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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CALIFORNIA

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Atom, 132:along this line by students and scientists in California. Dr. Frederick Finch Strong has beenAutobiography, 2:a rector of the Protestant Episcopal Church in California and the mother of three girls. ThisAutobiography, 109:a charge under the Bishop of San Joaquin in California. This turned out to be a wonderful thing forAutobiography, 110:me as comfortably as possible on the train for California. The tourist sleepers in those days wereAutobiography, 156:that I had done the best thing for the children. California is one of the most difficult states inAutobiography, 180:death when she went into an old ladies' home in California, largely, she told me, because she hadFire, vi:him, on the physical plane, which took place in California in November 1919. Thirty years' work wasFire, 90:specially active in such parts of the world as California, in those tropical countries where theFire, 907:zones. Serious disturbance may be looked for in California before the end of the century, and inMeditation, 307:Middle West, and an extensive occult college in California in a place later to be revealed. ThisMeditation, 308:or Syria leading to Egypt Middle West, USA California, USA Southern France Italy Scotland or Wales
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