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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CANDIDATES

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Discipleship1, 58:of all the qualities which are needed by you as candidates for initiation, at no such very distantDiscipleship1, 76:None of us who do the work of preparing candidates for initiation are in a position to pronounce asDiscipleship1, 582:basic requirement for all disciples and for all candidates for the Path of Discipleship. But such aDiscipleship2, 325:come about in initiate circles and many fit candidates are supplied for hierarchical vacancies;Discipleship2, 325:One of the most important of the latter is that candidates for the Initiation of Decision are farDiscipleship2, 325:in the work of the Hierarchy. Not one by one do candidates stand before the Initiator, but many soDiscipleship2, 329:those less limited. The time has to come wherein candidates for admission into an Ashram, andFire, 1257:as has been already said, seven such schools and candidates for this Path from our planetary schemeRays, 123:see for themselves the light within the candidates; they will know then that the first initiationRays, 487:Catholics and Anglo-Catholics when preparing candidates for communion. They indicate a different
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