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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAREFULLY

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Astrology, 40:clues to this mystery will come if the student carefully bears in mind that in our solar system andAstrology, 43:self-conscious Spirit aspect. This needs to be carefully considered and has no reference to theAstrology, 46:aspect up to Heaven. When these mysteries are carefully studied, and due application made to theAstrology, 166:one or two interesting points. These should be carefully considered by all astrologers afterAstrology, 262:have to bear these three modes of progression carefully in mind. Such is God's plan as we atAstrology, 281:earth" and stands (as The Secret Doctrine has so carefully pointed out) for the gift of mind and ofAstrology, 283:upon the higher values. These points must be carefully considered by the astrologer. But at thisAstrology, 295:and this outer material sensitivity most carefully in mind if you want truly to understand theAstrology, 430:from the Old Commentary which - if studied carefully - will throw much light upon the theme of thisAstrology, 489:interesting facts emerge if this tabulation is carefully studied. Let me list some of them for you,Astrology, 546:an effort to still the demand for truth and the carefully planned attack upon the Christ of theAstrology, 602:are certain fundamental ideas which must be carefully borne in mind. Astrology, 621:now on. These energies and their inflow must be carefully studied in connection with the diagramsAtom, 55:the root meaning of the word 'manifestation' is carefully studied. It comes from two Latin words,Atom, 66:thinkers at this time need to distinguish very carefully between the vital truths of ChristianityAtom, 68:reverence and sensitiveness of outlook, bearing carefully in mind always that only the ignorantAtom, 72:because the foundations seem to be shaken, the carefully reared and deeply cherished structures ofAutobiography, 30:my inquisitive prowling and made a practice of carefully reading her record. In this way, I foundAutobiography, 35:as a "mental case" and one who would have to be carefully watched and handled. I was intenselyAutobiography, 62:and if the lot fell on a drinking man, he was carefully prevented from visiting the canteen thatAutobiography, 105:the poll tax and poor education) we most carefully saw to it that the Negro was not equal. ThingsAutobiography, 167:and write down the thoughts of the Tibetan (His carefully formulated and expressed ideas) as HeAutobiography, 217:promised her we would think the matter over most carefully and would let her know soon after theAutobiography, 218:think best for the girls." I talked it over most carefully with Foster and we decided that foreignAutobiography, 254:upon the Stages of Discipleship. They were carefully edited by A.A.B., prior to publication, exceptAutobiography, 273:and radiation is not yet very powerful but he is carefully watched by the Master becauseBethlehem, 237:in a sarcophagus of stone, and there left, carefully guarded. Meanwhile the man himself wasDestiny, 64:You will note that I would differentiate most carefully between countries and nations, owing to theDestiny, 113:relatively new phenomenon and one that should be carefully noted. Down the ages, great sons of GodDiscipleship1, 11:status (if I may call it by such a name) must be carefully striven for, accurately observed when inDiscipleship1, 14:should be cultivated but it must be most carefully checked and counter-checked and the strictestDiscipleship1, 48:cherished ideas, many hard won qualities, many carefully nurtured righteousness and many powerfullyDiscipleship1, 53:still more intensively through smaller and more carefully chosen and selected groups. Through theseDiscipleship1, 59:by any group brother with a complete and carefully developed "divine indifference." Note the use ofDiscipleship1, 67:the mind of some individual. This pondering and carefully directed thinking produces construction;Discipleship1, 67:- proceed with the stage of direction. Having carefully in mind the person to be impressed and theDiscipleship1, 68:between certain points by the will and the carefully expressed and formulated idea in the mind ofDiscipleship1, 107:in the group life and this must be borne carefully in mind. No one in the group must permit himselfDiscipleship1, 107:color all your meditation. Proceed therefore carefully to follow all instructions, rememberingDiscipleship1, 114:with them develop more slowly and are more carefully protected in the process than are the centersDiscipleship1, 138:however, assure you that if you will follow it carefully for a few months or until I myself suggestDiscipleship1, 139:P. are noted and if the diet (in your case) is carefully controlled and regulated... It is not myDiscipleship1, 153:Upon this thought I would ask you to ponder and carefully reflect. If you do this, you will beDiscipleship1, 165:third will come in May, 1942. Have these dates carefully in mind and thus lay your plans for theDiscipleship1, 166:my brother, keep close to your own soul. Walk carefully and guardedly. Tread fearlessly andDiscipleship1, 195:Keep your meditation as heretofore. Follow carefully the review work assigned you. Above everythingDiscipleship1, 202:give you a fourth ray meditation which must be carefully followed by you until you next hear fromDiscipleship1, 210:- in the mind of the planetary Logos. Think out carefully some of the implications of this lastDiscipleship1, 217:this line. Ponder deeply on group work and study carefully all I have said on group activity andDiscipleship1, 233:ray lines of force. You should bear this most carefully in mind and cultivate the higher or groupDiscipleship1, 248:I now suggest meditation work to be most carefully followed and attempted with due watching of theDiscipleship1, 253:the evening review which I would ask you still carefully to continue. It is of real profit to you.Discipleship1, 311:the quickness to seize an opportunity for a carefully chosen word, and the sense of reticentDiscipleship1, 333:to which you respond and which you should carefully study and learn to differentiate moreDiscipleship1, 352:along with the other group members and note carefully the few changes I have made. [353] Add to itDiscipleship1, 379:You would profit much if you studied carefully the rays [380] which are, at this time, lacking inDiscipleship1, 473:I will, however, make one suggestion: Work more carefully with individuals, with people you meet,Discipleship1, 490:power and focused will. This you should most carefully bear in mind, for oft this directed power isDiscipleship1, 503:as a quick self-defense and constantly erecting carefully prepared barriers. I do not seek here,Discipleship1, 546:to be duly carried forward. Proceed with it carefully, and use not too great an intensity as yet.Discipleship1, 550:January 1938 BROTHER OF MINE: Will you study carefully the visualization exercise which I haveDiscipleship1, 557:and the inner sense of weariness will then be carefully negated and consciously and intelligentlyDiscipleship1, 561:quantity, and teach from the angle of knowledge, carefully thought out in meditation. In thisDiscipleship1, 573:in the heart and not in the head, watching carefully for any physiological effects of anDiscipleship1, 601:for it is the same style as before, but I am carefully wording this communication so that you canDiscipleship1, 617:work tended to safeguard you. See to it most carefully that this contact with me and with yourDiscipleship1, 644:reading and by the instruction of certain carefully chosen psychologists whose knowledge and whoseDiscipleship1, 648:this to reality. I have here, in the above carefully phrased paragraph, given you enough to engageDiscipleship1, 659:speak symbolically) is first ray. Think this out carefully. You should, however, feel encouraged asDiscipleship1, 664:and offsets the old solitary suffering. Carefully follow the work of the Full Moon Approach, for itDiscipleship1, 680:nature in many ways from the past. This must be carefully borne in mind. The world need must beDiscipleship1, 691:of service. I would have you, therefore, ponder carefully upon the following recognitions: [692]Discipleship1, 694:group into the Ashram, disciples will need most carefully to discriminate between their high gradeDiscipleship1, 701:nature is accentuated. The Master has to watch carefully to see that he does not unduly stimulateDiscipleship1, 716:He is an example of instability but is carefully watched by the disciple who has transcended thisDiscipleship1, 725:telepathic interplay is one which should be most carefully studied. All groups of disciples,Discipleship1, 725:is that all "crises of criticism" must be most carefully avoided by all disciples if they want toDiscipleship1, 733:Workers in the spiritual field should bear this carefully in mind and remember that - as a resultDiscipleship1, 787:under my name in The Beacon. They [787] were carefully edited, prior to publication, except in oneDiscipleship2, 9:of her thought, and from this she has ever carefully protected the group and all work she does asDiscipleship2, 61:New Age. [61] These points are all being most carefully considered, because a major expansion ofDiscipleship2, 79:three angles, and upon this fact I would ask you carefully to ponder. A review at night along theseDiscipleship2, 103:activity - an activity which is all part of a carefully formulated hierarchical activity. This youDiscipleship2, 103:hierarchical activity. This you need most carefully to remember. The devotion of a disciple to someDiscipleship2, 115:primarily a group effect. This fact must be most carefully recognized by each disciple. I wouldDiscipleship2, 118:awakened consciousness and with the [118] most carefully focused attention, the results may be mostDiscipleship2, 133:meditation will be built. This meditation, if carefully followed, can and will bring about basicDiscipleship2, 179:to grasp the fact that if these meditations are carefully followed by you they can change you fromDiscipleship2, 180:you follow instructions and do these meditations carefully, regularly and sincerely. It wouldDiscipleship2, 193:here; you have them and should follow them carefully, bearing in mind that you have at leastDiscipleship2, 221:most definite concentration; it is being most carefully considered, and the minds of thinkingDiscipleship2, 233:concepts and the outlined purpose to a most carefully formulated Plan, presenting - as far asDiscipleship2, 304:a mantram. [304] If this outline for thinking is carefully considered, it will be apparent to youDiscipleship2, 305:agent will be different. This formula, if carefully considered and studied for a number of years,Discipleship2, 341:make; they are apt to believe that a hint is so carefully veiled and so cautiously concealed thatDiscipleship2, 361:of purpose, careful planning and a detailed and carefully thought-out program), both in the mindsDiscipleship2, 362:disciples, thus setting them to work. A group of carefully chosen disciples are always held in theDiscipleship2, 374:agent of the received energy. It must be carefully borne in mind that the energy to be used is notDiscipleship2, 377:usual astral conditions - so well known and so carefully followed by the mass of men. Each humanDiscipleship2, 399:individually overcome." These words should be carefully studied in relation to the second, the
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