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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARE

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Discipleship1, 207:effective expression of the soul. Study, if you care to do so, the significance of rhythm as itDiscipleship1, 226:if you will follow my instructions with care, and let true love increasingly sweep [227] throughDiscipleship1, 235:by you in a different light if you study with care any communication which you may receive from meDiscipleship1, 237:my giving you a meditation to be followed with care during the next few months... And now, brotherDiscipleship1, 238:is greater than you realize. You need rest and care. This is owing to excessive emotionalDiscipleship1, 239:my instructions in detail and with meticulous care. In connection with the meditation work and theDiscipleship1, 241:work. E'en yet, however, you must proceed with care and for another few months I would suggest thatDiscipleship1, 248:you can (during the fourth week) study with care the thoughts that have come into your mind inDiscipleship1, 266:work assigned... Watch the meditation work with care and communicate with A. A. B. should you feelDiscipleship1, 267:that you will find it of value to study with care all the instructions which disciples in my groupDiscipleship1, 267:In this connection (for I choose my words with care) I would remind you in particular, my brother,Discipleship1, 268:of each of your fellow disciples. Study with care the instructions given to your fellow disciples,Discipleship1, 268:like you to reread what I said with renewed care and understanding. With the exception of two ofDiscipleship1, 270:by you. Therefore, my brother, watch with care your daily life and note the moments of opportunityDiscipleship1, 286:time for results. I particularly commend to your care I. B. S. Care for her. Aid her with yourDiscipleship1, 286:I particularly commend to your care I. B. S. Care for her. Aid her with your wisdom and your love,Discipleship1, 287:step forward, provided you continue to hold with care the attitude of the Observer and do notDiscipleship1, 293:brothers if you will take the time to study with care the instructions given individually to them.Discipleship1, 302:and leave the physical plane expression to take care of itself, for the lines it will take willDiscipleship1, 302:by you for the next few months. Should you care to do so, I would suggest the following breathingDiscipleship1, 305:to work with my first planned group. Would you care to work with me, my brother, along this lineDiscipleship1, 313:and passing through the door, close it with care, and enter upon another stage upon the Way - aloneDiscipleship1, 315:of your personality, you will have to guard with care against mental crystallization, and the undueDiscipleship1, 320:expression by giving you emotional power (if you care to use it) and enabling you to release muchDiscipleship1, 320:to release much magnetic force - again if you care to, which is seldom. The reason for this is thatDiscipleship1, 327:brother of old, assume the task of watching with care every statement made and every attitudeDiscipleship1, 331:fair measure of soul control. Note my words with care. A desire to impose upon the personality andDiscipleship1, 336:time preparation for initiation. Watch this with care and discover for yourself the situation. OneDiscipleship1, 337:which you may have attained (if you study with care and understanding). You will also be able toDiscipleship1, 342:the Path. And this I can give to you, if you care, for a year or so, to enter into some experimentsDiscipleship1, 353:mental nature, and I would ask you to do it with care... Go in peace, my brother. Discipleship1, 356:needed instructions directly. Follow them with care and watch for the vitalization of the physicalDiscipleship1, 357:misty traces - which must be watched with care lest they form a thickening cloud between you andDiscipleship1, 359:a deep rose-colored lotus. Build it with care and from its opening heart see a stream of rosy lightDiscipleship1, 364:It is, therefore, a question whether you care enough for the results possible to make the neededDiscipleship1, 371:and full of fear, sorrowful or weighed down with care; they have to be taught the way of strengthDiscipleship1, 374:he." I would have you, therefore, think out with care the differences that would appear in yourDiscipleship1, 376:also take six seed thoughts out of any book you care to choose and write down these six seedDiscipleship1, 385:and realization of the subjective world. Leave care and worry behind you as you walk through yourDiscipleship1, 391:detail and points of procedure with meticulous care and so sometimes lose sight of the synthesis ofDiscipleship1, 392:writing. I suggest that you ponder them with care. "Before the throne of God, the angel, with allDiscipleship1, 406:as we work together we must proceed with due care and real caution. We must work definitely andDiscipleship1, 409:as yours there is need to proceed with exceeding care. There is an emotional and physical balanceDiscipleship1, 409:so rapid and so violent. I have to judge with care what I ask you to do because the effects are soDiscipleship1, 410:responsibilities should be handled with less care and good results. I am referring definitely to anDiscipleship1, 424:March 1937 MY BROTHER: I have studied with care the replies sent in by this group of aspirants. IDiscipleship1, 424:of aspirants. I have studied yours with special care for a reason which you know, but which may notDiscipleship1, 425:for meditation. Follow the group meditation with care for it will give you what you need. For you,Discipleship1, 427:if exceeding watchfulness were not your major care. One other point I would seek to make. You haveDiscipleship1, 427:ray, and I think if you will study this with care, much of your present problem will become clearDiscipleship1, 436:brother and my friend, at this time: Guard with care the physical body. You are one of those peopleDiscipleship1, 436:of hard work. Guard it well and cherish it with care. Remember that it is not where you are butDiscipleship1, 436:where you have lived and where you can rightly care for the physical body (your instrument ofDiscipleship1, 441:you know that I have had you in my thoughts, my care and my love; that there is not a moment of theDiscipleship1, 455:you know. Follow the breathing exercises with care and with attention. Seek also to strengthen theDiscipleship1, 458:It should also be directed toward a wise care of the physical body and its fitting for betterDiscipleship1, 459:ultimately developed, but you must proceed with care. Dreams are sometimes a guarantee of reality. Discipleship1, 467:If you will think out these imparted facts with care, you will see that the bringing together ofDiscipleship1, 470:emotion. Guard your emotional body with peculiar care during the coming year. Let not anythingDiscipleship1, 476:ancient and deep seated self-pity. Study with care what I earlier gave you, renew your consecrationDiscipleship1, 487:Should I commend you for successful work, you care not. But, my friend, you have cleaned house; youDiscipleship1, 487:psychic fatigue that you see not the gains. You care not for the future nor for the past. Life hasDiscipleship1, 490:will study yourself and your environment with care, you will discover the justification for myDiscipleship1, 492:you concern? There are people around you who care for you in security; you have co-workers who areDiscipleship1, 494:illusions. The body exists and must receive due care; the feelings and moods are potent andDiscipleship1, 500:in time and space, I would ask you to note with care whether you are achieving a truly rounded-outDiscipleship1, 501:could produce; this calls for your constant care and yet - at the same time - it opens the door ofDiscipleship1, 502:words) which I gave to W. 0. I. Ponder with care upon these words and make each quality for whichDiscipleship1, 507:the mists [507] disappear and let the clouds of care disperse within the radiant light of the sunDiscipleship1, 507:there is a drawing closer to you of those who care and can help. Will you understand me when I sayDiscipleship1, 518:from stage to stage with growth. One's physical care for one's loved ones may and must persist inDiscipleship1, 518:must persist in some measure, though a mother's care for a child cannot persist into adult years.Discipleship1, 522:suspicion, treat it with indifference and care not what may eventuate. Naught can occur that canDiscipleship1, 523:wings of detachment and from a heart that has no care for itself; it goes upon its mission becauseDiscipleship1, 523:meditation and would ask you to ponder them with care during the next eight months: 1st month -Discipleship1, 530:to be sent down the mountain, by donkeys, in care of those who have the right to be admitted to theDiscipleship1, 531:Is this not so? I am choosing my words with care. You are prone to be disgusted with yourself - anDiscipleship1, 546:time elapses. For a year you must proceed with care in your meditation work and for six monthsDiscipleship1, 549:as we will let the physical [549] results take care of themselves without any mental impress fromDiscipleship1, 550:to P. D. W. and then follow it yourself with care? It will be good for both of you for you areDiscipleship1, 554:however, do I ask you to take peculiar care and interest in connection with the Full Moon ContactDiscipleship1, 558:but yours and mine to see. Should you, however, care to answer them in such form that they may beDiscipleship1, 563:personality. Herein I give you a hint, and you care enough, I know, to take it. As to yourDiscipleship1, 568:too much service, too much thought, too much care and too many things. Your service should becomeDiscipleship1, 569:can you not grasp the thought that the loving care and constant consideration of those connectedDiscipleship1, 574:work or service idealism which you may care to do. Close with a dedication of yourself and of allDiscipleship1, 575:great and yet, at the same time, great need for care prevails. I want first of all to point out toDiscipleship1, 575:handle force and spiritual energy with especial care; where there is a weak and delicate outerDiscipleship1, 578:AND CHOSEN FRIEND: I have watched you with care and understanding during the past year. I know whatDiscipleship1, 589:this? There are two reasons, my brother, and I care enough about your unfoldment to tell you withDiscipleship1, 595:to the soul. This must be cultivated with care, and no attention should be paid to the factor ofDiscipleship1, 602:any kind into the group work. When you no longer care for the teaching and do not do that which isDiscipleship1, 608:of glamor. Therefore, proceed with due care. I would have you take the Rules of the Road and studyDiscipleship1, 609:good service if you follow instructions with care, but it is the opportunity to serve which is theDiscipleship1, 622:factor. Your spiritual diary should be kept with care from this angle and the heart motive,Discipleship1, 627:year. Have you any idea, my brother, with what care I watch the work of this group of disciples? IDiscipleship1, 629:that this year your ivory tower - erected with care during the past six incarnations - disappearsDiscipleship1, 642:you to realize your potency in healing, and with care to dedicate yourself to this, seeing thatDiscipleship1, 642:easy contact with the soul, and to build with care the antahkarana, from the heart, via the head toDiscipleship1, 648:in which you will have to fight glamor with care, preparatory to clearing your aura for increased
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