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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDING

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Meditation, 148:manifestation, and learn the rules whereby the building devas work. Before initiation the mysticMeditation, 153:manipulation of the material that goes to the building of the form. Matter of the mental plane willMeditation, 157:of these forms being on the concrete rays or building rays are the line of least resistance for theMeditation, 174:on all the lesser grades down to the little building devas who work practically unconsciously inMeditation, 174:work practically unconsciously in their groups, building the many forms necessitated by theMeditation, 175:kingdoms of the devas work, guided by the great Building Devas, and all move upward in orderedMeditation, 176:love aspect, the second aspect of the Logos, the building aspect. Through love and longing youMeditation, 178:their own superior ranks, the cohorts of the building devas with their Deva Lords. This brings meMeditation, 181:of one or another of his bodies, an abnormal building in of material into some one body (due to theMeditation, 206:of the same laws that that Logos employed in building His objective solar system. This is theMeditation, 235:in the striving after virtue, and in the building-in of Godlike attribute, comes response to thoseMeditation, 242:at the provision of right conditions and the building of bodies that are both self-protecting andMeditation, 247:necessary anent the etheric, to inculcate the building of pure bodies, and to study the effect ofMeditation, 247:certain nervous tendencies, tend to the building of new tissues, or to the burning out ofMeditation, 260:and secondly to use those notes in constructive building - is first realized through meditationMeditation, 263:Logos. Through these Words He assists with the building work, and the cohesive manipulatingMeditation, 289:till they become to him very real, and their building and forming becomes almost an automatic partMeditation, 303:and effect. By the emphasis laid on character building and spiritual development as a foundationMeditation, 310:our third point. 3. The Location, Personnel, and Building of the Occult School Here at the outset IMeditation, 314:and faculty of the school and the types of building. Meditation, 315:focal point of their endeavor will be the rapid building-in the causal body, they will be men ofMeditation, 319:quality of their life service and assist them in building their buddhic vehicle, which has to be inMeditation, 322:have his own separated chamber. The type of building matters not, provided these conditions areMeditation, 330:of the bodies with a view to egoic contact. The building of the antahkarana, and the development ofMeditation, 334:This involves certain definite requirements: The building in of matter of the higher subplanes andMeditation, 335:discarded at death. Hence time is never lost in building. Eventually two other methods will beMeditation, 335:will come from the use of his own color, a building-in will be brought about by the use of hisMeditation, 338:mistakes will be made, but little by little the building-in process proceeds, and the polarizationPatanjali, 41:plan and thus can intelligently cooperate in the building of the Temple of the Lord. The perceptionPatanjali, 138:the matter of the three worlds and so no form-building and form-attachment is there possible. ThisPatanjali, 154:water, fire and air play their part in the building of his forms and are incorporated into his veryPatanjali, 190:Thoughts are of two kinds; those tending to form-building, to limitation, to physical planePatanjali, 295:followed, is the reflection in the body of the building of the antahkarana on the mental plane. "AsPatanjali, 305:sound but form words; they therefore command the building of vital forces and take the entire manPatanjali, 348:concerns the power of the Word to drive the building forces of nature into coherent activity soPatanjali, 380:the aid of the angels, and to manipulate the building forces of nature, and they employ herbs andPatanjali, 381:had to precede the rule of the kings and the building of the Temple of Solomon. Lives must bePatanjali, 395:Eternal, have their fruition in a finer world, building the vesture of the spiritual man." Problems, 42:world. It need not mean separation or the building of barriers or the retiring behind walls ofProblems, 139:upon ritual and pomp, on authority and the building of stone edifices in these days of man'sProblems, 177:with courage and optimism the slow process of building the new civilization. An intelligent andPsychology1, xvii:in the unfolding Plan of the Great Ones. We are building and planning for the future and forPsychology1, xxii:from The Secret Doctrine, that they are the building Forces and the sum total of all that is in thePsychology1, 11:is relatively tangible and governed by certain building laws. The great work of the BuildersPsychology1, 44:activity precedes the creative process of form building; and the play of the divine will on thePsychology1, 47:to an intelligent use of the technique of form building in order to reveal divine purpose. ThePsychology1, 67:Let the Warden of the South continue with the building. Let him apply the force which will producePsychology1, 74:great. His work is as beneficent as that of the building aspect, and it is but man's [75] hatred ofPsychology1, 76:Students would learn much if they contrasted the building power of the higher mind with thePsychology1, 82:laws of thought, and the rules which govern the building of those thought-forms which must embodyPsychology1, 83:measured pace and took their seats. The work of building thus began. The doors were closed. ThePsychology1, 86:understood when He is recognized as aiding the building Lord of the second ray and utilizing thePsychology1, 86:Take thy tools with thee, brother of the building light. Carve deep. Construct and shape the livingPsychology1, 109:a deep seated hope, and is not man's method of building a defense mechanism; nor is it an illusoryPsychology1, 135:grasp it) will reveal how closely the entire building-wrecking-rebuilding process is tied up withPsychology1, 159:Ray III constitutes the aggregate of the active building forces, and the Great Architect, with HisPsychology1, 188:the side of those who are silently and steadily building for the new order - an order which isPsychology1, 189:love and think, and aid those groups who are building and not destroying, loving and not attacking,Psychology1, 192:one of the major propositions which govern the building forces of the universe is of real practicalPsychology1, 219:- the sun, the water and the earth. - In the building process it is the mineral content from thePsychology1, 220:forms of nutriment which are needed for the building of ever more refined structures. The humanPsychology1, 226:ray is one of organized ritual, and in form building this quality is basic and necessary. ThePsychology1, 247:in the processes of assimilation and in the building forces that transmute the assimilatedPsychology1, 255:The second ray is of course present in its form-building aspect, as herd instinct and as the basisPsychology1, 261:center, that which controls the sex life and the building of forms of expression. Therefore itPsychology1, 264:force; the dead are raised, and the work of building can proceed. The temple can be glorified andPsychology1, 264:death to life, from struggle in the dark to building in the light! Such is the Plan. Thus do wePsychology1, 266:product of the united and concerted plan of the building forces, working in complete harmony, butPsychology1, 267:why, humanity will play its part in the work of building. The creative work will proceed and thePsychology1, 356:before the great evolutionary plan. Men are building now towards the future because they havePsychology1, 373:and will have free access to all parts of the building. Through the magic of the Word, which willPsychology1, 389:its presence felt in the new and modern style in building. Its higher expression is not yet to bePsychology2, 36:and strongly built, but am a prisoner within my building. My light is hidden. Only my word goesPsychology2, 40:of all soul powers to this end, leading to: Building wisely, in relation to the Plan;Psychology2, 51:of salvaging matter (through utilizing it and building it into forms) has been carried forward to aPsychology2, 58:for ages the soul wrestles with that material, building it into tentative forms, discarding it atPsychology2, 60:the expression of the qualities of the second or building aspect of God, - magnetism, love,Psychology2, 67:and spiritual work previously described as the "building of the bridge on the mental plane" betweenPsychology2, 71:concerned. First, let it be stated that the real building of the antahkarana only takes place whenPsychology2, 71:The creative faculty of conscious thought-form building. This necessarily involves a strong mentalPsychology2, 74:hours. This thought merits consideration. This building of the antahkarana is most assuredlyPsychology2, 74:thing only need be added in connection with this building of the antahkarana, and that is thePsychology2, 77:to itself what it needs and desires for form building. The stage of incarnation, taken at this timePsychology2, 103:of the ending of the Martian influence. The building of the antahkarana, which releases the manPsychology2, 142:and servers on the second Ray are "busy building habitations for those dynamic entities whosePsychology2, 160:Service, an understanding of the Way, and the building of the true line of escape - that is thePsychology2, 174:emerge in the consciousness of the man who is building the antahkarana and who is proceeding withPsychology2, 190:the higher mind and the lower mind, and with the building of the antahkarana; and their task isPsychology2, 191:for a long while, or not until the work of the building forces of the Universe are betterPsychology2, 192:handle money as the agency through which the building forces of the universe can carry forward thePsychology2, 192:work needed; and (herein lies the clue) those building forces will be increasingly occupied withPsychology2, 192:forces will be increasingly occupied with the building of the subjective Temple of the Lord ratherPsychology2, 222:form side, leads to warfare, struggle and the building of forms which must later be destroyed. OnPsychology2, 289:study: The appropriation of the bodies: Their building psychologically, or their coherentPsychology2, 290:Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies a. Building and Construction of the Bodies InPsychology2, 317:giving the earlier tabulation) that the words "building psychologically" were used, with the intentPsychology2, 317:of the student to the soul or psyche as the building agency, but at the same time to negate orPsychology2, 317:to negate or offset the material concept of body-building. Occultism is the science of energyPsychology2, 325:It is not my intention to deal with the building of the various bodies. I seek here to generalizePsychology2, 327:the downward arc, where the emphasis is upon the building, growth and appropriation of the bodies,
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