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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CALM

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Autobiography, 70:of fiery Hindus over here loom larger than the calm assurances of the British Raj that as soon asBethlehem, 76:herself and to His father, but only received the calm answer, spoken with conviction, and soBethlehem, 99:arise in the world of feeling, and the peace and calm which can descend upon a man, make of water aBethlehem, 255:and unity, the joy of self-abandonment, the calm of absolute contemplation, the vision of God. OnDiscipleship1, 6:- potent in results - may be achieved in the calm of silence and the rest of what the Hindu callsDiscipleship1, 231:blue. And then a tidal wave. But after that the calm. The boatman chants: The storm has brought meDiscipleship1, 243:must change into the steadfast, powerful, calm purpose of the soul, working through the disciple.Discipleship1, 275:and to avert conflict, thus acting as a calm center in the whirlpool of activity with which you areDiscipleship1, 415:a manner that you can demonstrate that leisured calm through which strength can flow from you toDiscipleship1, 498:service will provide an adequate field. Astral calm, self-forgetfulness, and the development ofDiscipleship1, 593:in time to come you must demonstrate that steady calm for this life, that "poised position at theDiscipleship1, 593:intense activity that it gets temporarily out of calm control. Too much is seen at once; too muchDiscipleship1, 594:the soul as it conditions the outer life into a calm and increasing service and cooperation with myDiscipleship1, 638:sunshine and the rain, has to give place to the calm, deep running of a river, as it pours down toDiscipleship1, 750:for peace. Serenity signifies that deep calm, devoid of emotional disturbance which distinguishesDiscipleship2, 33:among you, having learnt some measure of inner calm and mental poise. L.T.S.K., I felt, needed theDiscipleship2, 385:Mind." [385] I would have you give these words calm and mature consideration. The planetary LogosDiscipleship2, 512:almost too violent emotional reactions into that calm, understanding, compassionate wisdom which -Discipleship2, 606:Reflect. Stand free. Let naught disturb your calm. Yet seek not peace. Keep poised upon a pinnacleDiscipleship2, 720:is not so. It is due to a feverish mind; until calm and peace and tranquility distinguish yourDiscipleship2, 721:assigned. A room in shadow, full of peace and calm, of books and enterprise. And at the desk, theDiscipleship2, 721:and o'er its lintel are the words: Enter with calm; speak low and only if a need is there. EnterDiscipleship2, 724:by you three times a day, will suffice to calm your mind and turn the place where you abide into aExternalisation, 143:worn itself out and some measure of peace and calm has come about. Each of you has your own sphereExternalisation, 183:by the clear thinking of the masses and by the calm and unafraid challenges of the democracies. OnExternalisation, 369:mankind can be assuaged, and time be gained for calm, unhurried planning. 2. The danger of a returnExternalisation, 678:and inclusively; it waits for a greater calm and a firmer sense of security in Europe. The centerFire, 557:astral plane. Only when the astral plane is a calm receiver of buddhic impulse, or a liquidFire, 1279:reigns and silence on the waters. The central calm persists. * * * The completed chord, the third,Glamour, 145:of assessing the situation and subject it to a calm, cold scrutiny. Glamor and emotion play intoHealing, 552:a constancy of emotional reaction and to become calm and quiescent. This quiet reaction has to beHealing, 703:with confidence the processes of death, and with calm and intelligent understanding pass out to theHealing, 708:healer. And yet they both remain in peace and calm Thus must the angel of the Lord descend into theHercules, 140:Myth The great Presiding One, enrobed in radiant calm, said but a single word. The Teacher heardInitiation, 77:where naught that occurs can ruffle the inner calm; where the peace that passeth understanding isInitiation, 77:in the Ego, who is - in essence - balance; where calm rules unruffled and unshaken, because theMagic, 66:The silence that comes from the inner calm is the one to cultivate. Aspirants are urged to rememberMagic, 66:side of death. Remember always that lack of calm in the daily life prevents the teachers on egoicMagic, 66:work, toil, strive, aspire, and hold the inner calm. Withdraw steadily into interior work and soMagic, 129:your duty, develop restraint of speech and that calm poise that comes from an unselfish life motiveMagic, 130:and leads to that self-reliance and inward calm which is based upon the rule of the inner God andMagic, 203:disposition. We say to him that he needs to be calm and peaceful and to cultivate detachment and soMagic, 203:cross disposition there should be sweetness and calm. This sounds a platitude and mostMagic, 325:patience carry on the work, who keep the inner calm and surety, who lose sight of the foreground ofMeditation, 41:old has passed away, manifests in a period of calm and apparent equilibrium. At no time in theMeditation, 84:maintaining an attitude of perfect peace and calm. There is a direct relationship between the twoMeditation, 133:called in, whereas in the former frequently the calm reasoning of the lower mind may suffice toMeditation, 138:on the emotional plane and achieve the inner calm. Do naught to overtire the body physical, andMeditation, 191:achieved, ranging all the way from the calm and peaceful feeling that rests upon the participant inMeditation, 349:assail him, provided his inner self remains calm and non-accusing; he cares not if he losesPatanjali, 76:reactions and eventually complete quiet and calm. The idea is well covered by Charles Johnston inPatanjali, 103:then the yogin gains the internal undisturbed calm (that is to say), the vision of the flashPsychology1, 81:of the night and day? Why thus unmoved and calm, untired and unafraid? Quality - endurance andPsychology1, 202:The Second Ray of Love-Wisdom Special Virtues: Calm, strength, patience and endurance, love ofRays, 549:- an activity [549] which in no way disturbs the calm procedures of the life of ashramic contacts.Rays, 638:evading no issues, but preserving always a calm, dispassionate and loving understanding; let themRays, 654:by a quality of tranquility and by an aura of calm potency wherein the will of God (to beRays, 763:shuts out the tone. He who is silent, quiet and calm within, who sees all by means of light divineReappearance, 74:is not the sumtotal of an emotional and static calm, bringing to an end the turmoil on the EarthReappearance, 74:this Law) balanced by a corresponding cycle of calm, emotional quiet and mental poise, thus
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