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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARE

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Astrology, 42:man as the Hierarchy itself. This is not so, and care must be taken to distinguish between theseAstrology, 113:as now. It should be remembered with emphatic care that it is only man, individualized man whoseAstrology, 218:Students should study their charts with care, remembering to differentiate between the fiveAstrology, 250:in your consciousness when you study them with care and the meaning of Libra will become definitelyAstrology, 259:we shall discover when we come to study with care their significance, position and energizingAstrology, 286:individual. I am choosing these words with care and forethought. Upon the reversed wheel, this isAstrology, 378:a point to be borne in mind. Today, the cure or care of the physical body is of paramountAstrology, 422:you if the following tabulation is studied with care. NOTE: The seven stars of the Great Bear areAstrology, 473:reaches self-awareness in Leo; in the culturing care of Virgo and the final self-release in Pisces.Astrology, 627:aspect is mother love with its instinctual care of that which must be nourished and guarded. ItsAstrology, 629:of the other two major rays. You must, with care, distinguish in your minds between matter or theAstrology, 680:who has been pondering this teaching with care. He is aware that the juncture of Spirit-matter andAtom, 48:and their atoms. This involves the practical care of the physical body and the wise adaptation ofAtom, 71:we realize that we have the building up and care of our physical bodies, that we have the controlAtom, 149:the body, but the members should have the same care one for another. Whether one member suffer, allAutobiography, 12:and class; I was watched over with the greatest care - but within myself I hated it all. I was bornAutobiography, 13:It was a sardine cannery and I still do not care to look a sardine in the eye. My friends (and IAutobiography, 13:if I did not watch myself with the greatest care, I would always be either in the heights ofAutobiography, 15:appointed by the Courts of Chancery, to take care of my sister and myself. She was my father'sAutobiography, 19:men or good looking women. My father did not care for me and when I see the picture of myself whenAutobiography, 27:the earliest possible time we were taught to care about the poor and the sick and to realize thatAutobiography, 31:when I was older) that I personally needed her care and understanding. I have been fortunate in myAutobiography, 43:and some Italian; I had enough money to take care of myself most comfortably in those comfortableAutobiography, 44:and that I had better see that you were taken care of." I left as he had arranged, not knowingAutobiography, 46:to do and I was very successful. I had not a care in the world and (apart from my chosen sphere ofAutobiography, 47:children. I think once the need for the physical care of small children is no longer required thatAutobiography, 50:then I am helpless and often afraid. I do not care if people agree or disagree with my particularAutobiography, 56:and if I could reach the point where I did not care a d...(I did not use that word then) I mightAutobiography, 65:the next morning I made a speech, taking care to be in the dining room before the other two girlsAutobiography, 69:and part of it a surety that God would take care of me. Apparently He did, on the principle, IAutobiography, 76:referred to the line, "Can a woman's tender care cease towards the child she bear." We used MoodyAutobiography, 78:other side and it was this: nature or God takes care of people at these times and they usually dieAutobiography, 82:looking after me with the most meticulous care, travelling everywhere with me, caring for my roomAutobiography, 92:and had reached the point where I did not care whether I lived or died. I had closed up theAutobiography, 95:me and told me not to worry. I was too tired to care much in any case and certainly too tired toAutobiography, 97:who undertook to stay with me and take care of me as I was obviously too ill to be left alone. So IAutobiography, 105:She nursed me [105] and petted me and took care of me; she scolded me and she fought for me and,Autobiography, 107:good doctor, so I did not get the skilled care I should have had. That was not her fault as she didAutobiography, 107:when my first child was born I had inexpert care. Walter Evans went into hysterics all the time,Autobiography, 113:not see Dorothy for three days. I did not much care; I was far too ill. Mildred was an instrumentAutobiography, 115:out if I was all right. The doctor who had taken care of me when Ellison was born was very greatlyAutobiography, 116:He said he had brought the baby for me to care for and would I put the mother to bed and take careAutobiography, 116:for and would I put the mother to bed and take care of her too? Of course I did, and for three daysAutobiography, 116:- too sick, ill and depressed to be able to care for her child. I did all I could, but the babyAutobiography, 127:quite desperate and, leaving the children in the care of a neighbor, I went out into the woodsAutobiography, 132:I only weighed 99 pounds. I had managed to take care of them and I seemed to be slowly weatheringAutobiography, 132:but was too busy earning money and taking care of the three little girls to have time to wonderAutobiography, 136:for knowledge. The trouble is many of us don't care enough. I also read with great rapidity,Autobiography, 136:of the children whom she left at home in the care of the eldest girl, just fifteen years old. TheAutobiography, 138:children, trees to climb, gardening to do and no care to make me anxious. So, whilst they played, IAutobiography, 143:I had saved her life with the most assiduous care year after year. For eight years she slept withAutobiography, 147:be very much afraid of what people said. I don't care now because I find that, right or wrong, youAutobiography, 149:cantonment. All guards were doubled and every care taken to keep them under surveillance, for thoseAutobiography, 152:in me I shall have perfect health. I shall not care whether I am rich or poor, and having aAutobiography, 163:of the lower psychism. I replied that I didn't care, that I wasn't interested in any work of aAutobiography, 164:an unusual word with one that is clearer, taking care, always, to preserve the sense as given. IAutobiography, 168:and watches over the final draft with great care. It is not just a question of taking His dictationAutobiography, 180:to see what the developments were and to take care of the children. Living with me at that time wasAutobiography, 180:in New York and I left the children in Craigie's care, knowing they would be safe, cared for andAutobiography, 182:never saw her and the responsibility for their care was left to anybody who cared to be interestedAutobiography, 184:now reaching the age where the normal physical care which engrosses the attention of the averageAutobiography, 184:was just somebody who could be expected to take care of them but who could also be expected toAutobiography, 187:at school." She was probably right but I took care not to let her know it. The trouble with massAutobiography, 209:in touch with people in this country who won't care whether he is a Grand Duke or not but will loveAutobiography, 254:A.A.B. have preserved my anonymity with great care and under real difficulty, owing to the factAutobiography, 257:individual - be he a Master or a disciple. They care nothing for personal loyalties but areBethlehem, 68:This symbolism is truer, perhaps, than we care to think it is. The world problem today is bread,Bethlehem, 122:being his problem will automatically take care of itself? One surely will be so regarded. If oneBethlehem, 131:the preaching of repentance. Next, He chose with care those who were to work with Him, and whom HeBethlehem, 146:living and a renewed incentive for the proper care and treatment of the physical body. We shallBethlehem, 168:Today only a few of the younger generation care much about such points of doctrine. Let us stateBethlehem, 168:Let us state that quite emphatically. But we do care that the love which He expressed should beBethlehem, 203:often paid the price, and certainly because we care too much about our reputations and publicBethlehem, 248:is the safeguarding of what we really care about. The factor on which we place the emphasis in ourBethlehem, 248:do, eventually attain what we demand. When we care for that which is eternal in value, then eternalBethlehem, 248:we are sure of immortality." What we really care about, then, in our highest moments, when freeBethlehem, 276:function consciously in or out of the body and care not which it is; they have life everlastingDiscipleship1, 4:the coming years. What I say should be read with care, for the written word may contain severalDiscipleship1, 10:in the group and his group relations. Watch with care your thoughts anent each other, and kill outDiscipleship1, 47:of your group; they must be handled by you with care and with the open eye that senses danger fromDiscipleship1, 57:the attitude which involves a certain "don't care" reaction and a form of indifference is one ofDiscipleship1, 57:from personality claims? This is not the "don't care" spirit which will affect the disciple'sDiscipleship1, 61:and to be followed by the group with meticulous care. I would ask all the various groups which mayDiscipleship1, 88:life and reactions with greatly increased care; I would ask you to watch particularly for the leastDiscipleship1, 114:I give you your next instruction; study with care the hints given to you and to your co-disciples. Discipleship1, 141:and will continue to be so, if you watch with care and keep the earlier rules I gave you as toDiscipleship1, 154:you no suggestion to do more than let time take care of those stars whose size is small and theirDiscipleship1, 157:from it physically. The physical body will take care of itself when the source of supply lies openDiscipleship1, 169:the Master's work and aid the Plan. Handle with care the force which flows through you as you shiftDiscipleship1, 170:a wise absorption which neglects no due physical care nor due time for relaxation. The work goesDiscipleship1, 173:Train those who work with you with painstaking care, for much depends upon them. Remember alwaysDiscipleship1, 176:out the instructions last given. However, if you care to [177] note each month, the significanceDiscipleship1, 178:only to yourself but to others, if used with due care. This is a thing which I have long wanted toDiscipleship1, 185:I would ask you to consider these thoughts with care and to ponder upon the establishment of groupDiscipleship1, 185:test.... There is need for some physical care, brother of mine, and also for the cultivation of aDiscipleship1, 192:to work and understand. [192] Study again with care what I said to you a few months ago and may theDiscipleship1, 194:to study your last instructions with exceeding care. All I intend to do is to give you a new seriesDiscipleship1, 194:it once in the twenty-four hours and do it with care. Disciples everywhere have to work hard at theDiscipleship1, 196:review. I call it not an evening review as I care not when you do it, as long as you do it onceDiscipleship1, 204:the instructions I have given to this group with care and with as much speed as is consistent with
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