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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDING

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Rays, 534:made available to the disciple as he succeeds in building the antahkarana. The energy of theRays, 547:antahkarana which the disciple is in process of building; this is rapidly becoming a part of theRays, 593:life, is the creative agent and the form-building factor which makes the revelation of loveRays, 670:through the spine into "the place of creative building"; the normal sex life is then regulated andRays, 672:Plan and a "magical exponent" of the divine building work; he is then a constructive force,Rays, 710:he proceeds in the early stages with the work of building, yet scarcely knowing what he does. HeRays, 710:attained unity with his higher self. Through the building of the antahkarana another thread isRays, 729:He is now an intelligent cooperator with the Building Forces of the planet and also of the solarRays, 734:in readiness to function as destroying or building Energies in any part of our solar system and areReappearance, 48:in the future guide human living; they are building those new organizations, movements and groups -Reappearance, 97:symbol. The word "carpenter" is significant of building, of construction, and means (in itsReappearance, 97:in the Garden of Gethsemane to take over the building or reconstruction [98] work in Aquarius, andReappearance, 118:in all forms which reincarnates, choosing and building suitable physical, emotional and [119]Reappearance, 141:and executive ability in raising funds for the building of stone edifices whilst God's childrenSoul, 51:and, also, to shoulder the responsibility of building better bodies in order that the nextSoul, 65:ether, are likely to prove to be the cosmic building material... There is the great bulk ofSoul, 80:which reveals itself on the one hand in the building up of the body, and on the other in theSoul, 131:for the soul, and responsible [131] for the building and control of the body, through the nervousSoul, 132:the other too academic, intellectual and form-building. Now, through the wide dissemination ofTelepathy, 3:physical plane matter and thus make possible the building of organized effects on the physicalTelepathy, 24:and hence the emphasis laid upon character building and the need for meditation. Telepathic workTelepathy, 36:medium of exoteric scientific investigation. The building of the thought-form which will accustomTelepathy, 51:disciple should concern himself are those of the building of the antahkarana, the correct use ofTelepathy, 139:Spiritual Triad. This gap will be bridged by the building of the antahkarana, and this can only beTelepathy, 162:presented to us mainly in terms of character-building and of service to humanity. This approachTelepathy, 165:when the antahkarana is built or in process of building, and in its turn first of all inspires or
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