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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDING

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Psychology2, 361:time, being commensurate with the time wasted in building up the agelong glamor. The third rayPsychology2, 376:in our particular time, this necessitates the building of new forms), each seventh ray disciplePsychology2, 376:agent, as the one who stands in the midst of the building processes, attending to his portion ofPsychology2, 377:disciples. In the field of government he labors, building those forms which will enable the firstPsychology2, 387:creative imagination. This is one of the great building attributes [388] of deity. It is broughtPsychology2, 388:the soul is the creating agent, the major building factor, the constructor of forms, and, throughPsychology2, 419:overcome by increasing the vitality of the body, building up the etheric body, through sunshine,Psychology2, 447:of the at-one-ment is closely connected with the building of the antahkarana. This name is given toPsychology2, 506:work, and the expression of the ideals which are building the human consciousness. [507] Psychology2, 668:ideas which lead to integration and constructive building. They will swing the world on to a higherPsychology2, 712:it to your own life, then they are for you. The building of that structure of thought which willPsychology2, 749:of good will in the world. The usefulness of building up live mailing lists (I think you call it)Rays, 43:definite undertaking of a creative work - the building of a bridge between the door which liesRays, 64:This is the creative work of thought-form building and that is why, we are told, that the firstRays, 70:is related to thought power and to thought-form building. Only initiates of the highest degree -Rays, 112:consist only of those who are in process of building the antahkarana, the bridge between the TriadRays, 114:teaching given in the future will concern: The building of the rainbow bridge, the antahkarana. TheRays, 115:the light of form. This is the demand for the building of the antahkarana which relates theRays, 122:The Science of Meditation and the conscious building of the antahkarana will be the first twoRays, 131:of the teaching now being given out anent the building of the antahkarana. It is only through thisRays, 132:or deal with life processes and not with form building or the experience in forms, as usuallyRays, 135:and desirable; it marks the prelude to a better building of a better world, the construction ofRays, 153:This task at first takes the form of character building and disciplining (whilst upon theRays, 186:thus creating false goals and standards, building a barrier between the lowest planetary center,Rays, 251:purposes of Sanat Kumara. Directions as to the building of the antahkarana, which is the first stepRays, 266:by further elucidation. Proceed with the work of building the antahkarana and light will shine uponRays, 273:body of the planetary Logos humanity is slowly building that which they call the antahkarana; thisRays, 274:very rarely to be found) which will go to the building of this aspect of the planetary antahkarana.Rays, 275:of triangles already formed are in reality building a thought-form anent this work which will evokeRays, 275:inner group who will work entirely subjectively, building the triangles of light and of goodwill,Rays, 275:directing the activities of those who are building the organizational aspect of triangles ofRays, 279:constitute a paralleling activity to the task of building the antahkarana, as modes of alignmentRays, 309:Purpose. There is an overlapping between the building process and the destroying process. DyingRays, 326:energies. Here the teaching of the conscious building of the antahkarana was required; thus the gapRays, 332:will be to this new creative art what a child's building of wooden blocks is to a great cathedralRays, 349:and which we call magnetic attraction (the group-building quality) he shares with the spiritualRays, 406:with the planetary, systemic and cosmic building of the antahkarana, for it is via the antahkaranaRays, 435:and that he is making progress, becoming aware, building the antahkarana, training as aRays, 437:trained alignment must eventually be added the building of the antahkarana and its subsequent useRays, 444:- The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation Building the Antahkarana With the introductoryRays, 446:First, let me assure you that the real building of the antahkarana takes place only when theRays, 446:The creative faculty of conscious thought-form building. This necessarily involves a strong mentalRays, 448:that makes for immediate progress. [448] This building of the antahkarana is most assuredlyRays, 454:It is only upon the Path itself that the phrase "building the antahkarana" becomes accurate andRays, 455:point is created, but this also leads to the building of the antahkarana, its "creation." ToRays, 459:active, and (in unison with the soul) starts building the antahkarana - a fusion of the threeRays, 459:that has to some measure been attained), but the building of the bridge from the personality to theRays, 461:brought into conscious functioning through the building of the antahkarana. This "radiant rainbowRays, 462:make real progress in the work of divine bridge building, the work of invocation, and theRays, 462:personality. The period covered by the conscious building of the antahkarana is that from the finalRays, 463:of the nature of the work to be done in building the antahkarana it might be wise, as a preliminaryRays, 465:contributes to that bridge, and the time of this building is indicated when his lower nature is:Rays, 468:the Triad. This is not the case. The work of the building of the antahkarana is primarily anRays, 468:active. In this process, the stages of character building are seen as essential and effective, andRays, 471:Students would do well to consider the building of the antahkarana as an extension inRays, 473:and their creative effect are making the building of the antahkarana an out standing achievement,Rays, 474:approaches which will result not alone in the building of the individual antahkarana, but also inRays, 474:It is my intention to be very practical. The building of the antahkarana (which is consciouslyRays, 475:would do well to learn that this process of building the antahkarana is one of the means wherebyRays, 475:This is the final and far-reaching result of the building of the bridge which is, in reality, theRays, 476:and soul - and this fourth technical stage of building consciously the "rainbow bridge." You haveRays, 476:the Crucifixion. The fourth technical stage of building the Antahkarana: Sutratma, the life thread.Rays, 477:is equipped to undertake the task of bridge building. The process involves much scientificRays, 482:few remarks anent this relatively new process of building the antahkarana. It has been known andRays, 483:step towards bringing about this dualism is the building of the antahkarana, and this isRays, 484:be many who are preparing to begin this task of building the rainbow bridge and who, under theRays, 484:again, the understanding of the method of building the antahkarana is essential if humanity is toRays, 485:form of creative effort. In the task [485] of building the antahkarana the disciple has to workRays, 485:Mysteries of Initiation The Six Stages of the Building Process I have employed six Words to expressRays, 486:appear with greater clarity. These words cover a building technique or a process of energyRays, 486:us, therefore, take these six aspects of a basic building technique and endeavor to arrive at theirRays, 487:first, towards the soul as one aspect of the building energy, and second, towards the Triad. ARays, 489:will be the accuracy of the "plans" laid for the building of the antahkarana and the visualizing ofRays, 489:energy-substance which has been gathered for the building of the bridge. The creative activity ofRays, 489:second aspect of the divine Trinity is the form-building aspect, and thus, under the Law ofRays, 489:is now proceeding with the second stage of his building work, and so the numerical significanceRays, 490:is to be employed in this later phase of the building process - find themselves unable to proceedRays, 495:goal of the disciple as he begins to work at the building of the antahkarana. Reflect upon theseRays, 497:to abstract itself from matter and form. This building of the antahkarana is the great and ultimateRays, 501:forward. I have given you the six methods of building the antahkarana, and as we proceed to take upRays, 501:will bring to bear on these six stages of the building process. All disciples on all these sevenRays, 501:disciples on all these seven rays use the same building technique of Intention, Visualization,Rays, 501:Spiritual Triad and starting the dual process of building from both ends of the bridge (if such aRays, 502:visual imagination is an essential factor in the building process and one of the major means ofRays, 502:and soul, as occupied with the process of bridge building. He never for one second loses his senseRays, 503:interplay and effect) which is evoked by the building of the antahkarana, and which eventuallyRays, 504:it is not so simple as it sounds. Success in the building process is dependent upon the ability ofRays, 504:any given time in the disciple's unfoldment and building activity. Register consciousness of soulRays, 504:and in detail, the method to be employed in building the bridge, according to the particular rayRays, 507:- the collaboration of all the seven rays in the building processes of Deity and their plannedRays, 508:to be employed at the projection stage of the building process. Ray One - Will or Power ToRays, 508:to ascertain his monadic ray, but any disciple building the antahkarana, and who has reached theRays, 511:intuition and of both to the mind. The work of building the antahkarana must be done with as muchRays, 512:possible. [512] II. The six steps or methods of building the Antahkarana. Intention. The achievingRays, 513:is not that which will lead to a successful building of the antahkarana. It is the quality of aRays, 514:see it performing the esoteric miracle of bridge building. The first ray disciple has, therefore,Rays, 518:that consciousness of this comes through the building and use of the bridge between the SpiritualRays, 518:further upon the three final stages of the building process as dealt with and outlined earlier.Rays, 518:nature. They are part, however, of the six building methods. The first [519] three were consideredRays, 529:as a result of the six stages of conscious building of the antahkarana, has been detailed; but I
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