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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAREER

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Astrology, 106:for the initiate and the disciple culminates his career in any of the signs with a final andAstrology, 107:Cross) and the "swerving of the Bull in mid-career," as it is called in the ancient books. ThisAstrology, 112:the lesser zodiac conditions the personality career and the twelve planetary houses are of dominantAstrology, 163:of Capricorn are the same, and Saturn rules the career of the man in this sign, no matter whetherAstrology, 224:mind, which, at this stage of the disciple's career, means that he can begin to live the occultAstrology, 287:the three important crisis points in man's career: Self-consciousness or human awareness. Unity -Astrology, 380:transmuted desire into aspiration, begins his career - objectively and in full consciousness in theAstrology, 396:intelligently applied to circumstance that the career of the Bull can be both destructive withinAstrology, 397:blindness (for the Bull is blind for much of its career) must give place to vision and the rightAutobiography, 43:Edinburgh University where she had a brilliant career. As for me, at the time I did not knowAutobiography, 50:Fundamentalist. I started off my career completely convinced that certain fundamental, theologicalAutobiography, 122:of view of the Episcopal Church was potent. His career as a priest would be over. He was a proudBethlehem, 60:stories of former Sungods and with the actual career of the Sun through the heavens - so manyBethlehem, 66:the Birth in Bethlehem. Then He entered upon the career which eventually "bruised" Him and led HimBethlehem, 88:and started on His brief and spectacular public career. How true this may be historically, who canBethlehem, 208:to begin to understand Him and His mission and career. The Crucifixion itself was only anBethlehem, 208:an anticipated and expected consummation of that career. No other end was possible. It wasBethlehem, 247:The "endless prolongation in time of a self's career" has led to much confusion of thought. Few ofBethlehem, 249:The bodily life is but an episode in the eternal career of the soul, which precedes birth andDiscipleship1, 98:of small moment and significance in the long career of the soul. It looms as large and important inDiscipleship1, 175:experience, but usually the steady monotony of a career which has become an established habit andDiscipleship1, 229:It is not so good for the pledged disciple whose career should have in it - as did the career ofDiscipleship1, 229:whose career should have in it - as did the career of the Christ - the valley and the mountain topDiscipleship1, 374:totally lacking in your equipment and your career as an executive director has necessarily enhancedDiscipleship1, 420:to it. You are at a critical point in your career as a disciple. The present, rightly handled, willDiscipleship1, 517:of a fruitless old age - or they can climax the career of a free soul, whose wisdom, service andDiscipleship1, 545:one of the hardest aspects of the disciple's career. You have moved forward upon the Path ofDiscipleship1, 582:(as it is esoterically called when defining the career of a disciple within the limits of hisDiscipleship2, 341:as event, and as being of true importance in the career of the initiate. The time here referred toDiscipleship2, 398:of purpose is the sole controlling factor in the career of the initiate; he enters then upon aDiscipleship2, 559:brother, in this launching of this book upon its career of service? I know that you will renderDiscipleship2, 650:and because your life and deeds and your entire career have helped so many. I would remind you thatDiscipleship2, 726:for a longer period. Let me first highlight your career of glamor so as to prove to you,Discipleship2, 736:because you are reaching the point in your career as a soul where you can consciously engineerEducation, 5:race is now ready, and for the first time in the career of humanity the bridging work can goEducation, 93:and thus aiding in the choice of a life career. [94] It will draw out the best that is in the childExternalisation, 483:and the evil which have characterized the career of mankind down the ages and which precipitatedFire, 374:day" in the next round. At that point in His career He will have achieved the necessaryFire, 384:physical incarnation. He is midway through His career upon the cosmic Path of Initiation, andFire, 437:forms of existence pass at one stage of their career through the human kingdom. Cosmic, orFire, 625:centers of man are (in the early stages of his career) the controlling factor. He has to learnGlamour, 101:and interpretations. You will have noted how the career of the man has, therefore, proceeded from aGlamour, 175:has developed into an illusion and enters upon a career of deception, of crystallization and ofHealing, 9:of the distant past of our planet, in the career (occultly understood) of the planetary Life, andHealing, 69:its roots in an astral condition and began its career in Atlantean times, it means but little toHealing, 372:(as it is esoterically called when defining the career of a disciple within the limits of his task)Healing, 431:Law of Cause and Effect as a factor in the soul career of any individual. It is not an act ofHercules, 17:to the gods." So he started off upon his career and, as the disciple under command of his soul,Hercules, 21:of all disciples. The next episode in his career is his marriage and the birth of three children, aHercules, 29:In studying the twelve labors, we follow the career of Hercules as he passes around the Zodiac fromHercules, 34:of God, the cosmic Thinker. The soul started its career in matter through the same process ofHercules, 225:the intelligent disciple, he starts out upon his career, beginning with an undefined spiritual urgeInitiation, 32:self-conscious, or rational unit, man, began his career. Another result of the advent of theIntellect, 67:knowledge and the man who started his long career and life experience with desire as the basicIntellect, 136:of contemplation, is not the end of the mystic's career. It is the end of his efforts, in the senseMagic, 55:time and space, and by an ignorance of the past career of the soul concerned. It should always beMagic, 267:same progressive stages and at one time in their career they appear uniform and alike. Only whenMeditation, 307:started when the Great Lord begins His earthly career, and during the next five years the seeds ofPatanjali, 154:human unit is the most concerned and cover his career from the moment when he first tookPsychology1, 13:Remarks Let me also remind you that the career of the Monad (an aspect of energy found on one orPsychology1, 55:thus brought into existence and begins its long career. It is now a differentiated entity. Psychology1, 111:science of psychology may be launched upon its career. You ask, therefore: What must we as a groupPsychology1, 115:see his fitness. He will be tested early in his career as a group unit. If he passes the test andPsychology1, 201:He is the born leader in any and every public career, one to trust and lean on, one to defend thePsychology1, 353:Activity or Adaptability governs the entire career of the race, and through this dominance we canPsychology2, 10:lowest plane. The self begins the part of its career which is expressed through selfishness,Psychology2, 27:- cover the whole process of man's career from the time he emerges into the human kingdom till hePsychology2, 93:of time itself and which, at some point in his career as a soul on earth, he consciously andPsychology2, 394:man, so the disciple, in the early stages of his career upon the path of discipleship, comes to seePsychology2, 549:a reflection of the play of the dualities in the career of the human being. This is followed by aPsychology2, 557:You must remember that for a large part of his career and for the most important part of his humanPsychology2, 581:there are three major controlling factors in the career of a human being: The solar plexus,Psychology2, 706:of endeavor summed up in the words "artistic career". These four effects of soul activity, whichRays, 92:as a full grown man at the close of His earthly career. His third and final response (whichRays, 93:can be put upon the events and episodes in the career of Jesus the Christ. The underlying trueRays, 689:climax marks another culminating point in the career of the initiate, and indicates his entranceRays, 695:of small renunciations; renunciation marks the career of all aspirants and disciples -Soul, 26:psychology is only at the threshold of its career, and Walt Whitman visions the greater field thus:Soul, 76:body was only a minor incident of its long career... Plato thus drew a fundamental distinction
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