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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDS

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Atom, 69:not only conscious, but he is self-conscious. He builds his own body of manifestation, just as doesAtom, 146:draws them, or attracts them to itself, and builds out of them a form; these atoms of substance, inAutobiography, 266:the neophyte establishes habits of purity and builds the type of body, required by the discipleDiscipleship1, 195:not this grow upon you, but let it cease, for it builds a barrier between you and them, andDiscipleship1, 244:that flows through you destroys as quickly as it builds and drives away by its "blast of outgoingDiscipleship1, 335:sweeps from the center to the periphery and builds the little world of form - the world of I andDiscipleship1, 335:which is without to that which lies within. It builds the wider world of thou and thine, of oursDiscipleship1, 370:is so definite and real that your mental body builds no barriers between the soul and yourDiscipleship1, 490:too closely seen, can destroy that which it builds or seeks or loves, through the very intensity ofDiscipleship1, 718:into the Ashrams of the Masters. The Hierarchy builds for the future; it is not occupied with theDiscipleship1, 748:however, increases its potency as the disciple builds the antahkarana between the personality andDiscipleship2, 30:the initiate-disciple makes progress and as he builds the antahkarana, the energy of the one Life,Discipleship2, 195:registers these events; it therefore builds or creates that stream of ascending energy which isDiscipleship2, 198:In the disciple it is the agent which creates or builds the antahkarana, controls - via the soul orDiscipleship2, 582:is implemented by seventh ray potency. This builds and creates within matter and within theEducation, 6:necessity. The Antahkarana is the bridge the man builds - through meditation, understanding and theExternalisation, 89:Spiritual. Second Ray. Inspiring. Permanent. Builds. Love-Wisdom. III. Humanity's energy. DivineExternalisation, 91:so. Some newer modes of life and what life builds appear, and thus the fifth is seen on earth likeFire, 81:which by the relation of Atma, organizes and builds up as a means of having experience. ThisFire, 122:which Spirit is to manifest; he destroys, and builds up again. These three Individuals preside overFire, 165:which by its whirling rotary motion eventually builds them into planets or spheroidal bodies. TheseFire, 179:system, so it is the same force in the man that builds the causal body. By the bringing together ofFire, 184:matter that is keyed to its own vibration, and builds it into its vibratory content. This is but aFire, 310:causes it to take spheroidal form, and builds it literally into a body which is held in coherentFire, 399:called, and is literally "THE PATH" itself. He builds it: By means of the manasic principleFire, 436:It produces light in ever-growing brilliancy; it builds and moulds the form to the need of theFire, 443:Logos; in the one case His fohatic energy builds the kingdoms of nature, giving them Body; in theFire, 448:the self-identified Existences as a mother builds and produces a conscious Son out of the matter ofFire, 527:which aggregates to itself, and subsequently builds into form, the negative or third aspect. But itFire, 552:the Ego creates through which to function. He builds his sheaths by the power of thought, and theFire, 552:same can be predicated of the solar Logos. He builds by the power of thought a body which canFire, 554:which man has his place. The work of man as he builds in mental thought matter and constructs formsFire, 556:with which he creates, all forms which he builds, and all processes of concretion which he carriesFire, 591:is the law under which the evolving personality builds up, during the course of many lives, theFire, 594:eventually perfects all that is. It is love that builds the forms that cradle temporarily the innerFire, 628:every human being (be he Adept or ordinary man) builds and creates his thought forms - consciouslyFire, 632:The construction of thought-forms, which he builds of mental matter and vitalizes by desire, andFire, 656:features is unique, so each of the Heavenly Men builds for Himself a body out of deva substance orFire, 772:Master then sounds the mantram for Himself, and builds without formulas in the three worlds. At theFire, 780:group, being the positive energy that attracts, builds and forms the body of man on the threeFire, 857:the animal health of the body. It constructs and builds in the body, through its energy and forceFire, 875:XIV, 8.) The Mother, or the negative aspect, builds and nourishes, guards and cherishes the SonFire, 889:active, vitalized and powerful. What man builds is either a beneficent or a maleficent creationFire, 922:aspect. From thence the Word goes forth that builds the dense physical form of a Heavenly Man or ofFire, 944:the real "bios" or life, while the Mother warms, builds, and nourishes the body. The work of theFire, 974:a man, in meditation, considers his work and builds his thought form for service, he is occultlyFire, 977:him could he but see on the mental plane. He builds more accurately than the average men, hisFire, 994:raises the vibration of his physical atoms, builds a body of ever greater resistance and strength,Fire, 1014:material and energy from all directions and builds it into the necessary astral sheath. On theFire, 1032:of the second aspect of divinity, that which builds and holds the forms in coherent form, and whichFire, 1126:well how to utilize it to the best advantage. He builds also an antahkarana, but of quality andFire, 1234:are responsible for concretion. [1234] Man, who builds forms and creates symbols in his work ofFire, 1258:Logos) just such an antahkarana, and as He builds and constructs it, it forms part of the fourthFire, 1274:* * * The Master of the Sacred Heart is He who builds a Path between the sphere whereon His lot isFire, 1275:lot is cast [1275] and the great manasic orb. He builds it knowingly, calling in the aid of pointsGlamour, 5:Son of God to operate. It negates all that builds barriers, makes criticism, and producesHealing, 192:and with the cooperation of the personality, builds the temple of the body, and then keeps it fullHealing, 204:and their affiliated glands that the soul builds the apparatus upon the physical plane which weHercules, 42:force and that principle of coherence which builds the forms through which God, or the soul,Hercules, 42:concerns the interrelation between that which builds the form and the form itself; between the twoHercules, 86:dominant, and constitutes a handicap. The crab builds its house or shell and carries it upon itsHercules, 173:this is called "initiation of the man who builds his hut." Peter, a rock or foundation, is theInitiation, 159:an inner purpose or state of mind, and thus builds a form or vehicle in deva substance. TheIntellect, 41:lives in a physical body) the self gradually builds a fit instrument through which to manifest, andMagic, 147:aware of the phenomenal world, the disciple builds a new subtler response apparatus whereby theMagic, 240:the great prototype. The second ray aspirant who builds his Dweller and permits its steady andMagic, 252:man would evidence in physical plane life. He builds a thought-form of himself as the ideal man,Magic, 262:the vehicle provided, but during incarnation builds for himself ever a newer and better vehicle,Magic, 263:When therefore a man raises his vibration and builds anew from the beginning, and altersMagic, 265:blessing to struggling humanity. Then he builds for himself a form such as he desires, - a new formMagic, 265:and His cosmic creative work; of the soul, as it builds its instrument for expression, eitherMagic, 283:three factors guide the Manu of the race as He builds a new race and impresses the outer BuildersMagic, 283:They also guide a Master of the Wisdom as He builds His physical body at will for the carryingMagic, 316:into life, which he utilizes, and which he builds as life progresses. Many a man is the victim ofMagic, 472:increasingly from mass thought, he inevitably builds thought substance into form. It is at firstMagic, 484:learn: First, that every thought-form which he builds is built under the impulse of some emotion orMagic, 490:that the bigger whole is forgotten and he builds a thought-form about the partial truth which heMagic, 626:to accord them any recognition. The first method builds towards future strength of character, andMeditation, 26:control of the physical body and each life he builds a better; he has a desire body of more refinedMeditation, 108:the action of the Logos. For certain ends he builds a certain form; he gathers certain material,Meditation, 116:product of his genius to aid the sons of men. He builds slowly great powers of intellect and in theMeditation, 118:incarnation he will have to play it out. If he builds into that group's causal body (the compositeMeditation, 145:though not invariably, of two kinds: The student builds a form daily, with care and love andMeditation, 145:lays the outline of this form in meditation and builds in the fabric in his daily life and thought.Meditation, 150:has to understand and work through the fire that builds, that fuses and develops form. He has,Meditation, 232:To put it quite briefly, as the student builds a pure physical body and a refined etheric, as heMeditation, 275:channel between higher and lower mind, whilst he builds and employs this channel (the antahkarana).Meditation, 292:to throw himself into the right vibration, he builds up a pathway (if so we may term it) that leadsMeditation, 326:telescope he widens the range of his vision, and builds into his mental body a vast store ofMeditation, 340:so the aspirant shapes and moulds and builds, and prepares for the solidifying fire. InitiationPatanjali, 33:he will meditate, he through these objects, builds himself a ladder by means of which he arrivesPatanjali, 407:comprehends his own thought forms and the way he builds and creates his own environment and colorsPsychology1, 65:Wait for thy brother on the path of Love. He builds the forms that can withstand thy power. QualityPsychology1, 80:[80] on that cross must render up its life. Each builds a cross which forms the cross. They mountPsychology1, 86:second and fifth rays in this world period. He builds (using second ray cooperation) through thePsychology1, 188:order - an order which is founded on love, which builds under the impulse of brotherhood, and whichPsychology1, 192:the personality is, in the last analysis) as it builds and qualifies its phenomenal appearance?Psychology1, 299:through which that energy expresses itself and builds a form. It covers the activity which takesPsychology2, 67:in this work for the race, and every person who builds his bridge joins this group of occultPsychology2, 141:he sees it. He inevitably destroys as fast as he builds, and finally destroys himself. Many worthy
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