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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BURNT

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Autobiography, 182:or occult matters and that it did not mean I burnt the clothes. I told them that they couldFire, 60:The internal fires of the moon are practically burnt out, and, therefore, she does not shine saveFire, 124:all "dross" (as the Christian expresses it) is burnt away, and naught remains to impede theFire, 401:four, are the fires of both mind and matter burnt out and the fire of Spirit set free. Fire, 838:exist; and that there are innumerable planets "burnt out" they say, - in Obscuration we say; -Fire, 1127:aspect becomes dominated, and the form is "burnt upon the altar." These ideas can also be studiedMagic, 225:in one significant sense. When desire has burnt itself out, planetary life comes to an end, asMagic, 592:of etheric and gaseous substance. This has to be burnt away and dissipated before there can be theMagic, 592:of centers concerned. Only when these webs are burnt away by the ascending and descending fires canMeditation, 134:like errors in the same way as a child once burnt avoids the fire. It is the man who persists inMeditation, 152:from curiosity or desire for power have to be burnt out of him before the secrets of the Path canMeditation, 186:expressing itself, all impurity and dross is burnt away, and the goal is reached. The spark hasPatanjali, 126:total destruction as by fire; that just as a burnt, dried up seed is no longer capable ofPatanjali, 209:rage, the flames devour; let all the dross be burnt; and let me enter through that Gate, and treadRays, 86:the outward and visible sign. Much evil is being burnt out through the revelation of the appallingRays, 461:Fire. This fire, energized by love, has burnt out all personality qualities, leaving only aRays, 604:time, and by the drought of the year 1947 which burnt up the terrain in Europe and in GreatRays, 768:the inner light divine till all the forms are burnt and gone, and naught is left save one divine
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