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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAPACITY

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Psychology2, 218:minute detail of the human being's individual capacity to grasp his own immediate place within thePsychology2, 234:power of God's instinctual nature, with its capacity to synthesize, to attract and to blend,Psychology2, 240:This principle of continuance constitutes the capacity of God to persist and "to remain." It is anPsychology2, 241:his tiny personal affairs. It is this universal capacity to work and plan which is the guaranteePsychology2, 241:is the guarantee that there exists in man the capacity to respond eventually and in group formationPsychology2, 241:of God's Plan. This is limited naturally by my capacity. Only dimly do I sense it, and onlyPsychology2, 249:ideas in adequate forms, according to the innate capacity and the ray tendencies of the artist inPsychology2, 250:interest over a period of lives, there comes a capacity to make a soul contact along owe line ofPsychology2, 250:contact along owe line of endeavor, but not the capacity to be in contact with the soul. This isPsychology2, 250:and, in that one particular, to evidence greater capacity than the average man. But there is notPsychology2, 254:and distinctive aspects of one great inherent capacity in man, and are found in all forms in allPsychology2, 256:wise understanding of the vision - as far as the capacity of each of us will permit. Only in thisPsychology2, 284:Law of Synthesis. The energy of sentiency. The capacity to respond. Emotional feeling, astralPsychology2, 284:the Law of Attraction. The energy of life. The capacity to integrate, to coordinate. The force ofPsychology2, 291:as the instinct to self-preservation. The capacity to endure, no matter what the difficulties.Psychology2, 291:consciously upon the plane of the soul. The capacity to react to the plan, or to respond to thePsychology2, 383:physical body, via the brain (revealing actual capacity to cooperate intelligently with the Plan).Psychology2, 386:Illumination of the mind. [386] Imaginative capacity of the sentient body. An inspired life.Psychology2, 393:ray disciple, produces that inherent divine capacity which enables the detail of the sensed WholePsychology2, 418:no power of centralized control and no capacity to direct action or to provide in any way a lifePsychology2, 422:to the urge of his own desire. Recognition of capacity and recognition of potentiality. ManyPsychology2, 426:it of his best. Thus he grows in character and capacity, as a result of a definite interplayPsychology2, 428:dynamic. Hence the sensed discomfort. That the capacity, innate in that imaginative creature, man,Psychology2, 438:and a sense of well-being or power and capacity) into a fanatic, at any rate for a time. Again withPsychology2, 441:his power to grasp the superconscious grows in capacity. I might make this point clearer to you ifPsychology2, 443:and controlled by a third ray mind. This means capacity for intellectual achievement of a veryPsychology2, 452:An increased rate of rhythm and vibration. A capacity to offset time and, therefore, to do more inPsychology2, 452:involves issues with which it seems beyond the capacity of the personality to deal. [453] CertainPsychology2, 453:psychological problems which are based up the capacity, the inherent weaknesses and strengths andPsychology2, 461:their own wisdom, their power and their creative capacity. They pass rapidly into a state ofPsychology2, 465:balancing sense of proportion, an interpretative capacity, patience to wait till rightPsychology2, 497:for it may prove stronger than the man's present capacity to handle. Secondly, in his desire to bePsychology2, 500:indicate physical nervousness and poor sleeping capacity but have no deep psychologicalPsychology2, 502:these three aspects function harmoniously. A capacity to pursue ordered activity at night or in thePsychology2, 504:some mental phenomena also. But there is no capacity to differentiate. This confusion is due toPsychology2, 534:cover and of the area or the extension of its capacity. This is the period of interior awareness.Psychology2, 536:center and to the discovery of an unrecognized capacity in humanity to become group conscious, andPsychology2, 555:such it is?) of the development of an increasing capacity to include and the fact of the existencePsychology2, 558:surroundings, and demonstrating to his fullest capacity the later Atlantean and present AryanPsychology2, 563:the development of a gradual expansion of capacity to be aware of the environment, whatever thatPsychology2, 565:goes forward and produces its effect without any capacity on the part of the recipient to inducePsychology2, 567:and powers. Psychometry is essentially the capacity to work with and to get in touch with the soulPsychology2, 567:automatic use. Those who have brought over the capacity to see and hear on astral levels or toPsychology2, 576:state of consciousness, with its coordinating capacity and its mental emphasis, will control thePsychology2, 634:powerful element in any nation, because of their capacity to read, to discuss, to think, to spendPsychology2, 648:noted and collected into mailing lists. Their capacity, whatever it may be, to serve their fellowPsychology2, 685:time as an interplanetary mediator, and in this capacity (at the coming May Festivals) He willPsychology2, 685:that need; as interpreters they increase the capacity of the human being to respond and toPsychology2, 713:which humanity will react, or the quality or the capacity of its ultimate achievement. I haveRayswhen the aspirant has acquired somewhat the capacity to center himself on the abstract levels ofRays, 32:sacrificial egoic will, and a constantly growing capacity to identify [33] the group with the willRays, 57:plan and purpose. In so doing he acquires the capacity to find his point of tension at any givenRays, 57:of tension at any given moment, and this growing capacity eventually brings him consciously toRays, 73:by strenuously endeavoring to develop their capacity for spiritual impersonality. He knows it isRays, 84:and this again from inherent or latent capacity. This necessitates the leaving behind, stage afterRays, 89:of them, the first, reveals the Christ in His capacity of the God-Savior, sacrificing HimselfRays, 92:of the Christ which proceeds day by day, in His capacity of God the Preserver. He "tends the littleRays, 99:the interpretation of these Rules must involve capacity to pass beyond the usual attitudes and whatRays, 104:form has reached a point of such resilience and capacity that perfection has been practicallyRays, 118:horizon so vast that it has hitherto escaped his capacity and is yet but possible to vision by anRays, 124:development, all unfoldment within the capacity of the four kingdoms in nature, and all preparatoryRays, 127:to their self-imposed discipline or to their capacity to conform or their failure to accept theRays, 130:is that of the Lives Who participate in full capacity of understanding with the group of Beings WhoRays, 174:of the activity of substance in its form-making capacity and are consequently illusion andRays, 191:of World Servers, is needed. They will have the capacity to recognize the distinction between theRays, 239:to go forward on the Path, who evidences capacity and who is apparently ready for what has beenRays, 243:the power to think abstractly - a much needed capacity before you can begin to tread the Way of theRays, 243:order to carry this purpose to completion. The capacity to suffer, which is distinctive ofRays, 244:God's thought; but - age by age - the thinking capacity of man and his creative imagination haveRays, 292:and the initiate mark the attainment of a capacity to work from a most deeply esoteric center in aRays, 295:need in form, appropriate to the registering capacity of humanity at this moment. Rays, 329:zeal, deepen his understanding, stimulate his capacity to love, and enlighten his mind. Such isRays, 371:of lesser degree and development. It is this capacity which makes Them responsive to Shamballa,Rays, 407:of Activity, and will for a period serve in that capacity in some planetary scheme, before takingRays, 435:recognitions entailed he has to add a growing capacity to work on the levels of consciousnessRays, 436:speaking symbolically. He gains also the capacity to work with greater rapidity and mentalRays, 442:This involves much work, much interpretive capacity and much power to visualize. I am choosing myRays, 490:particular stage and - having developed a real capacity to visualize, and having thereforeRays, 511:of your soul and personality rays and upon your capacity to focus in your blended consciousness,Rays, 531:aspect is due to the thought-form-making capacity of the disciple and (which is of majorRays, 535:and their increasing strength and revelatory capacity depend largely upon the disciple'sRays, 614:it is upon these small renunciations that the capacity for freedom is slowly being generated andRays, 614:renunciation can eventually be stabilized; this capacity and these habits, these unselfishRays, 626:of world affairs, her lack of thinking capacity and her curious innate cruelty permitted the ForcesRays, 626:the mass of people questioning the wisdom, the capacity and the activities of both groups andRays, 678:a wide usefulness and of a trained intelligent capacity. This may not be the case where the firstRays, 690:that ray. The effect produced - according to his capacity of absorption and direction - willRays, 704:of revelations, as his vision of life and his capacity to experience develops. This is true of allRays, 712:then Their disciples - with their intuitional capacity developing slowly but steadily - beginRays, 758:educational systems of the world, with their capacity for improvement and for the extension ofReappearance, 6:of Avatars An Avatar is one Who has a peculiar capacity (besides a self-initiated task and aReappearance, 24:what is there wrong in our recognizing the capacity of a human being to keep pace with the mind ofReappearance, 34:brand of religious belief, and also by his capacity to live his life in the light of the divineReappearance, 90:the directed inflow of life, carrying the capacity to build anew and the energy which could produceReappearance, 94:aspect of the will, hitherto undeveloped in man. Capacity to direct energy (through understandingReappearance, 177:will enable them to give to the limit of their capacity; there must not be simply a trained abilitySoul, 45:By intellectuality we mean the capacity of the mind to control its environment by concepts andSoul, 107:exercises. Yoga is the science which raises the capacity of the human mind to respond to higherTelepathy, 28:or as individuals, will be dependent upon your capacity to "hold yourselves steady in the light"Telepathy, 55:and circumstances. The germ or embryonic capacity for all types of planetary contact is inherent in
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