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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAREFULLY

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Fire, 714:significant fact which students will do well carefully to consider. In the third root-race 39Fire, 734:the ideas formulated in this treatise have been carefully followed, it will be obvious that inFire, 747:which work out in Their schemes, should be carefully borne in mind. Fire, 775:the unfolding of the petals. This should be carefully borne in mind. 53 The joint activity of solarFire, 781:D., III, 517. They had to become all wise. Read carefully S. D., II, 243 note. These solar AngelsFire, 806:produces three effects, which will be seen, if carefully studied to convey much information anentFire, 818:may be expressed as follows, and this should be carefully pondered upon by the student of thisFire, 826:up. The idea of a septenate of centuries must be carefully pondered upon, and as ever in all occultFire, 837:of the materialization of Spirit. If you examine carefully all we have said to you concerning theFire, 857:that psychic energy flows. Students should carefully bear in mind the two following facts: First,Fire, 861:with this is so profound that unless the student carefully guards himself from too mathematical andFire, 900:plane will only become apparent as students carefully bear in mind that the astral plane of theFire, 904:Thus can the whole process be worked out, if man carefully studies his own nature, and the law ofFire, 921:prove of use to the student, though he should carefully bear in mind that these centers are for theFire, 934:upon, and if the esoteric side of Masonry is carefully and persistently meditated upon, the work ofFire, 960:of the process. If students will study carefully the above differentiations, much light will beFire, 960:stages of alignment, it has to be concisely and carefully brought about through concentration andFire, 972:mental. Here its growth is rapid. It should be carefully borne in mind that the process of buildingFire, 989:of planetary evil (and students must distinguish carefully between planetary and cosmic evil) liesFire, 1000:esoteric basis of all meditation, and need to be carefully studied if results are to be achieved. Fire, 1091:in of a new mahamanvantara. Students should bear carefully in mind the words of H. P. B. where heFire, 1095:of an earlier kalpa. These two points must be carefully borne in mind and latitude allowed forFire, 1147:time, was unable to express itself, and was most carefully nurtured by the Lords of Flame, nearlyFire, 1180:to bear in mind certain things. These should be carefully considered and realized as the subject isFire, 1198:clue to this mystery will come if the student carefully bears in mind that in our solar system andFire, 1201:self-conscious Spirit aspect. This needs to be carefully considered and has no reference to theFire, 1204:aspect up to Heaven. When these mysteries are carefully studied, and due application made to theFire, 1219:symbol may be described, and if the student will carefully ponder upon the nomenclature of the Law,Fire, 1241:NATURE OF THE SEVEN COSMIC PATHS It should be carefully borne in mind that when the term PATH isFire, 1245:by wise-compassion. These words should be carefully studied for they hold the clue to the nature ofFire, 1247:It will be remembered by those who have carefully read this Treatise that this law is theGlamour, 38:do two things: I seek to outline a little more carefully this discussion or short treatise onGlamour, 39:set ourselves a large theme, which must be very carefully handled. My task is a difficult one,Glamour, 52:as being one against which I beg you most carefully to guard yourself. It is rare indeed for anyGlamour, 55:angle of the lower mind. This point should be carefully noted by the would-be intuitive. [56] TheGlamour, 144:you are supposed to deal. Do this work for five carefully sustained minutes and then proceed asGlamour, 190:planes. This is a point which should be most carefully remembered; and it is for this reason thatGlamour, 195:and inevitable when the mind controls) must be carefully considered. Disciples will reach a pointGlamour, 217:to be brought about by that relationship are carefully thought out. This must not be done in such aGlamour, 247:now be superseded by direct action and by the carefully planned use of the available forces, sweptHealing, 48:and students would do well to have this most carefully in mind as they ponder on these matters:Healing, 78:to diseases. Hence, also, you will see how carefully assigned breathing exercises, with theirHealing, 101:or the area in the physical body involved and carefully keep all thought in abeyance, once theHealing, 201:force and their regulation are recognized and carefully and scientifically studied. Then we shallHealing, 204:factors with which we have been dealing must be carefully studied and grasped by any practicingHealing, 231:was desired, the Words of Power employed and the carefully planned rituals which were followed byHealing, 236:the recognition of causes will bring about those carefully planned conditions which will make theHealing, 238:all the centers, and this in spite of care and a carefully developed Science of the Centers. It isHealing, 286:to the orthodox care; results will have to be carefully watched and noted on both sides. Any groupHealing, 292:and metaphysicians, so-called, should most carefully consider. Healing, 338:have a truly subconscious origin, or it can be a carefully cultivated habit or attitude. AHealing, 390:with care because I seek to have you ponder most carefully and sanely upon the so-called enigma ofHealing, 421:thoughts lies much information, if they are carefully studied and logically extended. d. By theHealing, 523:activity of the soul in form. This must be most carefully borne in mind. Disease is something whichHealing, 523:of that one law, and this you must have most carefully in mind. It is with these laws that the trueHealing, 547:above how relatively simple these Laws are when carefully considered, and how beautifully they areHealing, 555:very different matter and one which must be most carefully borne in mind. The healer, therefore,Healing, 593:fall into three categories, and these should be carefully noted: The interplay between: The centersHealing, 596:All words in these laws and rules are most carefully chosen, and even if inadequate from theHealing, 600:the manipulation of energies. That he must carefully differentiate between energies and forces.Healing, 659:if those interested read, study, meditate, carefully experiment, and thus gradually build up thisHercules, 133:despair. In other words, the help given must be carefully suited to the needs of the individualHercules, 143:man, as is often thought. Again, one must read carefully and distinguish between people on theInitiation, 51:or human kingdom. Therefore students should carefully remember that all these details are relative,Initiation, 81:Magic Ritual The Ritualist. [81] Remember carefully that we are here dealing with disciples. LaterInitiation, 134:initiation taken. The action of the Rod is most carefully and scientifically regulated, and at eachInitiation, 155:be wise here for the student to differentiate carefully in his mind between words and sounds, forInitiation, 155:of the matter, and thus account for the carefully guarding of this aspect of divine work. Initiation, 172:much information will come to the student who carefully ponders them, remembering that they dealInitiation, 180:subplane to subplane. Herein comes a point to be carefully recognized. A true Master of the WisdomIntellect, 29:more important than them all... But it has to be carefully discovered and thought out first. ItIntellect, 143:A trained mind and a well-stocked memory and a carefully cultured mentality will greatly facilitateIntellect, 158:Eckhart, page 286. These distinctions should be carefully noted. For many at this time, theIntellect, 166:faculty of spiritual telepathy. People need most carefully to distinguish between the intuition andIntellect, 168:there are two sorts of rapture which must be carefully distinguished. The first are produced inIntellect, 255:of meditation [255] and must be dealt with carefully. Rightly handled, they will soon disappear,Magic, 67:what you think. Thought has, therefore, to be carefully guarded. Those who are contacting theMagic, 161:in unison with that form. This should also be carefully considered, for the emotional body isMagic, 167:and I commend to all aspirants that they most carefully study the meaning and significance of theMagic, 174:as known on the higher planes, are being very carefully, forcefully, yet strenuously trained. It isMagic, 178:agent. The physical plane agent must be carefully chosen and the accuracy of the impartedMagic, 185:as a disciple? In this connection it must be carefully borne in mind that a man can become aMagic, 199:about two results, and these should be most carefully noted. First, the light in the head makes itsMagic, 290:exoteric form. This is a basic truth and must be carefully borne in mind, for its implications areMagic, 316:and disciples have to learn to distinguish carefully between the two. Sometimes when emotionalMagic, 347:likewise stimulated. Aspirants should bear this carefully in mind. There may demonstrate such aMagic, 419:and promising aspirants must be sought out and carefully inculcated with the trend of the newMagic, 499:The condition of those left behind will be carefully handled so that there is no loss ofMagic, 518:is this so? Why are the secrets of the breath so carefully guarded? Because the efficacy of blackMagic, 548:in their result. This should be pondered on carefully by all aspirants. We have, consequently, withMagic, 578:use it in the work of healing. This should be carefully borne in mind. The true healing force canMagic, 580:to go forward undeterred. Study, therefore, most carefully the types dynamic, the quality magnetic,Magic, 583:reading as easy of accomplishment, but if carefully studied it will become apparent why an adept isMagic, 584:the conditions of the Way itself. Aspirants must carefully bear this distinction in mind. Secondly,Magic, 587:treatise for aspirants and disciples, it must be carefully borne in mind that the main task of theMagic, 596:and the various etheric "webs" have to be carefully dealt with, and also the rate of vibration ofMagic, 629:awareness. The following table should be carefully studied by the student: Instinct CorrespondenceMagic, 631:Piscean in their tendencies and not Aquarian are carefully considered but not unduly so, and whenMeditation, 27:of transmutation; be laboriously, painfully and carefully, forces his consciousness higher and toMeditation, 48:- a very important occult factor - will be carefully weighed before a meditation is assigned, and
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