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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CARE

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Problems, 61:One Humanity will take their place. Much greater care will have to be given in picking and trainingProblems, 120:themselves. They can accomplish it if they care enough for their fellowman, and seek to leave himPsychology1, xvii:individual benefit. By studying and reading with care, a group interplay is set up, the groupPsychology1, 68:one studies these tabulations and phrases with care, they will be found to convey indication as toPsychology1, 87:to the inner glory. Build the shrine well. Use care. Quality - revelation of the beauty of God.Psychology1, 106:personal work, leaving the many aspirants to the care of lesser initiates and chelas. Even TheirPsychology1, 181:clarity, it will act with wisdom and train with care its Observers and Communicators. These will bePsychology1, 189:love and light may be more rapidly ushered in. I care not where or to whom you give, only that youPsychology1, 202:man will be strong and trenchant, but he will care little for style or finish in his writings.Psychology1, 210:perseverance, courage, courtesy, extreme care in details, self-reliance. Vices of Ray: Formalism,Psychology1, 218:we now analyze our tabulation with a measure of care and get a little clearer grasp of the effectPsychology1, 282:water, the same fertilizing agency and the same care. The difference exists in the seeds found inPsychology1, 295:details as to how and where and when will take care of themselves. The relation of the sexes andPsychology1, 330:divides humanity, and if you study it with care you will note how all-inclusive it is. I commend itPsychology1, 350:excessive. This is a point to be remembered with care, for it accounts for much that we can seePsychology1, 401:and if you study the Masonic tradition with care, much will become clarified in your mind.Psychology2, 105:lies for many a disciple a hard lesson. They may care little for themselves and may have learntPsychology2, 110:the One Soul. I have expressed this phrase with care. This Law of Magnetic Impulse governs thePsychology2, 126:veiling them with the glamor of service. If care over the essential of service - soul contact - isPsychology2, 140:Is it not possible for us to observe here the care with which the Teachers of these truths and thePsychology2, 144:effects. Sixth ray people need handling with care, for they are too one-pointed and too full ofPsychology2, 186:must be formed very slowly and with much care. Each person forming part of the new groups will bePsychology2, 251:distinctions. The sowing of these seeds, their care and nurturing is part of the phenomenal task ofPsychology2, 300:life patterns. He is asked to study them with care, all four of them, and then to draw up thePsychology2, 303:into a living fact, if he studies himself with care. One of the first things a disciple has toPsychology2, 312:have been unfolded in a man and nurtured with care. It can be looked upon as the potency of thePsychology2, 369:at this time and should be used often, but with care, by those upon this line of divine energy. ItPsychology2, 376:the disciples of today must move and work with care. They are literally handling fire. It is thePsychology2, 384:the Personality If we study this triplicity with care, we shall see that the process outlinedPsychology2, 405:tests and become the recipient of skilled care so that the apparatus of contact may be as usable asPsychology2, 421:these types of difficulty lies in prenatal care and study of hereditary taints; syphilis and thePsychology2, 459:of the condition, the providing of adequate care of the patient and the protection of society untilPsychology2, 460:students of psychology to study these types with care, for there is going to be an increasingPsychology2, 462:of young people) would teach them the needed care in the balancing of values, in the vision of thePsychology2, 465:them. His situation becomes one requiring much care and balanced adjustment. It will be obvious toPsychology2, 479:or the mental healer are: Study with care the nature of the rays which presumably constitute thePsychology2, 479:make him what he is. I have worded this with care. Determine which of the vehicles of contact isPsychology2, 479:flowing. Investigate the physical condition with care, and where it needs attention see that duePsychology2, 479:care, and where it needs attention see that due care is given. At the same time, take note of thePsychology2, 494:not all of them) who find themselves needing the care and instruction of the psychologist arePsychology2, 502:is of real enlightenment, the subject of his care is then saddled with an experience which wasPsychology2, 515:and aspirants should study the matter with care; they should attempt to understand the causes ofPsychology2, 549:to pause and consider the following points with care: Which are the areas controlled by the fivePsychology2, 590:nervous tension or excessive debility, extreme care must be used. Where there is a violent fightPsychology2, 598:and also so little understood and the proper care of the body is consequently so poorly renderedPsychology2, 602:the mystically oriented person comes under the care of a wise psychologist, the latter would bePsychology2, 662:of men's thoughts within a given time. With care, with prevision, with forethought and with skillPsychology2, 694:Christ. Let all who seek to help consider with care what they can do and what is the contributionPsychology2, 725:to bring about the desired changes, if they care enough, are ready enough to make the neededPsychology2, 736:and with no attempt to choose my words with care, to ask you, first of all two questions: Do you,Psychology2, 749:in touch with the Units of Service and use care in choosing those who represent the work you haveRays, 25:and these distinctions should be pondered with care. The Laws of the universe are simply the modesRays, 29:inertia - perhaps I could say that they do not care enough. Each of them (and every other disciple)Rays, 84:is largely based on the thought of the sanitary care of substance. An enforced celibacy and a rigidRays, 112:aspiration. I have chosen these two words with care. These two requirements have been demanded ofRays, 224:The secrets of initiation are thus guarded with care. One simple rule towards comprehension andRays, 231:the ancient forces which produces the need for care. Mankind is oft unpredictable, owing to theRays, 248:radiation. Students need to read with increasing care as they advance upon the occult way whichRays, 308:grasp and who can see and think and vision (I care not what word you choose) in terms of theRays, 431:this far more than the endocrinologists would care to admit: It is powerfully conditioned by threeRays, 442:power to visualize. I am choosing my words with care. This visualization is not necessarilyRays, 590:and is therefore gaseous in nature - if you care to use its correspondence as a symbol of itsRays, 649:and nations). The Law of Rebirth will take care of this reaction, and in the next incarnation theseRays, 667:the New Group of World Servers should watch with care for all those who show signs of having passedRays, 702:it may seem) to get used to crucifixion, if you care to use that word; to permit yourself to getRays, 708:their spiritual influence will be growing; they care not what others think about them. TheyRays, 731:and each death (if you analyze it with care) prefaces resurrection in some form or another until weRays, 734:Venus. You would find it useful to read with care The Secret Doctrine and A Treatise on Cosmic FireRays, 752:the future. I have chosen all these words with care; their meaning is obvious, but there areRays, 767:and passing through the door close it with care, and enter upon another stage upon the upward Way -Reappearance, 126:Presence. Little as the orthodox Christian may care to admit it, the entire Gospel story in itsReappearance, 167:of imaginary ills. He gives so much time to the care of himself that the hours which could be givenReappearance, 168:of serious physical liabilities; to these right care and attention must be duly given; I speak toReappearance, 168:men and women who are preoccupied with taking care of themselves, and so waste hours of the timeReappearance, 168:release those many hours spent in needless self-care into the service of the Hierarchy. StillReappearance, 185:again amongst us. This will come about if they care enough, are ready enough to make the neededTelepathy, 10:of non-attachment - and a spirit of "don't care" are of real assistance. Experimenters along thisTelepathy, 12:experiment. Therefore, watch yourselves with care yet impersonally, and work out the why and theTelepathy, 29:their own efforts. A casual and "don't care" spirit and a close attentiveness to the innerTelepathy, 139:body (around whose comfort, security and care all life seems woven) and the fact of the astral orTelepathy, 161:upon here, but I would ask you to consider with care the various statements I have made and thenTelepathy, 165:lotus, and you would do well to study it with care. The personality of the man is conditioned byTelepathy, 196:discover that his own private affairs are taken care of, his capacities are increased and his
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