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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAREFUL

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Psychology2, 708:well to add here a word of warning. We must be careful not to let our desire for soul contact foolPsychology2, 728:group purposes, loyalties and obligations. Careful work must be put behind this effort. By this isPsychology2, 750:the coming twelve months, and the laying of careful plans so that they may indeed materialize. TheRays, 27:The heart as an aspect of pure reason requires careful consideration. It is usually considered theRays, 38:behind the use of these familiar words, and the careful consideration of their meaning might bringRays, 101:an important distinction and one which warrants careful thinking. The lesser lives (which areRays, 102:The ocean of Being is nowhere referred to. Careful thought will here show that this ordered processRays, 110:it is of such deep significance that it requires careful study, sentence by sentence, and even soRays, 212:work along the lines of destruction merit your careful consideration and - because they are alongRays, 254:work expand in future years. I would ask for a careful study of these words, for I regard this asRays, 254:greater emphasis upon the Full Moon meetings, a careful organization of the Triangle work and theRays, 340:be conveyed to those persons who are ready. A careful study of the above tabulation should give youRays, 404:(and not only Those upon the fifth ray) receive careful training in the manipulation of energies,Rays, 423:ray approach. This is a statement warranting careful thought, and one that has as yet received noRays, 502:main activities: After due focusing and after careful, sequential and systematic picturing theRays, 503:of a basic scientific nature, and requires as careful following as the procedure of any scientistRays, 562:in the ashram. It is this which necessitates his careful preparation, which must be paralleled by aRays, 566:Humanity. These concepts are worthy of your careful consideration. The sevenfold energy which isRays, 601:definitions of its activity. These will warrant careful study. The effect of this fifth ray energyRays, 676:of it. I would ask you consequently to give careful consideration to my reply to these twoReappearance, 57:of peace" (as the word "Jerusalem" means). A careful consideration of the world situation today andReappearance, 119:so is he." These few brief words need most careful consideration. Under the Law of Rebirth, manReappearance, 179:the Christ The fourth prerequisite must be the careful Presentation of the cause for which theSoul, 149:many centuries of qualitative measurements by careful comparison. It resulted in the universalTelepathy, 60:it in this way and let me commend to you a very careful consideration of my words. I will expressTelepathy, 96:by human demand. These are points warranting careful consideration. They involve a primaryTelepathy, 175:to hundreds. These are points well worth careful consideration. You must, however, bear in mindTelepathy, 181:life. These are points worthy of your most careful consideration. Finally, every center has its
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