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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILT

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Astrology, 49:regard as the evolutionary matter. The forms are built (from the form of all atoms to the body ofAstrology, 69:potency of the thought-forms which have been built up in connection with the twelve signs. TheseAstrology, 177:Cross experience wherein the personality is built up, constructed, developed and integrated, to theAstrology, 400:them some day the astrology of the form will be built. There is Cassiopeia, Venus, Coma Berenice,Astrology, 513:future, offering opportunity. 6. The horoscope, built around the Sun sign, is adequate for ordinaryAstrology, 513:of the twelve houses. 7. The horoscope built up around the rising sign, with the esoteric planetsAstrology, 636:the world. (S.D. Vol. III, 342) Astrology is built upon the mystic and intimate connection betweenAstrology, 684:permanent atom. Again, as the antahkarana is built by individual man between these two points, so -Astrology, 684:again in a planetary sense - is a channel being built by collective man on this planet to itsAtom, 14:has been evolved by a Power or Being Who has built the solar system, and Who guides the worldsAtom, 53:and atoms up to their aggregate as they are built into forms; and continues on through the buildingAtom, 58:all the different forms as we know them are built - all forms in the mineral kingdom, in theAtom, 59:is itself a life; secondly, that all forms are built up of a multiplicity of lives, and thus aAtom, 59:material manifestation or form, this form being built up of myriads of lesser lives. In thisAtom, 61:to deal with the method whereby the forms are built up, or to enlarge upon the evolutionary processAtom, 66:The great fabric of dogmas and doctrines, as built up by the churchmen and theologians of the ages,Atom, 68:demonstrating psychic quality. The atom is then built into all the different forms at varying timesAtom, 69:is to show that in the vegetable kingdom forms built up of atoms show not only discriminativeAtom, 70:of the Atom - The Evolution of Form When we have built this idea into our consciousness, when it isAtom, 80:In other words, we considered the atom as it was built into the different forms in the variousAtom, 84:seen that all forms are an aggregate of lives, built up into the mineral, vegetable, and animalAtom, 115:initiation. [115] When an atom of substance was built into the form, it was for that atom anAutobiography, 11:come the realization that what we have so badly built must disappear and that ours is now theAutobiography, 18:the British Isles. She had her own specially built and endowed cottage hospital; she supportedAutobiography, 24:be so. It was not particularly old, having been built in the time of Queen Anne by Sir WilliamAutobiography, 127:find again if that piece of ground has not been built over, I told God that I was quite desperate,Autobiography, 205:house if I were not downstairs so at last Foster built it a ladder from the garden to my bedroomAutobiography, 217:on Lake Maggiore in Switzerland where she had built a lecture hall and accumulated a very goodAutobiography, 224:small cottage overhanging the lake which she had built on her property. Close to our own home sheAutobiography, 224:on her property. Close to our own home she had built a beautiful lecture hall where the meetingsAutobiography, 263:the inner ranks of His disciples. There is thus built up within these groups, practically withoutBethlehem, 11:around which the entire Gospel narrative is built, he gave them a wide and general application,Bethlehem, 22:of the entire process in His own life story, built around those major initiations which are ourBethlehem, 62:the cathedral of Notre Dame [62] in Paris is built upon the ancient site of a Temple of Isis, andBethlehem, 71:soil, which makes it firm and fruitful. We are built into Him as the strong foundations of theBethlehem, 135:whose inner structure and skeleton outline were built upon the twelve apostles, the seventyBethlehem, 163:truth must the new presentation of religion be built and, later, the new theology be constructed.Bethlehem, 198:concept in understandable terms. "Calvinism is built upon the dogma of the absolute sovereignty ofDestiny, 19:interest. The new forms are, however, being built and the Shamballa potencies, plus hierarchicalDestiny, 111:strive. All the world religions have been thus built around an embodied Idea, Who, in His OwnDiscipleship1, 38:The platform of the new world religion will be built by the many groups, working under theDiscipleship1, 67:something to it. When the thought-form is thus built in your mind, there will follow a periodDiscipleship1, 68:of this mind stuff (already in motion) is built into form and then travels along the current, asDiscipleship1, 86:purpose." It leads to a mode of living which is built upon a planned program which approximatesDiscipleship1, 195:thought. I am anxious to see a greater emphasis built up this year in connection with your contactDiscipleship1, 315:habits of thought and of activity; it has built into the life rhythm certain unalterable tendenciesDiscipleship1, 339:that is why (when you came into incarnation) you built a first ray physical body - which is anDiscipleship1, 374:to build in these second ray qualities. They are built in through the second ray methods of love,Discipleship1, 398:stand amidst the wrecking of much that you have built, and I have seen you relinquish desire with aDiscipleship1, 403:by the individual, which has, during the ages, built up the world glamor. Harmony through ConflictDiscipleship1, 417:specially yours, and these qualities should be built into the very fabric of your life with theDiscipleship1, 471:benefit. The reason for this is that you have built a shell around yourself owing to a naturalDiscipleship1, 543:beauty comes to life. Fifth month... A bridge is built. Two forms are brought within each other'sDiscipleship1, 567:potent thought-form of me upon the astral plane, built by the thousands who have read my manyDiscipleship1, 602:for progress, but you entered life and built a body that has in it much crystallized material and aDiscipleship1, 657:service, and your relations to others are all built around yourself. Never, my brother, for aDiscipleship1, 676:stairs on to the playground, meeting dead shells built in an earlier stage, stepping upon formsDiscipleship1, 677:incorporation into the form of that which is built. They grow through appreciation of and joy inDiscipleship1, 677:through appreciation of and joy in the forms built and the work accomplished. The devas build andDiscipleship1, 684:The group of a Master is a focus of power, built up by the Master in three ways: By the potency ofDiscipleship1, 705:seek to contact, to project the thought-form, built in such a way that it will be of the type andDiscipleship1, 714:of desire. Gradually the antahkarana is built and in this way the "greater Light and the lesserDiscipleship1, 746:as the Church. When the coming world religion is built around the work and the activity of theDiscipleship1, 751:on the thread. The antahkarana is being rapidly built and the inflow of life from the SpiritualDiscipleship1, 755:of the disciple when the antahkarana is being built and is the first kind of contact to which theDiscipleship2, 64:of tension" from whence the antahkarana can be built. There is a basic distinction betweenDiscipleship2, 72:mechanism is a subjective fact, and is slowly built as disciples aspire and serve and obey. It isDiscipleship2, 133:and around it your new meditation will be built. This meditation, if carefully followed, can andDiscipleship2, 178:life of the disciple; this meditation is, again, built up around certain words esotericallyDiscipleship2, 178:than the others. Your meditation must then be built up around eight words which you can arrangeDiscipleship2, 193:by (or is symbolic of) the man who has built (or is in process of building) the antahkarana. WhereDiscipleship2, 341:for you to grasp, because you have not yet truly built or employed the antahkarana; it is time asDiscipleship2, 377:very dawn of human intelligence; this desire has built thought-forms which are in tune or allied toDiscipleship2, 408:animal kingdom. 2. The antahkarana is now being built by all soul-infused personalities (orDiscipleship2, 463:Hold thou to me. The bridge of light is firmly built and on it you can move this way or that, butDiscipleship2, 516:settles down because a separating wall was built on false foundations. Destroy this wall and letDiscipleship2, 528:need. I would also urge upon you a meditation, built around the words: Occult Obedience. OccultDiscipleship2, 552:a winding, mounting path, and at the end a low built bungalow of undressed wood, in which I live.Discipleship2, 557:I am going to give you six themes for meditation built around the as if idea. These will cover oneDiscipleship2, 577:both at once. Thus can the rainbow bridge be built. Go out among the sons of men and heal and lift,Discipleship2, 588:attempt. A line of contact must eventually be built, and those of you who are now disciples in myDiscipleship2, 592:be a strengthening of the integral parts already built. It is of immediate importance that eachDiscipleship2, 626:physical manifestation, the bodies or forms are built. On the Path of Return, they are appropriatedDiscipleship2, 626:conscious appropriation of that which has been built and its use in the service of the Plan. ForgetDiscipleship2, 669:have had two such lives and have consequently built up and established a persistent endurance and aDiscipleship2, 670:disciple is freed from glamor. Thus there can be built a true expression of the life content - fromDiscipleship2, 722:settled abode becomes a shrine, something is built which becomes magnetic and responsive to theDiscipleship2, 753:you hide all that behind a wall which has been built through your conditioning supersensitiveEducation, 16:through the medium of world education, is built upon this unrealized scaffolding. The fundamentalEducation, 25:The technique to be later applied will then be built upon this important initial decision - henceEducation, 29:this building. Down the ages individuals have built their individual bridges between the higher andEducation, 29:must be met and the group antahkarana must be built. This, however, when rightly understood, willEducation, 46:to be given to the children of the world must be built - upon our similarities, our creativeEducation, 87:the day of opportunity, for everything has to be built up again, for everything has been destroyedEducation, 97:[97] just as the first half of the bridge is built through the use of mental substance, so theEducation, 97:use of mental substance, so the second half is built through the use of light substance. 3. TheEducation, 115:predict. The world structure emerges from and is built upon certain inner thought patterns, and itEducation, 137:impart the scientific procedure whereby. bodies "built in the dark" may gradually be superseded byEducation, 137:the dark" may gradually be superseded by bodies "built in the light." Thus will be brought aboutExternalisation, 40:meantime a group of disciples is being slowly built up (of which this second group is a part and in
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