plan; forget thyself in building for the world. Thus is the law of formMagic, 475:that right motive will control and true work in building will be possible. Much of the significanceMagic, 475:time as the real magical work of thought-form building becomes universally possible. The formula,Magic, 478:work we have the worker in thought-matter building his thought-form and "confining the lives" whichMagic, 532:They learn through application to the work of building and through incorporation into the form ofMagic, 533:builder to carry to utter perfection the building of the Temple. The uses of pain are many, andMagic, 543:Dangers inherent in unconscious form-building, Etheric blindness, make it well nigh impossible forMagic, 545:different levels, thereby insuring a balanced building of the 'shadow.' He 'recognizes' them, inMagic, 597:twofold in function. They demonstrate the form building aspect of divinity and through theirMeditation, 18:act of the life in all the three bodies, and the building within the causal body of an [19]Meditation, 19:in the shattering of that body. It is the building of the Shrine under certain rules into aMeditation, 31:marks the time when the work of beautifying and building is completed, when the [32] Temple ofMeditation, 32:gradual process of the good in each life. The building proceeds slowly at first, but towards theMeditation, 52:or the vibration of the sound, will the work of building in or casting-out be accomplished. ThatMeditation, 53:will help come on the use of that Word in the building of the intuitional vehicle, and theMeditation, 56:with the Ray of Ceremonial Law, one of the great building rays, - a ray which adjusts matter, underMeditation, 59:the Word on mental levels and its effect in form building, the key to the erection of Solomon'sMeditation, 63:The driving out of coarse particles and the building in of finer. On Emotional Levels: The definiteMeditation, 70:of the erection of the scaffolding for the new building. In serenity and steady adherence to theMeditation, 70:the elimination of undesirable matter, and the building in of new, the protective effect of theMeditation, 82:higher rhythm. Growth is one long period of building in order to destroy, of constructing in orderMeditation, 108:the revealing cruelties of nature; it may be the building in of unselfish devotion by the appeal ofMeditation, 108:his ring-pass-not with the purpose in view of building into his [109] causal body the faculty ofMeditation, 109:and of an unequal rounding out and a lop-sided building that will necessitate reconstruction inMeditation, 116:slowly great powers of intellect and in the building overcomes the snare of pride. He takes, then,Meditation, 127:the stress of the cure will be laid first on building up a strong physical body in both itsMeditation, 130:of Illumination. They lay the emphasis on the building in of spiritual faculty before psychicMeditation, 145:is little realized by the average student. He is building a form, a definite thought-form thatMeditation, 146:higher consciousness. As you therefore see, in building these forms certain steps will have to beMeditation, 146:virtue most desired, add virtue to virtue in the building of the form of the ideal self until all
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