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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAREFUL

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Astrology, 33:solar system and to the planet. If you make a careful study of the chart of the twelve CreativeAstrology, 48:or planetary Logos. This is a point requiring careful emphasis; students have for too long regardedAstrology, 202:the Capricornian experience of initiation with a careful study of the spiritual implications of theAstrology, 227:nearing the Path. It is a sign of balancing, of careful weighing of values, and of achieving theAstrology, 244:of life. If students will, therefore, make a careful study of these three - law, sex and money - asAstrology, 276:to the group. These triangles warrant most careful study. It is the planet Neptune which isAstrology, 282:recommend to the astrologers of the future a careful investigation of the falls, exaltations andAstrology, 336:points [336] which I have earlier made, but a careful study of the suggested implications may makeAstrology, 411:produce fluidity, enlargement and expansion. The careful student of human affairs will note this asAstrology, 451:intent and that there is also a close and careful scrutiny and control of the personality life. TheAstrology, 538:and its inferred relationships warrant careful study in the light of modern affairs and the presentAstrology, 681:that in considering this matter we must be careful to view it not only as it affects our own globeAtom, 55:significance. It is a sentence which will repay careful study and consideration, for it embodies aAtom, 82:the ideas that we are here formulating, being careful to ascertain the exact translation. We nowAutobiography, 69:going he extracted a promise from me to be more careful in the future. I have been - as a generalAutobiography, 143:she could absorb my vitality. Day after day by careful watching, by never permitting her to takeAutobiography, 168:typed it out, to Him. It is a question of His careful supervision of the final draft. I amAutobiography, 169:because of this the Tibetan has been peculiarly careful to see that I do not make mistakes. At theBethlehem, 24:in and through love. This needs a most careful reproclaiming. Love and sentiment and devotion areBethlehem, 144:the race as a whole must set upon its actions. Careful study will reveal that all these lawsBethlehem, 184:astronomically. These facts warrant the most careful consideration. This information should be inBethlehem, 206:and ceaseless service to our fellow men; in a careful watchfulness over words and deeds lest in anyBethlehem, 223:up in the following words, which warrant our careful consideration, and our consequent consecrationDestiny, 28:however, only be used under direction, after careful training and only twice a year at the May andDestiny, 54:of the Nations - The Nations and the Rays A careful analysis of the idealism of Russia and of theDestiny, 54:are present and active in Russia which need most careful handling by the spiritual Hierarchy of ourDiscipleship1, 61:stage. STAGE THREE. There follows next a careful consideration of group purpose and technique. ThisDiscipleship1, 62:in their results, after three months' careful work has been done. I request that you give careful,Discipleship1, 62:work has been done. I request that you give careful, patient attention to them so that they developDiscipleship1, 66:the emphasis of the consciousness-aspect and the careful observation of all that goes on beneathDiscipleship1, 80:accomplishment. Several of you need to do some careful thinking and should align yourselves in loveDiscipleship1, 110:and, during the coming half year, keep a most careful spiritual diary, noting every psychicDiscipleship1, 110:BROTHER OF OLD: I seek today to make a somewhat careful analysis of the condition of your psychicDiscipleship1, 114:my mind to say to you. I would have you note the careful wording of the above phrase because it hasDiscipleship1, 125:of each of the group members, and I trust that a careful analysis of what I said has enabled eachDiscipleship1, 150:done, and by the exercise of a wise and most careful discretionary discrimination. Your work mustDiscipleship1, 168:body and a second ray emotional vehicle requires careful watching so as to preserve the first rayDiscipleship1, 191:with this as desired. I would ask you to keep careful monthly records. They need not be long butDiscipleship1, 204:and with as much speed as is consistent with careful study and understanding. You can then take upDiscipleship1, 233:this produces situations which require most careful handling and watching. Your astral or emotionalDiscipleship1, 253:of life episodes. This thought warrants your careful consideration. Only thus can your words andDiscipleship1, 258:and mental in nature. I would ask you to make a careful study of all that you can find anent theDiscipleship1, 259:Way. Then take the following seed thoughts for careful reflection: 1st month - I stand in light,Discipleship1, 285:of the world glamor, necessitates most careful consideration and wisdom. It is an effort to provideDiscipleship1, 285:the world illusion. This requires the most careful training of the group members, and if all of youDiscipleship1, 318:of men." I would commend these lines to your careful thought. They convey to you, not only theDiscipleship1, 351:work in healing? This question will necessitate careful consideration on your part and I would askDiscipleship1, 353:upon this. I would ask you, also, to make a careful study of the use of the hands in healing. IDiscipleship1, 358:Triad. Therefore, for you, there must be careful exercise in an elementary stage - the alignment ofDiscipleship1, 364:spiritual expansion is dependent upon your careful attention to self-forgetfulness, the right useDiscipleship1, 366:from my so-called control and take one year for careful thought, prior to taking final decision. ToDiscipleship1, 376:each month? Take one, therefore, each month for careful reflection during the day, as you proceedDiscipleship1, 378:task is unnecessary and wrong. I call you to a careful supervision of your first ray personalityDiscipleship1, 434:each day the meditation outlined below, keeping careful record of all that may transpire. At theDiscipleship1, 441:This has involved, in your case, the careful training of yourself in selfless service, and theDiscipleship1, 448:Take one word each week for a few minutes' careful consideration (prior to the group meditation)Discipleship1, 449:conclusions and this is a glamor, requiring most careful handling or a barrier will be set up - inDiscipleship1, 472:each day their fulfilment or non-fulfilment with careful analysis. In a few months you should beDiscipleship1, 494:to be rightly indicated. I suggest, therefore, a careful process of reasoning for you so that theDiscipleship1, 501:body is a powerful asset but requires most careful watching and skillful harnessing. When notDiscipleship1, 512:of the above statement in a couple of days by a careful noting of the theme of all yourDiscipleship1, 513:your efforts. Give not way to suspicion; but be careful not to cast it away from you into theDiscipleship1, 553:and upon your own divinity. I commend to you the careful keeping of your spiritual diary. InDiscipleship1, 610:The two sentences which I give to you for careful consideration are as follows: "The fire that IDiscipleship1, 618:the key to your successful service, and the careful watching of your lower sixth and third rayDiscipleship1, 646:if you would do so, to take this summer for careful and serious study of all the instructions thatDiscipleship1, 740:hierarchical progression is something warranting careful consideration. I would remind you of theDiscipleship1, 754:from thence outwards in service. He is ever careful to protect that center from any quality of hisDiscipleship2, 17:bringing about. I would ask you also to make a careful record every full moon - from two daysDiscipleship2, 27:train you all in esoteric participation. Make a careful analysis each month of your success orDiscipleship2, 29:it you cannot escape. But one error emerges if careful thought is given to this dark night asDiscipleship2, 34:through and been more effective had you given careful attention to your thought life. Discipleship2, 39:recognize its source? You need to learn to make careful distinction between: [40] Teaching whichDiscipleship2, 95:these necessities will lead you eventually to a careful scrutiny of your thinking, of yourDiscipleship2, 97:development. These questions should receive most careful consideration and much serious reflection,Discipleship2, 98:during the coming year. Give two months to careful consideration, reflection and interiorDiscipleship2, 196:shall give you no more meditation outlines. The careful following of those given will do much forDiscipleship2, 230:seal the door where evil dwells.' " Close with a careful consideration of your own responsibilityDiscipleship2, 253:impart and how, therefore, I expect from you a careful study of my words. Here are these keyDiscipleship2, 266:pervades them all." You can see, therefore, upon careful reflection how simple this matter is,Discipleship2, 290:are of importance to the disciple and warrant careful attention. As these developments take place,Discipleship2, 341:factor which presents difficulty and calls for careful reflection. Take, for instance, theDiscipleship2, 342:a disciple - must follow? This would involve a careful construction of the antahkarana. In what wayDiscipleship2, 342:it" to meet the need I see? This would involve careful soul-personality cooperation. As I work, doDiscipleship2, 361:Pattern (based upon the recognition of purpose, careful planning and a detailed and carefullyDiscipleship2, 366:[366] Two major ideas emerge from a careful study of these three tabulations: Pattern andDiscipleship2, 467:inquiry, and one that will warrant the most careful consideration and phrasing on my part. TheDiscipleship2, 505:three worlds, and also upon soul levels, demands careful and concentrated thought. What, forDiscipleship2, 512:the fruitfulness of your service. The careful and considered following of the group meditationDiscipleship2, 515:head, the heart and the throat. It will require careful watching of process, results in the centersDiscipleship2, 540:it is in relation to time that you must do some careful thinking. That which will impel you to makeDiscipleship2, 546:light may shine. You say, after some minutes of careful identification: [547] "Dim light am I andDiscipleship2, 575:form aspect, of which the centers are a part. Be careful in all instruction that you may later giveDiscipleship2, 626:of the three bodies. Much can be learnt by a careful study of the connection between the threeDiscipleship2, 656:One thought, however, I would give you for careful pondering. The personality with its aims andDiscipleship2, 697:the physical elemental is assuming power. Be careful in this connection, for the ray of yourDiscipleship2, 733:I shall withdraw from you the attention and the careful thought which I have given you all theseDiscipleship2, 754:lower man by the power of the imagination and careful visualization. This can be done by rapid,Education, One of:appreciation or distrust. The slow and careful formation of the New Group of World Servers isEducation, 70:to train the child from its earliest breath. A careful record will be kept of that exact moment,
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