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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARDINAL

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Astrology, 50:III I. Dynamic Energy - Electric Fire The Cardinal Cross: 1. Sirius Cancer Capricorn Saturn FifthAstrology, 50:Fifth Creative Hierarchy (the 8th) Unknown The Cardinal Cross: 2. The Great Bear Aries Libra Sun,Astrology, 80:3. Consider the three great cosmic Crosses: The Cardinal Cross The Fixed Cross The Mutable Cross a.Astrology, 82:Common or Mutable Cross, the Fixed Cross and the Cardinal Cross. [83] I would ask you to rememberAstrology, 84:of Christhood The Crisis of Initiation - The Cardinal Cross The Transfiguration - The Life of theAstrology, 90:which time the man begins his "approach" to the Cardinal Cross of the heavens. I would here remindAstrology, 91:Aries is one of the constellations of the Cardinal Cross of the heavens. This is the cross of God,Astrology, 92:later [92] see) transfers himself on to the Cardinal Cross from which he descended when coming intoAstrology, 93:goal and the purpose of the first sign of the Cardinal Cross: "Matter is the vehicle for theAstrology, 94:the Great Wheel. The fourfold influence of the Cardinal Cross. Life in the seven worlds of ourAstrology, 95:transference from off the Fixed Cross on to the Cardinal Cross, which is, in its turn, the logicalAstrology, 96:is to be found in a different cross: Aries - The cardinal cross Scorpio - The fixed cross Pisces -Astrology, 98:in this sign is related to Scorpio, and thus the Cardinal Cross is related to the Fixed Cross.Astrology, 102:stays upon the great wheel (using the Cardinal Cross as his conditioning signs) and thus stayingAstrology, 104:Degree The Fixed Cross - The F * C * Degree The Cardinal Cross - The M * M * Degree Much will comeAstrology, 105:Esoterically, Saturn cannot follow man on to the Cardinal Cross. Astrology, 107:takes place through the influence of Libra (the Cardinal Cross) and the "swerving of the Bull inAstrology, 108:procedure, having earned the right to mount the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens, the power to take aAstrology, 109:of liberation with the final mounting of the Cardinal Cross. [110] The significance of the keyAstrology, 111:Central spiritual Sun - Life - Influencing Cardinal Cross. Astrology, 117:in the sign Cancer, which is found in the Cardinal Cross, he metaphorically mounts the MutableAstrology, 120:after the third initiation the energies of the Cardinal Cross begin to control the man and are ofAstrology, 121:individual Christ in each human being, and the Cardinal Cross is that of the cosmic Christ. ItAstrology, 122:It is consequently more closely allied to the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens, for the massAstrology, 144:taking the next two initiations upon the Cardinal Cross. Astrology, 144:is transformed into selflessness. The Cardinal Cross - The Cross of Transcendence. Personality lifeAstrology, 146:to Capricorn and of the Fixed Cross to the Cardinal Cross and of the third initiation to thoseAstrology, 147:Cross - Pisces The Fixed Cross - Scorpio The Cardinal Cross - Capricorn In Aquarius, the initiateAstrology, 150:of the Fixed Cross, and Capricorn of the Cardinal Cross, and there will, therefore, be no need toAstrology, 151:The Will to manifest. - Experience upon the Cardinal Cross. Pisces - 2nd Aspect - latent. - DesireAstrology, 151:of Self-will. Culmination of experience upon the Cardinal Cross. Astrology, 151:the reversed progress during discipleship. The Cardinal Cross in reality governs [152] bothAstrology, 152:of the Fixed Cross have been transcended and the Cardinal Cross has been consciously mounted afterAstrology, 153:undergoing preparation. The experience of the Cardinal Cross (concerning as it does cosmicAstrology, 153:Fixed Cross brings about systemic awareness. The Cardinal Cross brings about cosmic awareness. Astrology, 154:involutionary cycle and the experience of the Cardinal Cross as it expresses the Will-to-manifestAstrology, 161:wherein they are ready to [161] mount the Cardinal Cross and take some of the higher initiations.Astrology, 161:that if the concentrated forces of the Cardinal Cross are definitely potent at this time (as theyAstrology, 161:which is indicative of the activity of the Cardinal Cross in the involutionary stage; theAstrology, 163:as they are found today: Cancer - Capricorn: The Cardinal Cross. "Both Gates stand wide." Taurus -Astrology, 163:third initiation and can consciously mount the Cardinal Cross, he is then released from the rulingAstrology, 163:show this. It is only when a man is upon the Cardinal Cross that the significance, purpose andAstrology, 193:they involve the expression of the energy of one Cardinal sign and of three signs which form partAstrology, 204:Mutable Cross and the Fixed Cross but not the Cardinal Cross. We might add to the above theAstrology, 221:or with Scorpio rising. These are: [221] Aries - Cardinal Cross - Initiating impulse - Life. CancerAstrology, 221:Cross - Initiating impulse - Life. Cancer - Cardinal Cross - Focused impulse - Incarnation. ScorpioAstrology, 239:know, Libra is one of the four arms of the Cardinal Cross. This accounts for our difficulty inAstrology, 240:the relatively slow process of mounting the Cardinal Cross. Then he becomes a cooperator in theAstrology, 240:to create his own body of expression upon the Cardinal Cross and the impulse of Aries begins toAstrology, 241:of the spiritual life. But the secret of the Cardinal Cross is revealed only to the man who hasAstrology, 241:- Mutable Cross - Duality. Libra, the Balances - Cardinal Cross - Equilibrium. Aquarius, theAstrology, 242:stands for man's humanity, whilst Libra upon the Cardinal Cross rules man's subjective andAstrology, 248:The following planets and their rays govern the Cardinal Cross of which Libra is one of the points:Astrology, 273:sense or He Whom they anticipate - Cancer - Cardinal Cross. He Who is, for Her, the purpose ofAstrology, 278:with their signs is studied. Aries - Beginning - Cardinal Cross. Gemini - Relation - Mutable Cross.Astrology, 278:- Desire - Fixed Cross. Cancer - Movement - Cardinal Cross. Scorpio - Test - Trial - Fixed Cross.Astrology, 279:and corresponds to the path of discipleship. The Cardinal Cross will govern and rule the next solarAstrology, 279:Cross, three of the Fixed Cross and two of the Cardinal Cross pour into the sign Virgo in relativeAstrology, 279:and the consummation of the activity of the Cardinal Cross during the next solar system [280] isAstrology, 287:their beneficent work. This is begun upon the Cardinal Cross because that cross deals only withAstrology, 297:heart, the throat and the ajna centers. Upon the Cardinal Cross, it is the central, spiritual SunAstrology, 305:wheel and mounted upon the symbol of the Cardinal Cross. The squares, having each of their fourAstrology, 313:of all the signs which go to the forming of the Cardinal Cross of the Heavens. In the lastAstrology, 314:Constellations The secret (so-called) of the Cardinal Cross is the secret of Life itself, just asAstrology, 315:Cross was shown to Him and the secret of the Cardinal Cross was, for the first time, held before HiAstrology, 315:with a living comprehension, the mystery of the Cardinal Cross, because the light of theAstrology, 315:the purpose and intent of expression upon the Cardinal Cross. They give the reason why the twoAstrology, 316:importance. You will see, therefore, why the Cardinal Cross is so mysterious; also why both CancerAstrology, 316:of the four signs which comprise the Cardinal Cross, or understand the relation which existsAstrology, 323:Indirectly, and via the influences of the Cardinal Cross (of which Cancer is a part), the CancerianAstrology, 323:developed by the five indirect influences of the Cardinal Cross - begins its active consciousAstrology, 335:from a study of those people who are born in the Cardinal Signs that the clearest information willAstrology, 335:to point out here that: Through a study of the Cardinal Cross - Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn -Astrology, 350:Saturn is dominant in bringing this about. The Cardinal Cross - is responsible for bringing aboutAstrology, 357:small planet to Virgo (Mutable Cross), to Aries (Cardinal Cross) and to Scorpio (Fixed Cross), andAstrology, 382:in connection with the three Crosses: The Cardinal Cross - Spirit - Will - Shamballa. The FixedAstrology, 391:time linked in a dual sense with two arms of the Cardinal Cross, by a Venusian connection withAstrology, 396:controls. The angle of the initiate. Here the Cardinal Cross is beginning its control. TheseAstrology, 396:Fixed Cross The Cross of the Risen Christ - The Cardinal Cross The individual, planetary and cosmicAstrology, 418:or fiery triplicity, composed each of a cardinal, a fixed and a mutable sign. They thus divide upAstrology, 442:it is also an aspect or one of the arms of the Cardinal Cross - the Cross of that which initiatesAstrology, 472:Crisis of Incarnation Individualization Cancer Cardinal 2. Crisis of Orientation Reversal AriesAstrology, 472:Cardinal 2. Crisis of Orientation Reversal Aries Cardinal 3. Crisis of Initiation ExpansionAstrology, 472:3. Crisis of Initiation Expansion Capricorn Cardinal 4. Crisis of Renunciation Crucifixion GeminiAstrology, 480:of the soul. The place of the three Crosses (the Cardinal Cross, the Fixed Cross and the MutableAstrology, 553:three zodiacal Crosses - the Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal Crosses - in any detail, owing to the factAstrology, 555: Esoteric Astrology - The Three Crosses - The Cardinal Cross 3. The Cross of the Risen Christ - TheAstrology, 555:Cross 3. The Cross of the Risen Christ - The Cardinal Cross This is the Cross whereon, under theAstrology, 556:subject, indicating the significance of this Cardinal Cross as a consummating influence andAstrology, 556:by the word, Omnipotence. The energies of the Cardinal Cross blend with the energies to which weAstrology, 557:and their complete blending or fusion. The Cardinal Cross governs the manifestation of the Monad inAstrology, 558:we call the planetary Hierarchy; whilst the Cardinal Cross rules and conditions (in a mannerAstrology, 558:crucified upon the Cross of matter. The Cardinal Cross is the Cross of the Father, the first aspectAstrology, 559:to take shape in his consciousness. Upon the Cardinal Cross, the purpose and the unifiedAstrology, 561:upon the Mutable Cross. The symbol for the Cardinal Cross is more complicated and can be portrayedAstrology, 567:Crosses - The Cross of the Hidden Christ The Cardinal Cross In the four signs of this Cross we findAstrology, 568:Cross - the repentant thief. Hierarchy. The Cardinal Cross - the Cross of Christ. Shamballa. Astrology, 574:which we call the Hierarchy. Experience upon the Cardinal Cross integrates the initiate into theAstrology, 575:in the consciousness of the initiate upon the Cardinal Cross. My words would be meaningless. MostBethlehem, 89:He possessed what Dr. Sheldon calls "the three cardinal elements of a great mind, namely,
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