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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BURIED

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Autobiography, 8:In the English graveyard where my parents are buried there was a tombstone (the first that caughtAutobiography, 24:His heart - enclosed in a silver casket - was buried under the sundial in the middle of the formalBethlehem, 232:placed in the tomb, Christianity was dead and buried too. Now we meet these men and women a fewDiscipleship1, 625:pomp and ceremonies of a priestly past lie buried in your consciousness and are easily evoked; inFire, 837:where the struggling Spirit within is so often buried in the depths of this mysterious Chaos,Healing, 58:groups of infections; they have died and been buried and in their millions have contributed theirHealing, 251:that Nature never intended that bodies would be buried in the ground. The animals die and theirHercules, 142:cut off the hydra's one immortal head and buried it, still fiercely hissing, beneath a rock.Hercules, 142:Further, the statement that this great head was "buried under a rock", gives ground for muchHercules, 142:is revealing. All versions state that it was so buried. In some accounts it is stated that HerculesHercules, 144:head, dissevered from the hydra's body, is buried beneath a rock. This implies that thePsychology2, 167:Ray III "Surrounded by a multitude of threads, buried in folds and folds of woven goods, the Weaver
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