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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUILT

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Psychology2, 21:express the same truth. The quality of matter, built up into human form and indwelt by the soul orPsychology2, 27:can be traced with clarity in all. Forms are built, used and discarded. Cycles of lives bring thePsychology2, 36:One and order bring."' Ray Two "The Blessed One built him an ark. Stage by stage he built it, andPsychology2, 36:Blessed One built him an ark. Stage by stage he built it, and floated upon the bosom of the waters.Psychology2, 36:his floating ark. His voice was heard: 'I have built and strongly built, but am a prisoner withinPsychology2, 36:His voice was heard: 'I have built and strongly built, but am a prisoner within my building. MyPsychology2, 50:three lowest subplanes of the physical plane is built into the etheric body, prior to physicalPsychology2, 50:higher plane and the "bridge" is satisfactorily built, then the "initiate" can escape from thePsychology2, 57:of marble, that the Temple of the Lord must be built, in conformity to the design or pattern. ThisPsychology2, 70:plane. How is this bridging antahkarana to be built? What are the steps which the disciple mustPsychology2, 72:"lighted way" is the illumined bridge. It is built through meditation; it is constructed throughPsychology2, 74:then the work proceeds apace and the bridge is built. One thing only need be added in connectionPsychology2, 78:forms. The stage wherein thought forms are built, at first ignorantly, and then with deliberatePsychology2, 81:to that over-shadowing of the substance to be built into form, and not to the over-shadowing of thePsychology2, 103:the living, vibrating antahkarana or bridge is built, this "way of escape" becomes the normal pathPsychology2, 130:of the major sciences of the coming age will be built up around the active rendering of service. WePsychology2, 167:finds his way into that Hall of Wisdom which is built upon a hill, and not deep under ground. OnlyPsychology2, 169:of Ray V "Deep in a pyramid, on all sides built around by stone, in the deep dark of thatPsychology2, 169:blue, these words: 'Destroy that which thou has built and build anew. But only build when thou hasPsychology2, 191:The platform of the new world religion will be built by them. 7. A few groups will have anPsychology2, 231:of individuality, of personality, and of form is built up. When the interplay ceases andPsychology2, 238:vision of the mystic is forgotten in the forms built up in time; and the symbols of the teachingsPsychology2, 278:ascent that the coming new religion must be built. Stations of power exist and have been foundedPsychology2, 284:essential structure upon which esotericism is built. I have stated it purely in terms of energy,Psychology2, 358:but of His astral symbol, or of the form built by His devoted disciples and followers. The MasterPsychology2, 374:the idealistic, fanatical thought-forms, built up by [375] the devotees upon this ray, are powerfulPsychology2, 428:between the lower aspect and higher can be built and constructed. "As a man thinketh, hopeth andPsychology2, 431:of the new psychology must inevitably be built upon the premise that this one life is not man'sPsychology2, 460:around the one dynamic thought form they have built. These people work always towards a crisis andPsychology2, 569:or circle. These thought forms have been [569] built over a space of time and are usually of somePsychology2, 570:with his home affairs, his business or are built up around his health. The sensitive tunes in onPsychology2, 584:primitive substance of a low grade which can be built into shape (and often is) by the thought,Psychology2, 600:This powerful dream, this defined thought-form (built year by year through aspiration, worship andPsychology2, 681:love. Units of Service in all nations must be built up steadily. A number of such units alreadyPsychology2, 713:These thought forms necessarily exist, and are built by the devotion of the aspirants of the world,Rays, 43:the antahkarana, the rainbow bridge. This is built by the disciple-in-training upon the basis ofRays, 43:of the bridge (if I might so call it) is being built or pushed forward from the other side of theRays, 88:energy of organization. The new world will be built upon the ruins of the old. The new structureRays, 105:of atomic lives out of which all forms are built. With this the Treatise on Cosmic Fire largelyRays, 121:to be created, and that takes time, for they are built by the power of thought and due process ofRays, 122:on which a more spiritual superstructure can be built. The Science of Meditation and the consciousRays, 123:will become possible: 1. The antahkarana can be built and the shining of the Triad be definitelyRays, 131:Path of the Higher Evolution. The antahkarana is built by aspirants and disciples and initiates ofRays, 184:of the [184] soul to be found within all forms - built by the Army of the Voice and by the devas inRays, 239:the older methods. These older methods, built around the direct relationship between a Master and aRays, 256:It signifies that the group antahkarana is built and is being consciously used, and that thereforeRays, 308:structure on which the grosser structure is built. Some understanding of this will come if youRays, 445:plane. How is this bridging antahkarana to be built? Where [446] are the steps which the discipleRays, 447:"lighted way" is the illumined bridge. It is built through meditation; it is constructed throughRays, 448:then the work proceeds apace and the bridge is built. It is wise to accept the fact that humanityRays, 464:the "bridge of shining mind stuff" has to be built by the conscious aspirant. The oriental term forRays, 467:deeply esoteric fact that this antahkarana is built through the medium of a conscious effort withinRays, 472:Way is revealed only when the antahkarana is built and completed and the man becomes focused in theRays, 475:the antahkarana. This bridge has to be built by the aspirant who is focused upon the mental plane,Rays, 475:is completed and the antahkarana is definitely built - thus producing perfect alignment between theRays, 478:was not functioning at all. The bridge was not built. 3. In our modern Aryan race - modern as farRays, 481:nature fades out. When the antahkarana is built, and the mental unit is superseded by the manasicRays, 484:becomes the creating agent. For aeons, he has built and has used his vehicles of manifestation inRays, 486:and the means whereby the antahkarana is built will appear with greater clarity. These words coverRays, 488:the three worlds. When the antahkarana is being built, this awareness must be present alongside theRays, 491:The antahkarana per se, completed by the bridge built by the disciple, is the final medium ofRays, 492:[492] Therefore, before the bridge can be truly built and "projected on the upward way, providingRays, 493:is known and rightly used, the bridge is rapidly built. Students need feel in no way discouraged byRays, 494:the lower projection. Thus the antahkarana is built. The tension of the lower evokes the attentionRays, 495:and Resurrection. The bridge is now built. Thin and tenuous may be its strands at the beginning,Rays, 505:ray methods of projection. The bridge to be built is called frequently the "rainbow bridge" becauseRays, 505:the note of his ray is seen." The bridge built by humanity as a whole is one bridge composed of theRays, 505:of the multiplicity of individual bridges, built by the many disciples. It is therefore formedRays, 510:evokes response from the "rainbow bridge" as built by all other disciples. Thus the work ofRays, 547:becoming a part of the group Antahkarana, built by disciples (working in the three worlds but onRays, 633:is being put to the test. The bridge will be built. In the U.S.A. you have the problem of theRays, 633:between these two great groups must and will be built. In the U.S.S.R. you have the problem of theRays, 655:of the world, with their materialistic bias) has built, thereby letting in the [656] light ofRays, 659:from one civilization to another (each being built upon the cultural seed of the preceding one,Reappearance, 140:in the great stone temples which churchmen have built, whilst His people are left without guidanceReappearance, 157:recognized the new world religion will be built. The definition of religion which will in theReappearance, 159:The platform of the new world religion will be built by many groups, working under the inspirationTelepathy, 70:of contact. I refer not here to the thread as built by the disciple between the mental unit and theTelepathy, 139:of the antahkarana, and this can only be built by advanced students. There is no such plannedTelepathy, 156:It can only truly be so when the antahkarana is built and acts, therefore, as a direct channel forTelepathy, 160:the monadic plane. When the antahkarana has been built, then cosmic etheric substance can be slowlyTelepathy, 165:by the Spiritual Triad, when the antahkarana is built or in process of building, and in its turnTelepathy, 176:experience; and that also, as the antahkarana is built, it is intended to carry the energies of theTelepathy, 177:of a sea of energies, some of which are built into forms, others constitute the medium in which
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