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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BURDEN

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Astrology, 333:Dedication to the soul The Server of all men The burden of the self The burden of humanity TheAstrology, 333:The Server of all men The burden of the self The burden of humanity The burden of the world 12.Astrology, 333:burden of the self The burden of humanity The burden of the world 12. Pisces, Keynote: Pisces takesAutobiography, 131:came to consult me in my office in New York. The burden of her story was that she was having anBethlehem, 209:nature. Christ assumed the ancient symbol and burden of the cross, and, taking His stand beside allDiscipleship1, 101:will enable them to carry more easily the heavy burden which human karma has laid upon them andDiscipleship1, 149:ray to "agonize towards the goal, carrying the burden of the world, learning - throughDiscipleship1, 440:it stands between those who are bearing the burden of the direct contact and the immediate work inDiscipleship1, 454:which will enable you to take up your life's burden, when it is next imposed upon you, in fullDiscipleship2, XII:this work which was to her an extra and a heavy burden. It was particularly distasteful to her toDiscipleship2, 76:main reasons, and because I seek no further to burden A.A.B. with your personal instructions, I amDiscipleship2, 472:These are the result of his attempt to lift the burden of humanity and the measure of hisDiscipleship2, 571:What do you do of a practical nature to add your burden-bearing capacity to the group of worldDiscipleship2, 642:you are enduring) to lay upon you any further burden of self-discipline or more of the life ofDiscipleship2, 650:Then and only then can they begin to lift the burden of humanity as a whole and do theirExternalisation, 319:lighten for peace-loving peoples the crushing burden of armaments. Externalisation, 443:is here gained by reiteration except the growing burden of a responsibility which you can shoulderExternalisation, 540:and Their senior disciples carrying the burden of the outer world service; this alignment has alsoFire, VII:the public over her signature. This involved the burden of leadership in the esoteric field andHercules, 58:his brother onto his own back, shouldering the burden of the worlds himself. He closed his eyes,Hercules, 63:of the story, that Atlas, freed from his burden, goes to the garden of the Hesperides, plucks theHercules, 69:"redeemer", that the next brightest is "the burden bearer" or "the one who bears for others". WeHercules, 69:out his own salvation and as he bears the great burden of Atlas and learns the meaning of service.Hercules, 72:own desire for contact and seek only to lift the burden that They carry. At the beginning of hisHercules, 72:close of his search he meets Atlas, bearing the burden of the world, and so impressed is he withHercules, 72:for the golden apples and endeavors to lift the burden off the shoulders of Atlas. When aspirantsHercules, 75:to the service of the world and to lifting the burden of Atlas. After the sacrifice comes theHercules, 123:etymologically 'to bear'. To bear what? The burden of the necessity for change and growth ... TheHercules, 201:in themselves, but upon whom is laid the burden of leading humanity. They are starting movementsInitiation, 61:great. The Masters are carrying an over heavy burden, and much of their work of teaching disciplesInitiation, 74:and sorrowful demonstration, but lifting up the burden of the world; working, and wasting no energyInitiation, 74:it will serve best to ease a load or lift a burden, remembering that as the race progresses, theMagic, 349:life realize more than perhaps you who bear the burden and heat of physical plane existence know.Magic, 638:In the press of the work and in the burden and toil of the day's labors it is an encouragement toMeditation, 272:The disciple can then lift some of the burden off his Master's shoulders, and relieve Him of someProblems, 110:as a field laborer, a factory hand, a beast of burden, or one only [111] capable of housework orPsychology1, 119:of the psychologists, carrying with them the burden of their dual natures; and psychologists inPsychology1, 275:would impair their health or lay on them the burden of straitened economic conditions. ThePsychology2, 120:posed upon the shoulders, is a sign of the burden of service. It is not easy to serve. Man is todayPsychology2, 462:of thought, to the fanatic who makes life a burden to all around him as he seeks to impose hisRays, 130:will of the Great White Lodge on Sirius, and the burden of this "cosmic intention" is shared by theRays, 673:now perceived. The vision is acknowledged. The burden of the future is assumed. The cave is lighted
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