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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CANCER

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Astrology, 320:though beginning with the mass awareness of Cancer. There are three signs, preceding these, whichAstrology, 321:indication and the outstanding characteristic of Cancer and its subjects. The Moon, however,Astrology, 321:and its subjects. The Moon, however, relates Cancer to two other signs and these form a cosmicAstrology, 321:signs and these form a cosmic triangle. They are Cancer-Virgo-Aquarius. In this combination, youAstrology, 321:esoteric and hierarchical) by the Sun, Cancer is the only other sign which is ruled by only oneAstrology, 322:has to [322] wrestle. In the mass mind (of which Cancer is the truest expression), it is fortunateAstrology, 322:modern times to grasp the mass-consciousness of Cancer as it is for him to grasp theAstrology, 322:by the same planet. The unveiled Neptune relates Cancer to no other constellation or sign, and thisAstrology, 323:influences which are brought to bear upon the Cancer subject and thus lead to the unfoldment of theAstrology, 323:the influences of the Cardinal Cross (of which Cancer is a part), the Cancerian subject is affectedAstrology, 324:the seven planets upon the man born in the sign Cancer. It is here that there will be found certainAstrology, 324:and to prove it an illusion that the door in Cancer opens to the sacrificing, serving soul. BearAstrology, 328:studying of the ray forces and their effects in Cancer, we must do so from the angle of the massAstrology, 329:It is the conscious light of that relationship. Cancer - The Light within the form. This is theAstrology, 329:light logoic, or divine. The light diffused in Cancer focuses and reveals eventually a point. VirgoAstrology, 330:is because - speaking in parables - the light of Cancer is only diffused, vague and inchoate thatAstrology, 331:of development. The response of the individual Cancer subject to the incoming influences and to hisAstrology, 331:plane existence through the open door of Cancer, and proceeds then through all the signs. [332]Astrology, 333:"I serve my brother" "I serve the One" 4. Cancer, Keynote: Cancer visions life in Leo The blindAstrology, 333:brother" "I serve the One" 4. Cancer, Keynote: Cancer visions life in Leo The blind unit is lostAstrology, 334:case when such opposites as Leo and Aquarius or Cancer and Capricorn are considered. TheseAstrology, 334:at through an understanding of the influences of Cancer. One thing which will later emerge, butAstrology, 335:Through a study of the Cardinal Cross - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn - the astrologer can arriveAstrology, 336:his interpretations. It is the focused energy of Cancer which makes it a major magnetic orAstrology, 336:processes of incarnation. Through the door of Cancer streams the "magnetic magical light whichAstrology, 337:life, leading to incarnation through the door of Cancer, or to soul life, leading to initiationAstrology, 338:synthesized and directed, controls all activity. Cancer-Capricorn The urge to incarnate leads toAstrology, 339:the waxing of the life of the soul. Capricorn-Cancer The initiate now chooses to incarnate andAstrology, 339:for instance, say in connection with the sign, Cancer, has already [340] been said in connectionAstrology, 340:to achieve through the medium of conflict, rule Cancer so potently, both directly and indirectly.Astrology, 340:In these words you have the true clue to the Cancer-Capricorn relationship. When to these potentAstrology, 340:these ray potencies as they find expression in Cancer upon: The unevolved man as he demonstratesAstrology, 341:sign - exoteric and esoteric - which brought the Cancer subject into contact with Virgo, AquariusAstrology, 341:with the Plan of God. Jupiter guarantees this in Cancer from the very initial stage of birth. LoveAstrology, 341:perfection in Capricorn to become again in Cancer the perfect [342] instrument of service which theAstrology, 342:will lead to the needed struggle. This makes Cancer a place of symbolic imprisonment and emphasizesAstrology, 343:Word of the soul indicates the objective of the Cancer experience and the purpose for whichAstrology, 344:realities which incite the form-taking in Cancer - to consider predisposing causes more thanAstrology, 344:They lie behind the form-taking experience in Cancer and they also lie behind manifestation inAstrology, 351:connected with the heart of the Sun, just as Cancer is related to the physical Sun and Aquarius toAstrology, 351:aspects of the Sun in a most mysterious fashion: Cancer - physical Sun - 3rd aspect - intelligentAstrology, 351:which will be found of dominating importance. In Cancer, you have the intelligent syntheticAstrology, 351:you have the results of the activity of Cancer and Gemini, producing a higher synthesis and aAstrology, 360:the struggle which began in Aries, focused in Cancer, is brought to [361] a crisis in Scorpio andAstrology, 368:plane. Is focused upon the mortal brother. Cancer - Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio Are strictlyAstrology, 389:and be consciously directed and controlled in Cancer, thus leading to the great liberation whichAstrology, 389:which takes place in the polar opposite to Cancer, Capricorn and also in Aquarius and Pisces. ThisAstrology, 416:our solar system. First Triangle: The Pleiades - Cancer - Venus. Humanity. Second Triangle: TheAstrology, 423:Venus The Moon Pluto III. Active Intelligence Cancer Libra Capricorn The Moon Venus Saturn NeptuneAstrology, 423:Moon The Earth Pluto VII. Ceremonial Order Aries Cancer Capricorn Mars The Moon Saturn MercuryAstrology, 426:importance and may be enumerated as follows: Cancer Leo Scorpio Capricorn Pisces These five signsAstrology, 458:1. London 5th 7th Gemini 2. New York 2nd 3rd Cancer 3. Tokyo 6th 4th Cancer 4. Geneva 1st 2nd LeoAstrology, 458:2. New York 2nd 3rd Cancer 3. Tokyo 6th 4th Cancer 4. Geneva 1st 2nd Leo 5. Darjeeling 2nd 5thAstrology, 465:have therefore: I. Sirius - Working through - Cancer - Saturn - Capricorn II. The Pleiades -Astrology, 466:We might consequently state that the forces of: Cancer - Capricorn - Saturn (which are anAstrology, 472:Cross 1. Crisis of Incarnation Individualization Cancer Cardinal 2. Crisis of Orientation ReversalAstrology, 474:but for the sake of clarity we separate them. Cancer - Aries - Capricorn - (Cycle one) Gemini -Astrology, 475:souls. We have therefore: Seven constellations Cancer - Aries - Gemini - Scorpio - Capricorn -Astrology, 489:Ray II - Gemini - Virgo - Pisces Ray III - Cancer - Libra - Capricorn Ray IV - Taurus - Scorpio -Astrology, 489:- Virgo - Sagittarius - Pisces Ray VII - Aries - Cancer - Capricorn Certain interesting factsAstrology, 490:principle in the heart of humanity. Ray III - Cancer: The mass movement towards liberty, releaseAstrology, 491:quiescent. Ray III is expressing itself through Cancer, as far as the mass is concerned and throughAstrology, 495:Direction expression of the intuition. Cancer Incarnation experience of realization. LeoAstrology, 495:of these for mankind is the triangle of Cancer, Leo and Aquarius. They are important at this timeAstrology, 496:- Conclusions From the mass awareness in Cancer, the man becomes an individual in Leo and the slowAstrology, 507:another angle you have: Aries - ruled by Mars. Cancer - ruled by the Moon, veiling a sacred planet.Astrology, 508:in a form. Again, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer and is related to the fourth ray, and rules theAstrology, 567:(paradoxically) the present world cleavage. Cancer - The potency of this sign is expressed for usAstrology, 567:to the initiate consciousness of His disciples. Cancer is a mass sign. Libra - Christ stood at theAstrology, 590:Venus The Moon Pluto III Active Intelligence Cancer, the Crab Libra, the Scales Capricorn, the GoatAstrology, 590:Earth Pluto VII Ceremonial Order Aries, the Ram Cancer, the Crab Capricorn, the Goat Mars The MoonAstrology, 628:and Transformation Ray III - Active Intelligence Cancer - Libra - Capricorn working through fiveAstrology, 632:Planets - Cosmic Energies and Transformation 1. Cancer This is the constellation which symbolizesAstrology, 653:the Word said: Let other forms exist. I rule. Cancer - And the Word said: Let isolation be the ruleAstrology, 654:and in the waning of that self I grow and glow. Cancer - I build a lighted house and therein dwell.Autobiography, 15:A. Bailey - Chapter I My sister later took up cancer research and has made herself a brilliant nameAutobiography, 183:always felt that I should astrologically have Cancer rising because I like to hide and not be seenAutobiography, 183:individual. Only one of them has ever given me Cancer rising and he had insight and sympathy withAutobiography, 183:publicity, and I think that inclined him to make Cancer my rising sign. However, I believe that myDestiny, 68:Egoic Ray Ruling Sign Personality Ray Argentina Cancer 4th - Libra 7th - Austria Libra 7th FourthDestiny, 68:6th - Capricorn 10th - Holland Aquarius 11th - Cancer 4th - India Aries 1st First Capricorn 10thDestiny, 68:5th Sixth. Scandinavia (4 Nations) Libra 7th - Cancer 4th - Spain Sagittarius 9th Sixth CapricornDestiny, 68:Switzerland Aries 1st - Aquarius 11th - Turkey Cancer 4th - Scorpio 8th - USA Aquarius 11th SecondDestiny, 69:2nd Aquarius 11th United States Washington Cancer 4th Sagittarius 9th An analysis of the signsDestiny, 88:The capital city, Washington, is ruled by Cancer and Sagittarius, and it is this fact which leadsDestiny, 88:leads the United States to act like the Crab (Cancer) and be preoccupied with its own house whichDestiny, 89:link it with France, except indirectly through Cancer, which is the polar opposite of Capricorn,Destiny, 89:Mercury, Venus and the Earth (the Nation). Cancer - with its rulers, the Moon and Neptune (theDestiny, 93:5th ray 7th ray Gemini. New York 2nd ray 3rd ray Cancer. Tokyo 6th ray 4th ray Cancer. Geneva 1stDestiny, 93:2nd ray 3rd ray Cancer. Tokyo 6th ray 4th ray Cancer. Geneva 1st ray 2nd ray Leo. Darjeeling 2ndHealing, 23:[23] to tuberculosis, to syphilis and to cancer are the most important where our present humanityHealing, 44:are called: the venereal diseases and syphilis. Cancer. To these we must add two other groups ofHealing, 51:Will or Power. Head Self-pity. The dramatic I. Cancer. Sacrifice. Dedication of the I. Second ray.Healing, 55:diseases. Tuberculosis. The syphilitic diseases. Cancer. Heart difficulties. Nervous diseases. I amHealing, 58:will see more clearly the underlying causes. Cancer is a gift to modern man from the AtlanteanHealing, 58:nature, and are grounded in the astral body. Cancer is partially the result of a reaction to theHealing, 59:and this in due time produced other evils. Cancer is primarily a disease of inhibition, just as theHealing, 59:the unlearned thinker) of the dread complaint of cancer are to be found in the very soil on whichHealing, 59:nature. It is largely a disease of depletion. Cancer, in its turn, was based similarly on aHealing, 60:Physical Mineral Sex organs Sacral center Cancer Atlantean Astral Vegetable Solar plexus
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