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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILDS

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Psychology2, 243:the creative imagination, the soul creates; it builds thought-forms on the mental plane andPsychology2, 290:of the Soul, prior to incarnation. The soul builds a body of mental substance or attracts to itPsychology2, 355:naught for thee, so look to me. I am the One who builds, sustains and draws thee on and up. LookRays, 52:intensifies the hold of matter upon the soul; it builds around the soul a confining prison - aRays, 66:thing. Instinctual response to environing forms builds, as we well know, patterns of behavior, ofRays, 119:of the Whole. As the individual disciple builds the rainbow bridge, the antahkarana, and as a groupRays, 216:a factor of potency. Later, as the disciple builds the antahkarana and thus establishes a directRays, 273:that I can do to make it clearer. As humanity builds or creates the triangles of light and ofRays, 283:of approach through identification, the Master builds that of which the spiritual correspondence isRays, 308:then anchors a germ of livingness; at times he builds that which can house his living idea with itsRays, 454:arbitrary to call the bridge which the disciple builds from the lower mental plane - via the egoic,Rays, 466:the consecrated personality. The man who finally builds the antahkarana across the mental [467]Rays, 467:words, the disciple treads the path of return, builds the antahkarana, crosses the Lighted Way, andRays, 485:Because of his fixed orientation, that which he builds will "move upwards toward the center ofRays, 505:the angle of the disciple, the bridge which he builds between the personality and the SpiritualReappearance, 11:an Avatar is one Who preserves, develops, builds, protects, shields and succors the spiritualSoul, 67:and on earth... The ether of space, therefore, builds solar systems as it does matter, withSoul, 79:source of all vital movement is the soul, which builds up the machine of the body, and maintains it
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