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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAREFUL

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Healing, 601:healing practice should be preceded by years of careful study anent the nature of energy, of theHealing, 624:has to work and which he has to take into most careful consideration; all stimulation which he mayHealing, 630:This rule runs as follows: [630] Rule Four A careful diagnosis of disease, based on the ascertainedHealing, 630:Let us list these instructions: There must be careful diagnosis, based on the ascertained outerHealing, 630:methods are employed. It is on this question of careful diagnosis that most modern so-calledHealing, 699:surmise, somewhat rare to find. People can, by careful study and the assembling of known analogousHealing, 702:healing task by a minimum of five hours of most careful preparation, related to his mind, theHercules, 71:upon his wonderful progress, nor will he find a careful elucidation of his problem, nor a lengthyHercules, 133:is not done, the aid may prove an impediment. A careful distinction must be made between too muchHercules, 135:further states that, "If students will make a careful study of these three: law, first aspect;Initiation, 38:the different occult books. Yet in the wise and careful enunciation of collected facts, and theirInitiation, 81:the occultist, and their eventual synthesis. A careful study of the foregoing will lead to theInitiation, 163:inspire the applicant for initiation to a more careful study of such a subject and to a moreInitiation, 166:teachers of meditation upon the faculty of the careful building of mental pictures. The aim hasInitiation, 185:the discipline of the Probationary Path, by the careful direction of the life, by obedience to theInitiation, 199:will be cultivated, and applicants will be careful to preserve strict silence concerningInitiation, 199:when the group can be served by wise words, a careful intimation of conditions, good or bad, and aInitiation, 206:and currents. These three points will bear careful consideration, and much may be learnt byIntellect, 40:is most instructive. In the East we have the careful culture of the individual, with the massesIntellect, 70:for an apparition and an event which he is careful not to define too particularly; he is waiting,Intellect, 148:stage in the meditation process, for it entails careful control of the mind and a scientificIntellect, 153:The Idea of the Holy. His chapter is well worth careful consideration. Thus the mystic "divines"Intellect, 168:of the realization are ever present, and a careful distinction has to be made by the experiencer orIntellect, 257:in the first set of cases: - common sense and a careful and slower use of the meditation process.Magicof the ideas outlined in this book and their careful consideration certain basic concepts are borneMagic, 51:by a recollected attitude of mind, and by careful attention to the method of a constant review ofMagic, 64:breath energizes and drives into activity. Upon careful study, it becomes apparent that we have,Magic, 129:the watching Hierarchy. Give this Instruction careful consideration. These are days wherein manyMagic, 130:things are apparent at this juncture to the careful thoughtful student of men and of motives.Magic, 140:for group work and that can be extended under careful instruction into the higher powers of theMagic, 149:and these I commend to each of you for the most careful consideration. There is first the aspect ofMagic, 165:call attention to those words, and request their careful study. A mechanism in the natural bodyMagic, 262:of working from the inner outward. In the careful discipline of the mind and the manipulation ofMagic, 283:its relations with them? These questions warrant careful attention and should be considered by allMagic, 303:the futility of earthly life. He is ready for a careful consideration of the Buddha's message, andMagic, 316:- of those surrounding him. This phrase warrants careful study. Sensitive. There is always aMagic, 412:now faced with another situation which requires careful handling. They must gather up and weldMagic, 512:in the following paraphrase which will merit careful thought and which I will elucidate somewhat.Magic, 554:students would do well to give the subject careful thought. It can be approached in two ways. ThereMeditation, 21:to many. It will, therefore, be clear to you on careful perusal, that as one knows more, one judgesMeditation, 74:his development in each. We might (if we are careful to generalize widely) apply the same to theMeditation, 81:and is preparing for a fresh period of slow, careful and painstaking endeavor. He recapitulates inMeditation, 113:retiring into seclusion, by isolation and by the careful following of specific forms for many hoursMeditation, 121:of the type of meditation and its more careful following; in the third case the remedy must beMeditation, 129:which meditation enhances. They find that by the careful following of certain rules they becomeMeditation, 140:do not propose to outline for you any forms for careful following. The risks, as before I haveMeditation, 236:environment, it will be obvious at once to the careful student that the effect upon the environmentMeditation, 327:at night by ten o'clock, after thirty minutes of careful revision of the day's work and the fillingMeditation, 334:only those vegetables and fruits that vitalize. Careful judgment shown in the choice of food, wisePatanjali, 54:Logos. It will be apparent therefore to the careful student how interdependent all are and how thePatanjali, 72:concentration upon rhythmic living and in the careful organization of the life. As he does this,Patanjali, 303:the three worlds of human endeavor. We must be careful however to remember that the moon aspect isProblems, 18:be overcome and attention must be paid to the careful training of the individual to think and actPsychology1, 16:I commend to your consideration and to your careful pondering, begging you to see to it that therePsychology1, 34:life. This triplicity of ideas requires careful study. It might be expressed thus: o The One Life.Psychology1, 71:of the fourth ray has many names which warrant careful study and much consideration. In less than aPsychology1, 72:significance than can as yet be comprehended. Careful systematic study and a sane refraining fromPsychology1, 90:consistent adaptation to requirements and a most careful selection, man has developed; he nowPsychology1, 103:happening. This should be duly anticipated, and careful preparation should be made for it. I referPsychology1, 157:The scope of that imparted vision warrants careful study, and the proffering of the divine ambitionPsychology1, 193:recognition. These three propositions warrant careful thought and even meditation, for as theyPsychology1, 210:It is the ray of the perfect nurse for the sick, careful in the smallest detail, though sometimesPsychology1, 222:and of the ray influences, and these warrant careful study. It is, for instance, apparent that ifPsychology1, 247:he notes. It will appear, therefore, to the careful reader, that in the relation of the rays to thePsychology1, 248:Two - II. The Rays and the Kingdoms in Nature A careful study and a true analysis of the effect andPsychology1, 261:and their corresponding centers warrant most careful study. They are comprehensive and revealing.Psychology1, 294:and purify his living qualities will receive careful attention, and all to the end of making himPsychology1, 315:parallels, and it is becoming obvious to the careful student that the emergence of the teaching onPsychology1, 333:man's relation to them will be subjected to careful analysis, and there will then be possible aPsychology1, 352:communicated in this treatise, and well merits careful consideration. The true import is of coursePsychology1, 386:the motto, "I serve," by acting as a mediator. A careful analysis of the idealism of Russia and ofPsychology1, 386:are present and active in Russia which need most careful handling by the Brotherhood of Light; theyPsychology1, 390:the countries and their rays are subjected to a careful scrutiny. The ray of attraction orPsychology2, 118:things which I seek to say and which merit our careful attention. First, is the fact that thePsychology2, 138:manifestation. This recognition will lead to a careful study of times and seasons, thus there willPsychology2, 289:difficult to understand, and hard to grasp. Careful reading, however, quiet reflection, and aPsychology2, 295:them to the student for his pondering and careful thinking. Only initiates are in a position toPsychology2, 300:at the time he took the first initiation. By a careful analysis and comparison of the three charts,Psychology2, 303:difficulty and of adequate interest to merit careful consideration. I wonder if the students havePsychology2, 313:In the current occult literature, the careful student will come to the conclusion that the emphasisPsychology2, 318:and strains and stresses which require careful adjustment, and with the belief that in thesePsychology2, 345:most abstract and complicated symbols, requiring careful analysis and interpretation. None of thisPsychology2, 381:point is of deep importance and will bear most careful consideration. The man who will seek to usePsychology2, 410:of the resultant phenomena is required, and most careful handling. Arising from these problems wePsychology2, 417:the personality. I commend these ideas to your careful consideration and assure you that rightlyPsychology2, 424:from accomplishment and appreciation. [424] The careful and slow transmutation of desire intoPsychology2, 456:disorder of a most definite kind, requiring careful handling. It is also peculiarly difficult toPsychology2, 481:this reason that I desire to make a relatively careful analysis of the possible sources of guidancePsychology2, 488:than has been surmised and may lead to a more careful analysis of the "types of guidance" and anPsychology2, 497:untrue and misleading. These two points warrant careful attention and the patient must bePsychology2, 508:in the mind of the psychologist and need most careful consideration and analysis. Psychology2, 509:are in this category. This is a point worth careful consideration. [510] Psychology2, 553:body. I would commend this statement to your careful consideration for it carries with it much ofPsychology2, 555:aspect of the evolutionary principle needs careful elaborating. We have for too long been occupiedPsychology2, 559:in nature may be of service at this point if careful study is made of the inferred relationships:Psychology2, 591:is in order but must be carried forward under careful supervision. I cannot here give the exercisesPsychology2, 596:work which must be carried forward under careful personal supervision. For this reason, once thisPsychology2, 610:it is sensed and seen - then there should be a careful regulation and registration of it. SecondPsychology2, 650:are well known, for many have made a careful study of this group for two or three years and manyPsychology2, 665:learn mostly through the ear and through that careful attention which comes from an inner attitude
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