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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAPACITY

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Discipleship1, 371:trustworthy and with far more than the average capacity to serve and to prove useful. Their powerDiscipleship1, 376:in their understanding [376] will come increased capacity to serve. This capacity I know that youDiscipleship1, 376:will come increased capacity to serve. This capacity I know that you seek, and the door of serviceDiscipleship1, 399:is the way for me, and that it will intensify my capacity for increased usefulness in service andDiscipleship1, 402:of Active Intelligence. This has given you your capacity to work upon the physical plane, to handleDiscipleship1, 414:to develop a sense of humor, a real (not forced) capacity to laugh at oneself and with the world.Discipleship1, 418:and serve to train the disciple. The deeper the capacity for usefulness and the deeper the innerDiscipleship1, 419:ray, and you can dismiss all fear as to your capacity to transcend the difficulties or to make yourDiscipleship1, 431:to bear upon me? Would indifference intensify my capacity for increased usefulness in service? InDiscipleship1, 444:is the way for me, and that it will intensify my capacity for increased usefulness in service? InDiscipleship1, 456:sense of futility seems to overwhelm, and the capacity to function as a soul detached from personalDiscipleship1, 459:From my wider knowledge of truth and from my capacity to know you all on the inner plane, I butDiscipleship1, 464:yet you hide yourself away from it. You have the capacity and the time, could you but grasp it, andDiscipleship1, 465:to help individuals, and you have an unusual capacity to fan a dim spark into a white-hot flame. DoDiscipleship1, 471:and determination, but I have questioned your capacity to make progress in this life. It was,Discipleship1, 484:you and all my disciples is to produce a greater capacity to serve. I would like to see you doingDiscipleship1, 484:of service involves the recognition of one's own capacity, the intensification of one's ability toDiscipleship1, 487:aught else except passive and uninterested; no capacity is left except (with the aid of someDiscipleship1, 493:I, your Master, believe in you and in your capacity to throw off the glamor of preoccupation. IDiscipleship1, 495:call on the functioning of both your imaginative capacity to believe and on your power ofDiscipleship1, 497:was found in your last incarnation. Hence your capacity [498] to organize (which is of the seventhDiscipleship1, 498:knowledge into wisdom, and it was this latent capacity in you which prompted me to place you whereDiscipleship1, 506:gift of a pure and unselfish spirit and a rare capacity to give. No greater gift can be yours - theDiscipleship1, 526:it would be (for one of your devotion and mental capacity) a relatively easy thing to break down,Discipleship1, 526:you walk continuously in a fog. You have the capacity to walk constantly in the light. Your glamorsDiscipleship1, 552:tenderness which will grow out of an increasing capacity to identify yourself with other people andDiscipleship1, 560:must bear in mind that you are such because of a capacity to serve and not because of any karmicDiscipleship1, 567:equals. The difference between us was one of capacity for soul expression in the three worlds.Discipleship1, 619:little aspirant; glamor about your scientific capacity which held you away from my work for years;Discipleship1, 622:in solution; if to all that, you add the capacity of reaction to the emotional needs of others, youDiscipleship1, 624:This, in the second place, means an increasing capacity to be magnetic and in that word "magnetic"Discipleship1, 630:You have much wisdom and also the first ray capacity to take a stand upon principle. For decades,Discipleship1, 661:you do to those who love and believe in your capacity; you would be more magnetic and this on aDiscipleship1, 683:and steadily undergoing this training. The capacity to work in collaboration with others at someDiscipleship1, 684:purity. This grows naturally out of a growing capacity for unlimited, non-separative love, clearDiscipleship1, 690:disciples eventually is dependent upon your capacity to decentralize yourselves and to forget yourDiscipleship1, 697:experience, unfolded as his wisdom grew and his capacity to further the hierarchical Plan had beenDiscipleship1, 697:become clarified. Spiritual instinct is the capacity of the soul to register contact with theDiscipleship1, 698:No initiate can form a true Ashram until all capacity to misunderstand, to express irritation andDiscipleship1, 720:and with the needed skill in action. It involves capacity for firm action where need arises,Discipleship1, 731:of release into relation and according to their capacity to work with the world disciples (who areDiscipleship1, 743:state of consciousness are all related to the capacity of the human being, under soul control, toDiscipleship1, 750:or a forced autosuggestion, neither is it a capacity to exteriorize the consciousness in such aDiscipleship1, 753:give him the key to his own being and also the capacity to respond to the threefold vibration ofDiscipleship1, 756:Triad. This is the emanatory expression of the capacity of the Master to enter into the Council atDiscipleship1, 759:reflect on that thought. The attainment of the capacity to be a pure channel and an unimpededDiscipleship1, 761:remind you of this. The gauge of a disciple's capacity lies in his influence - through pen, word ofDiscipleship1, 780:of no particular spiritual focus or intellectual capacity make these claims and consequent harm hasDiscipleship2, 6:it may exist between the group members, but upon capacity to absorb and assimilate, to lift, toDiscipleship2, 6:member. This is oft overlooked, but upon the capacity to do this depends much of group success.Discipleship2, 20:physical form. Most of the vehicles have a dual capacity - invocation and evocation. They also haveDiscipleship2, 22:one, my brothers; it will call forth your utmost capacity and staying power but, if persisted in,Discipleship2, 24:with their own development and with their own capacity or non-capacity to help; but at the sameDiscipleship2, 24:development and with their own capacity or non-capacity to help; but at the same time they areDiscipleship2, 80:because A.A.B. is no longer available in that capacity as she has been since 1932; she resumed herDiscipleship2, 91:disciple the opportunity to move closer, if the capacity for such a step lies in him. The fact ofDiscipleship2, 102:with all of you in order to test out the human capacity in its higher brackets to respond to thisDiscipleship2, 104:understand, are as follows: The most important capacity of a Master of an Ashram is that he hasDiscipleship2, 140:initiation, as a means of increasing your capacity for hierarchical cooperation. Energizing byDiscipleship2, 156:(along this line) in a sequential and growing capacity to include in his thinking more and more ofDiscipleship2, 162:of an intelligent use of the intuition, plus the capacity to hold the mind steady in the lightDiscipleship2, 166:brand of religious belief, and also by his capacity to live his life in the light of the divineDiscipleship2, 199:every case, I would like to point out that this capacity to meditate (the spiritual expression ofDiscipleship2, 203:their intelligence keen and their meditational capacity adequate - they receive the inspiration andDiscipleship2, 211:is a reflection of the invocative and evocative capacity of the Nirmanakayas, but this aspect ofDiscipleship2, 223:because they have now unfolded the needed mental capacity. The control and the creative [224]Discipleship2, 243:enough and are tried to the limit of their capacity. This is not the case. The deeper sources ofDiscipleship2, 245:chelas," and the other relates to your capacity to contact me at will - a thing as yet onlyDiscipleship2, 263:would ask you, therefore, to cease gauging your capacity to understand and instead simply to broodDiscipleship2, 289:this "eye" remains closed; there is present no capacity for thought and no ability to think in theDiscipleship2, 293:to man's point of development, his mental capacity to recognize, rightly interpret and rightlyDiscipleship2, 317:Path as of less importance than his developed capacity to serve his fellowmen, serving them throughDiscipleship2, 324:or that he can pass on before he has proved his capacity to move forward upon the path. Such is notDiscipleship2, 331:misuse of the lower mind and its rationalizing capacity, which can make black to appear white andDiscipleship2, 341:exegesis, because language has not yet the capacity to indicate the truth, even if such indicationsDiscipleship2, 381:capacities, but without going into detail: The capacity to be outward looking and interested in theDiscipleship2, 390:In the very early stages of discipleship, his capacity to "modify, qualify and adapt" is smallDiscipleship2, 394:in the dark or in the light is all one inherent capacity. The reason for this is that the soulDiscipleship2, 401:a correspondence to the concrete mind, with its capacity to interpret environment and experience.Discipleship2, 403:work with the Plan and its building technique, a capacity to work with divine Purpose and withDiscipleship2, 417:care to do so. They all lie within your range of capacity and would contribute much to yourDiscipleship2, 420:contemplate significances rests upon his trained capacity to move with ease in the world of meaningDiscipleship2, 421:of temporary static expectancy. Recognition of a capacity, hitherto unrealized, to see that whichDiscipleship2, 422:he has the equipment, or at least the latent capacity; he begins to establish those conditionsDiscipleship2, 423:the major Law of the Spirit in the universe. His capacity then to include rapidly develops and hisDiscipleship2, 446:is initiate. Because of this personality capacity of seeing "eye to eye" with the soul, hisDiscipleship2, 468:Christ is that he added to this realization the capacity to be a channel, pure and undefiled by anyDiscipleship2, 469:and constant group activity, with an increasing capacity to be detached, and therefore not soDiscipleship2, 481:knows that it is the destiny of, and within the capacity of, a disciple to carry out a certainDiscipleship2, 488:instruction, if you would care to increase the capacity of the three activities - contact,Discipleship2, 506:Only your second ray personality will have the capacity to reawaken contact with your students inDiscipleship2, 512:for which you are being prepared. Your capacity for suffering is abnormal; this must be endedDiscipleship2, 518:to Shamballa and join the Great Council in some capacity or another. Such a one was the Buddha.Discipleship2, 539:the material for creation and a magnetic capacity which arranges in due form and beauty that whichDiscipleship2, 542:mind other than our own. Will you act in that capacity with them? This will require on your partDiscipleship2, 542:achieved - the understanding work with vision, a capacity for long-range planning, and yet withalDiscipleship2, 550:and it is this attitude of selflessness and this capacity to be a channel for the power, the love,Discipleship2, 553:exercise will deepen your life, increase your capacity to serve, make pregnant every word you speakDiscipleship2, 571:of a practical nature to add your burden-bearing capacity to the group of world workers everywhereDiscipleship2, 581:to what you and others conceive to be the capacity of the public mind detracts from the magnetism
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