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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - BUSINESS

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Astrology, 142:the adherent and worker in some firm or business within whose limits all his interests are confinedAstrology, 524:men, ecclesiastical dictators in any religion, business dictators in any business group in any partAstrology, 524:in any religion, business dictators in any business group in any part of the world or those minorAstrology, 564:"Wist ye not that I must be about My Father's business," thereby indicating the subordination ofAstrology, 582:"Wist ye not that I must be about My Father's business?" That business, related by Him to the firstAstrology, 582:that I must be about My Father's business?" That business, related by Him to the first divineAtom, 106:in themselves, occupied only with their own business, intent upon their own pleasure getting,Atom, 111:upon that which embodies for him the ideal. The business man, or the professional man, who, duringAutobiography, 66:were very good to me and attended to all the business details. Remember, again, that I was young,Autobiography, 119:permit a Jew to get a footing in your group or business organization, it will not be long beforeAutobiography, 182:They seem to feel that anything you do is their business and that you must say the things they wantAutobiography, 191:who used to meet every Tuesday afternoon after business hours to talk about the things thatAutobiography, 271:to those he seeks to serve are those of the business world; he may build a helpful organization butAutobiography, 285:we are glad but (in the last analysis) it is his business what he does with them; if he does notAutobiography, 285:the opportunities presented, that again is his business. To leave the student completely free is aAutobiography, 287:and accept, we feel that that is their own business and none of ours. It makes no differenceBethlehem, 47:"Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" (St. Luke, II, 49.) He knew that He wasBethlehem, 48:to do. He had fulfiled the Plan; the Father's business had been done and the "many things"Bethlehem, 76:"Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" (St. Luke, II, 49.) That business, as itBethlehem, 76:my Father's business?" (St. Luke, II, 49.) That business, as it developed in His consciousness inBethlehem, 169:an objective in all human affairs. Even modern business is coming to the recognition that it mustBethlehem, 169:that it must be a motivating agency if business, as we understand it in the modern sense, is toBethlehem, 205:affiliated - a family group, a social group, a business group, or just the group of human beingsBethlehem, 266:that He came to occupy Himself with His Father's business. He obeyed the call. He did as God toldDestiny, 98:men, ecclesiastical dictators in any religion, business dictators in any business group in any partDestiny, 98:in any religion, business dictators in any business group in any part of the world, or those minorDiscipleship1, 48:this truth, telling the disciple to mind his own business. Discipleship1, 60:of the group members will simply mind his own business and permit his group brothers to mindDiscipleship1, 61:to attend to their own individual group business and not to speculate as to the nature of the workDiscipleship1, 96:to beware. Attend to your own life and your own business. Speculate not as to the status of theDiscipleship1, 314:the householder, of the family man, and of the business man - is now called to that attitude ofDiscipleship1, 314:olden times, such a man left his home and his business and went out into the world, following theDiscipleship1, 314:habits and attitudes in life to the world of business, and of family relations play their part,Discipleship1, 379:the factor which brought you originally into the business field and has, therefore, inclined you toDiscipleship1, 400:long, through the release from the load of business cares, there may come for you a time of widenedDiscipleship1, 401:for many years with the cares of a great business Organization and your imposed (and rightlyDiscipleship1, 433:of men through the foresight required in meeting business needs. Train others to do the detailedDiscipleship1, 494:in others - those in your own home, in your business relations and in all whom you meet and lifeDiscipleship1, 596:good" on the physical plane in the world of business; paralleling this, but divorced from it, hasDiscipleship1, 596:physical plane life has been to lay the gains in business at the disposal of the Great Ones, butDiscipleship1, 617:service and be not entirely overwhelmed with the business of the physical plane. Your dailyDiscipleship1, 617:the business of the physical plane. Your daily business, your daily service in your environment,Discipleship1, 660:interlude of stock-taking (is not that the right business word?) and a period of review and ofDiscipleship2, 9:reactions. Those are essentially your own business and not mine. Discipleship2, 44:daily life pattern, to the requirements of your business or your home or to what you believe to beDiscipleship2, 108:and then plead with them to mind their own business where each other is concerned and ask them toDiscipleship2, 109:circulated by the average aspirant. This whole business of occult gossip and of misinformationDiscipleship2, 205:man or woman, or those engrossed entirely in business, political and family ties, cannot form aDiscipleship2, 334:friend, or communal group, and are none of our business. Yet those are [335] the things which youDiscipleship2, 410:family and social responsibilities and their business obligations. None of you would have beenDiscipleship2, 537:are liable to work out in the family, in the business office or within the radius of a relativelyDiscipleship2, 563:the pressure of daily life out in the world of business and of men have to be of great length,Discipleship2, 572:to you some years ago. The world of competitive business and the struggle with the financialDiscipleship2, 584:your individual life theme in the home, in your business, in your work with the service of theDiscipleship2, 589:do for humanity and incidentally for us. Sound business methods must distinguish the physical planeDiscipleship2, 727:who have misled and glamored you in the business world and led you into devious and difficultDiscipleship2, 727:you endeavored in that period to attend to the business of life, watching yourself with care. ThenDiscipleship2, 728:fact that in the performance of your home and business duties and in the effort to bring happinessDiscipleship2, 729:my brother? Can you bring spirituality into business and live in the business world as a disciple?Discipleship2, 729:bring spirituality into business and live in the business world as a disciple? If you cannot doDiscipleship2, 729:leaves no aspect of life unlived, and business is an aspect of human living. Can you bring naughtEducation, 74:matters, compared to the important and essential business of giving their child a right start uponEducation, 102:machine and by the selfish bias of the world's business in its many departments, plus the emphasisExternalisation, 130:point out here also that as in all families, business and organizations there are those who are theExternalisation, 162:said that He must be about His Father's business and then at the end of His life, reiterated theExternalisation, 329:safely to contact. Plan this work along sound business lines, making a small group of youExternalisation, 330:should be drawn up for general circulation; wise business organization should be applied from theExternalisation, 335:earth. This will require spiritual energy, sound business sense, skill in action and financialExternalisation, 379:What, therefore, can the man in the street, the business man in his office, the woman in her home,Externalisation, 382:relation to his family and his household, his business or social associates, his casualExternalisation, 427:and in a demand for peace. They see the end of business as they have known it; they see theExternalisation, 473:own salvation as men and women of affairs, as business men, as husbands and wives, farmers andExternalisation, 477:who have profited by the war, as well as by "big business" interests in many lands. These areExternalisation, 548:unable to leave politics alone and attend to the business for which all religions are responsible -Externalisation, 569:comprehensively human and it will supersede big business and private enterprise. It will at theExternalisation, 570:languages in all forms of international and business intercourse without in any way obliteratingExternalisation, 570:another; they will be the current politicians, business men, financiers, religious teachers orExternalisation, 580:that certain fundamental ideals will motivate business, being forced upon business by publicExternalisation, 580:ideals will motivate business, being forced upon business by public opinion; the fact that the newExternalisation, 584:motivation in the future will not be primarily business success or personality ambition but theExternalisation, 609: with the Will of God (His Father's business) in such a manner that the eternalExternalisation, 619:and then employ such skill in action and such business acumen that these hindrances will beExternalisation, 622:what They are, but They go about the Father's business, demonstrating goodwill, seeking to enlargeExternalisation, 629:esoteric groups have given much thought to this business of directing money into channels whichExternalisation, 650:with which I am presenting you. It involves hard business sense on the physical plane, a practicalExternalisation, 651:of mankind demand courage, organization, [651] business acumen, psychology and persistence; itFire, 423:coming century. This is the intensification of business organization, and the bringing (under lawFire, 453:units and between groups. The organization of business on lines hitherto undreamt of. TheFire, 453:effort, and economy of force in the scientific, business, philosophic, educational, and religiousFire, 548:through the study of vocational education, business efficiency, and the place of the human unit inFire, 579:the sex problem, or whether it demonstrates in business organization, in scientific development, inGlamour, 156:The Physical ray - 7th - organization, business. The soul ray controls for an entire life period.Healing, 71:Pay no attention. Get up and go about your business." It is no use saying to men today, "Do notHealing, 238:types of humanity who - through interest in business and leadership - often sacrifice their livesHealing, 267:finds himself; it will come when selfishness in business relations and the pronounced manipulativeHealing, 590:enabling the human being to "transact his business in the [591] world of planetary physical life."Hercules, 116:bear loud testimony; and competition arises in business as well as in the home. There are smallInitiation, viii:path of duty and high-minded attention to the business in hand, he will duly arrive at hisInitiation, 105:themselves with that which is strictly their own business; the Mahachohan, being the embodiment ofInitiation, 182:world of commerce and of finance, and the great business organizations everywhere to be seen. Above
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