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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAREFUL

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Education, 71:and the ray chart - will be subjected to a careful analysis every seven years. These processes willEducation, 73:really to help him. It is for this reason that a careful analysis of the child must be made fromEducation, 76:meeting with a quick response to inquiry and a careful reply to all questions, and wherein there isEducation, 77:but one which needs understanding and most careful guidance. It is the older generation who fosterExternalisation, 13:article. I do say, with emphasis, that a more careful and wise training is needed and a moreExternalisation, 14:offered as to the technique of expression, and careful instruction also given as to the use of theExternalisation, 14:controlling factor. There will have to be careful analysis of the type and character of theExternalisation, 51:activity. The above ideas should arouse you to careful thought. Let it not be forgotten that theExternalisation, 70:appreciation or distrust. The slow and careful formation of the New Group of World Servers isExternalisation, 119:where the approbation of the Father lay; a careful study of this story and an intuitiveExternalisation, 122:Forces of Matter and the Great White Lodge. A careful study of [123] volume two of The SecretExternalisation, 193:of wealth - whether natural or human - will need careful handling and a compromise reached betweenExternalisation, 239:disaster. These are points which require careful consideration and consequent readjustment of theExternalisation, 385:of the Axis Powers. This will take much time and careful planning; it will necessitate [386]Externalisation, 388:All I ask of you today is to begin now a most careful preparation for the event which is impendingExternalisation, 401:the particular time, fitted to receive. A little careful thought will show you how, at the comingExternalisation, 428:normal, and must be brought back to normality by careful, kindly, but firm handling, and by appliedExternalisation, 441:until May 1945. The reflective thinking and careful planning of the new group of world serversExternalisation, 457:work for a slower moving forward and for a more careful and even prolonged investigation of theExternalisation, 461:A realization of the need of humanity, and a careful appraisal of that which must be done to meetExternalisation, 609:place of peace" (as the word Jerusalem means). A careful consideration of the world situationExternalisation, 630:humanity. The fourth prerequisite must be the careful presentation of the cause for which theExternalisation, 651:about right human relations. I would call your careful attention to one most important matter. TheFire, vi:in the early stages the work involved careful attention to the physical plane conditions whichFire, VII:the very beginning of the joint effort and after careful consideration it was decided between theFire, 119:following correspondences in time would repay careful meditation. They are based on a realizationFire, 133:and distribution. A hint is here given for careful consideration. Though no pictures have beenFire, 202:elsewhere, is to indicate lines of thought for careful pondering, and to emphasize certain ideasFire, 203:and this analogy will bear pondering upon. By careful thought we can therefore work out the reflexFire, 365:mysteriously impossible unless the student is careful to realize that it is the transference of theFire, 387:that in considering this matter we must be careful to view it not only as it affects our own globeFire, 460:animal kingdom. This is a point of view needing careful pondering. Each of the kingdoms of natureFire, 507:fact has been little appreciated, and merits careful consideration. [508] It holds hid spiritualFire, 512:center. Therefore, it will be apparent to the careful student that the entire force and energy ofFire, 587:planes. Therefore, it will be apparent to the careful student of the wisdom that: The Power-AspectFire, 600:hint on this great principle, though we must be careful not to draw it out to too fine aFire, 627:the "Sun" is apprehended. More I cannot say, but careful study of that which is here given may openFire, 659:for us to go. It will be noted by the careful student that these planes might be looked at inFire, 726:energy from the cosmic center. We must be careful to hold this analogy very lightly, for the realFire, 791:fully realized by man) will bring him to a very careful control of his sheaths, and to a closeFire, 816:as the nine other petals. The student must be careful not to materialize his concept too much andFire, 849:colors. It will consequently be apparent to the careful student that in this fact lies the trueFire, 871:of force coordinated. It will be apparent to the careful reader that in this fact lies hid theFire, 888:of that which is imparted will be through a careful meditation upon: The Law of Correspondences.Fire, 949:will come much of vital interest to the careful student of analogy. Here lies the clue to theFire, 958:Self" has assumed due proportions men will be careful to ascertain the egoic impulses in allFire, 966:the third eye - etheric. Note: Students must be careful to distinguish between the third eye andFire, 972:now twofold. Here the conscious builder must be careful to hold the balance, and not to letFire, 1015:referred to as "fuel and its warmth." This needs careful remembering, and will give the clue to theFire, 1028:the cosmic physical plane. It is apparent to all careful students of this Treatise on Fire that inFire, 1099:of all human beings. It will be apparent to all careful students that on all the planes, the fourthFire, 1142:It is a peculiar line, requiring cycles of careful training in divine mathematics. The LipikaFire, 1180:Students of the Law of Attraction must be careful to bear in mind certain things. These should beFire, 1206:or planetary Logos. This is a point requiring careful emphasis; students have for too long regardedFire, 1244:the search for its secret. 35 Students must be careful to distinguish in their minds between theseGlamour, 25:and, at the close of six months, subject it to a careful analysis and see what is the sumtotal ofGlamour, 40:I would offer the following tabulation for your careful consideration. [42] THE ASPECTS OF GLAMORGlamour, 84:be found where there exists: Criticism, when careful analysis would show that no criticism isGlamour, 92:therefore, my intention to give you a much more careful and intensive training. Will you profit byGlamour, 118:attained in evolution. This will be done by a careful consideration of the centers and the glandsGlamour, 120:Causes of Glamor Many other factors will warrant careful attention. The problem of the individualGlamour, 142:watchful and unless they cultivate the habit of careful observation, they may suffer fromGlamour, 149:the daily life. This is a statement worth careful consideration. I would ask you: What is yourGlamour, 150:the group work and I would like you to give them careful consideration and study. The OldGlamour, 151:of men." I would commend these lines to your careful thought. They convey to you not only the fieldGlamour, 179:this may take several months (or even years) of careful preparation. Fire is the symbol of the mindGlamour, 194:of light and its uses. They must however be careful not to confuse the light which they can bringGlamour, 225:of the requirements in this group work is a most careful choice of those who are to participate inGlamour, 249:to another period of investigation and careful observation, if he is not already aware of them.Glamour, 263:That is a statement of moment and warrants your careful consideration. It is concerned with theHealing, 48:to recognize it. The former group need a more careful and lengthy training, and a higher standardHealing, 93:which I earlier gave. Let me call them to your careful attention: "All disease is the result ofHealing, 99:in this section and it will warrant your careful study. In the next one we will take up theHealing, 100:the patient. This latter process necessitates a careful guarding of the healer from allHealing, 139:man is striving. This is a thought warranting careful consideration. These generalizations will beHealing, 168:must be affected. These are points requiring careful attention and consideration. They meritHealing, 176:a man may become blind. All these points warrant careful thought. Healing, 178:a triplicity of ideas which requires most careful study and which - if I might so express it -Healing, 180:to the above, but the theme would require much careful analysis, elucidation and wording that timeHealing, 255:the spiritually demanded, needs much long and careful bridging. A great deal of the difficulty is,Healing, 266:today, the points which I have made will bear careful consideration by the Jews. What I have saidHealing, 271:as the next Rule in this treatise: Rule six A careful diagnosis of the disease, based on theHealing, 286:known to the group, and should be determined by careful, orthodox medical diagnosis. The age of theHealing, 289:to make mistakes. But, go on; persevere; keep careful records and preserve all correspondence. ThenHealing, 313:in themselves definite therapeutic value. But careful watching and balancing will be required -Healing, 319:and the legal safeguards will require most careful working out, and even then grave and seriousHealing, 326:making a better etheric control are: Sunshine. Careful diet, with the emphasis upon the proteinsHealing, 337:unopened and a teaching which will warrant careful study for the sake of the group, if for no otherHealing, 348:which is expressing it. Hence the necessity for careful analysis of motive and of objectives. [349]Healing, 355:To become entirely free from this will take much careful cultivation and self-surrender to theHealing, 371:which it is aware, I am covering ground which a careful study of the Gita would aid you inHealing, 386:harmlessness. The value of this will repay careful thought. This has basically a reference to theHealing, 404:by time. This is a statement requiring careful consideration. Man reincarnates under no time urge.Healing, 422:and distribution. A hint is here given for careful consideration. Though no pictures have beenHealing, 431:with the Art of Dying. Nevertheless it warrants careful thought. Healing, 439:The ocean of Being is nowhere referred to. Careful thought will here show that this ordered processHealing, 534:responds and ill health disappears. Rule Four A careful diagnosis of disease, based on theHealing, 566:upon first reading the statement, but a careful study will reveal its essential truthfulness. HowHealing, 570:and even of war? I would commend this to your careful and, if possible, illumined thinking. Healing, 578:which makes a man an initiate. Celibacy, careful modes of eating and a measure of bodily
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