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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CAREFULLY

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Meditation, 82:be dominated. Each center has to be gradually, carefully and scientifically awakened, itsMeditation, 105:wisely, if they studied the food problem more carefully, if they took the needed hours of sleepMeditation, 121:[121] Let us take each division and deal with it carefully, first laying the foundation ofMeditation, 157:things will be imparted to him, which - when carefully followed out - will do two things: They willMeditation, 164:see therefore why it is that these forms are so carefully guarded and the words and keys concealed.Meditation, 187:the man who nears the Path of Initiation. Ponder carefully on this which is imparted, for, byMeditation, 315:of some one Master. They must and will be carefully chosen so as to supplement and complement eachMeditation, 316:and every pupil. This life of service will be carefully watched and recorded. One thing to be notedMeditation, 325:of times and seasons, and two things will be carefully adhered to: 1. The school year will bePatanjali, 75:evolution of the experiencing ego. This must be carefully remembered [76] when studying this sutra,Patanjali, 82:which is dearest to the heart. These should be carefully considered, even if no details ofPatanjali, 124:of yoga are to this specific end. This should be carefully borne in mind. "Spiritual reading" isPatanjali, 136:destruction of a brother's form. This should be carefully considered, [137] for hate in somePatanjali, 143:be condemned to form-taking. The student should carefully note that these five hindrances are thePatanjali, 156:three potencies. These triplicities should be carefully studied as it is through them thatPatanjali, 180:practices are apparently simple, but it must be carefully remembered that they do not refer toPatanjali, 181:of the means, one by one) we tabulated them carefully, giving their synonyms where possible: MeansPatanjali, 202:purity of the concrete mind. It should be most carefully borne in mind that this purity concernsPatanjali, 206:triad (or atma-buddhi-manas), should be carefully considered. Quieted emotions, and the control ofPatanjali, 327:Nervous system, and this triplicity must be carefully borne in mind by the student of Raja Yoga inPatanjali, 348:is involved. In it we have pictured for us in carefully chosen terms (of which the English is but aPatanjali, 422:obstacles could be overcome and negated are most carefully given and from the moment of steppingProblems, 32:and incentives and with well-defined goals and carefully considered ideals. Let us remember,Problems, 49:must be the discipline of love and one which is carefully and exhaustively explained so that theProblems, 50:training, down the centuries, of certain carefully chosen individuals and a complete neglect of theProblems, 50:upon a few privileged groups, giving them a carefully planned cultural training but teaching onlyProblems, 56:and mental - of the boy or girl will be carefully [57] investigated and his incoherent lifeProblems, 99:what he is. It is a religion of taboos, built up carefully to protect the wandering Jew as heProblems, 110:Africa is something that the white race should carefully consider. They can place the Negro peoplesProblems, 159:world who use certain forms of words, certain carefully defined invocations and who - as they do -Problems, 162:the spiritual essentials has been achieved. This carefully determined uniformity will aid menPsychology1, 165:during the period of the sixth subray). We must carefully note that the term "subray" is usedPsychology1, 186:no such failure and no such setback to the carefully laid plans of the Watchers on the inner side.Psychology1, 186:integrated, and the work they are to do is being carefully planned. In London, in New York and inPsychology1, 236:sutra, when the consciousness aspect is held carefully in mind, and how the relationships, on aPsychology1, 261:to the aspirant, and should be considered more carefully than has hitherto been the case, for by itPsychology1, 282:saying that a heavily fertilized garden and a carefully tended and watered plot of ground willPsychology1, 297:preparatory work. When these three motives are carefully studied, and when men and women mouldPsychology1, 300:intellectual principle, all men will tread more carefully the path of life, and will proceed withPsychology1, 321:the physical body. Here you have, if you note carefully, a summation of the rays which govern andPsychology1, 333:to the rays we shall work this out more [333] carefully and so make the idea clearer. It is withPsychology2, 11:will bring about the opportunity for trained and carefully cultured growth. The dictator is thePsychology2, 15:of this part of the divine plan. It should be carefully noted that the successful demonstration ofPsychology2, 26:today should have these facts and sequences most carefully in mind, if they are rightly toPsychology2, 74:and certain dynamic movements of planned and carefully timed and directed orientation or focusing.Psychology2, 74:daily life and in the bodily mechanisms is as carefully studied; and the will-to-live as aPsychology2, 89:only when group implications are more carefully studied, the meaning of sacrifice and of death comePsychology2, 159:major sin of so-called esotericists and must be carefully avoided. Therefore, he who is wise willPsychology2, 161:soul. The major concepts are the definitely and carefully chosen way or procedure which will freePsychology2, 184:synthetic energy body of our planet. It must be carefully borne in mind that the etheric body ofPsychology2, 200:it does not profit us to consider them too carefully. The time is not yet. These are given us,Psychology2, 297:problem. - The line of 2.4.6. must also be carefully borne in mind. The second ray quality of hisPsychology2, 344:soul. It will be wise to keep these three stages carefully in mind, because all the many modernPsychology2, 360:and frustrate - by change of circumstance - his carefully laid plans, and the dreams of earlierPsychology2, 408:proceeding apace and can be, and is being, most carefully studied. Today, modern education isPsychology2, 424:or non-relation of forces. As long as this is carefully borne in mind, we shall not go astray as wePsychology2, 435:- Some Problems of Psychology If the above is carefully studied, it will become apparent that thePsychology2, 451:the life of an individual mystic. This must be carefully borne in mind, because the trend of humanPsychology2, 478:response apparatus in the three worlds should be carefully explained to the man who is inPsychology2, 495:low order), up to the idealistic schemes and the carefully thought-out paradises and cosmic ordersPsychology2, 504:than individuals, etc. These differences, when carefully studied, will be recognized by thePsychology2, 515:at all stages of unfoldment and they should carefully consider them from the standpoint of energyPsychology2, 516:an individual effect and these two must be more carefully borne in mind. This process ofPsychology2, 552:- a fact not yet generally recognized. Later, a carefully controlled process with the object ofPsychology2, 614:goes on, the stages of difficulty will be more carefully investigated from the angle of the occultPsychology2, 620:by outer contact. I would ask you to ponder carefully upon this last paragraph for it holds thePsychology2, 621:dangers. These practices can be beneficial if carefully carried out, but often induce their ownPsychology2, 713:ultimate achievement. I have endeavored above, carefully and simply, to express the immediatePsychology2, 728:same general idea can be extended elsewhere and carefully developed. Group integrity, loyalties andPsychology2, 749:all undertaken. Let the meditation groups be carefully handled and have about them nothing thatRays, 5:petals in the egoic lotus play should also be carefully considered. A comprehension of the potencyRays, 32:and upsetting; this is a point which should be carefully borne in mind, both as regards theRays, 144:best human thinking at this time. It should be carefully borne in mind that evil (cosmic evil orRays, 148:These remaining seven rules must be studied most carefully from that angle. They are notRays, 171:to clarify your minds before we study Rule IX carefully and arrive at its essential meaning. Rays, 214:pictorially word it) in separate compartments or carefully filed for reference and later use. ThereRays, 257:in the world which will be so constituted and so carefully chosen and interiorly related that allRays, 296:and with essential truth rather than with carefully formulated theologies. Christ expressed inRays, 306:and its implications must be considered most carefully. This type of destruction has only aRays, 311:synthesis of this picture will be apparent if carefully studied. At the same time it must be borneRays, 315:things new and all things possible. If you will carefully study these four statements you will seeRays, 336:teaching in all the many volumes and hunt most carefully for the details of the science of theRays, 342:for they are two very different things. Have carefully in mind, therefore, the fact of groupRays, 348:These books are very useful and should be carefully studied by the man upon the Path of Probation,Rays, 409:Fire. In what I have to say, the teaching is carefully guarded. Two things should, however, beRays, 410:most potent energy in the planetary life and is carefully held in leash by Those Who are in aRays, 428:be amazingly hastened. I would have you consider carefully what I have said here, remembering whatRays, 447:realities, plus certain movements of planned and carefully timed and directed reorientation orRays, 447:the daily life and in the bodily mechanism is as carefully studied; and the will-to-live as aRays, 453:law, one which you would do well to consider carefully. Knowledge-force concerns the personalityRays, 488:of needed energy has been restrained within the carefully delimited ring-pass-not, and theRays, 493:Visualization and Projection, has been carefully undertaken by the disciple and he has at leastRays, 498:solar system from all form control. Bear this carefully in mind, realizing the significance of theRays, 503:energy [503] colored by his ray life, and carefully bears in mind that the energy of his egoic rayRays, 506:their accompanying Words of Power, you must bear carefully in mind that we are dealing entirelyRays, 516:stages of Intention and Visualization have been carefully followed and the four stages of theRays, 594:distinction or omissions. This I would have you carefully remember, for there is no new race inRays, 641:is launched and systematically and most carefully carried out. If the subjective relations betweenRays, 663:the first major initiation. This must be most carefully held in mind, for these initiationsRays, 664:would keep this symbology and this definition carefully in mind, they would arrive at a keener
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